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All-around quality of life with increasing cool - 6/7/2019
Cary is up-and-coming “cool.” The downtown is revitalized and growing. The town takes urban planning very seriously. The home prices have definitely spiked in the last several years, but it seems they’re more in line now with the quality of life in the area, job market, and the high median income. The Raleigh and Cary greenways are unparalleled. The number of parks is head spinning. Arts and culture is cultivated. Cary is really a gem. Read More

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Nice place to live - 9/3/2017
I've lived in NY, CT, MA, and in Miami FL. Now here in Cary NC for the past 10 years. For what I want and need at this phase of my life, I really like it here! All the folks on this site who complain about how "boring" it is, what exactly were you looking for? By no stretch of the imagination does Cary and surrounding areas have all the amenities and hoopla as a large cosmopolitan city, such as NYC, Chicago, Miami, etc. If that is what you are looking for, then move to one of those large busy cities! My family moved here to get away from overcrowding, heavy traffic, long lines everywhere, noise, stress and high crime rates. Any area is what you make of it, and we are never at a loss for things to do in Cary, Raleigh and Durham. My kids are all adults now, and none have moved away from the area; they love everything it has to offer as well.
I would have given 5 stars, but I have to say, the Wake County public school system is horrible, very poorly run, inept leadership and Read More

Best place in Triangle - 4/26/2017
As a Real Estate Agent, I consider Cary the most central location in the Triangle, it basically takes you twenty minutes to get to Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Apex, Holly Springs, Raleigh and even Southern Wake Forest. Its a lovely town that has grown quickly because of Research Triangle Park. There are still places to commune with nature though, like our amazing parks for example Bond Park, Umstead Park and of course the greenway trails that wind their way through this lovely town. Good places for shopping, dining and entertainment as well
Put this one high on your list if you are looking to find a great place to Read More

Boring, desolate suburb..worst mistake ever!!!! - 2/3/2017
Coming from bay area & having lived in ATL, thought this would be a great suburb minus the traffic for RTP Seeing great reviews, we took a leap...worst mistake ever!!!! Raleigh is a TOWN..not a city...hence, no zoo, no aquarium, no water park, no sports, etc. The suburbs with good schools are in Cary, Apex and Morrisville. Those areas have NO MALL except the closing Cary Towne Center and NO shopping expect for 2 Target shopping centers. To get to any big box retailer you will drive 20 miles+. Wake county is HUGE with an avg. drive time of 1 1/2 hrs to drive across so most drives to where you want to go are 30 min+. 64 people move to Wake County everyday....ALL from the Northeast(mostly NY) escaping the high cost of living and cold weather so there is non-stop demolition everywhere of condos and apts. However, with the lack of planning, there is nothing but housing..mostly 3 level patio homes without yards and apts. everywhere. To get a "home in the burbs" you need Read More

Cary, Raleigh and Apex, all suck - 4/20/2016
It's getting harder and harder to believe Forbes, sterling, CNN and etc choices so here let me help you. By the way, I know some would jump on defense. Use it as guidance, of the people who lives here..blop.
These area sucks!!! nowhere to walk and socialize with new people, restaurants mojo and excitement does not exist, is the same everywhere. Service is fake and mediocre. The mothers in Cary and Apex with sweat pants even at the doctors office. They own the roads with their gigantic vehicles at their own speed and brag about education which also sucks, probably cuz they are so busy doing nothing productive, but to waste massive time at PTA lamest school system where "no child left behind" it's implied and kids go to school with others physical and mentally incapable, screaming crying and etc. Lunches stink and are despicable. And you better drive to Raleigh for some fun cuz Cary and Apex suburbs lacks all, but to eat some nasty dinner and go back to your sack. Ohhh wait they Read More

Don't forget about the beaches! - 10/14/2014
Cary, NC is a great place to live of course. I enjoy the museums and restaurants in the Cary/Raleigh NC area myself. Just want to add ---don't forget about our wonderful coastal areas. Wilmington NC has much to offer in the way of beaches, outdoors, restaurants, shopping and golf! For those wanting to relocate to the coast Wilmington has great choices for beach homes, luxury homes and golf communities. Come check it out, only 2 hours drive down I-40.Read More

Quality of Life - 4/11/2014
Never want to Read More

Additional Comments-RE: Replies to "Just My Honest - 3/5/2014
Also posted in RE section.
To: Matthew and Tom-not sure if they are even your real names. Nevertheless, you both sound like the typical residents, whether new or native, that has not experienced beauty and quality of life-especially thinking that NC is great! Matthew-there was an earthquake/tremor in the year of 2011-research it! It was felt all-over as far as Philadelphia! And in regard to Hurricanes, there was one when I arrived late Sep in 2010 and it was an earthquake announced on the news the same the same year as the tremor. Flooding is definitely an issue. As for Tom, it seems as if the truth hurts-you were so anxious to log in and insult that you can't even spell! Lastly, you do not know if the person was going back to their hometown, etc, thus why they were moving! Use common sense and critical thinking! The weather is not great! I shouldn't expect much more by way of opinions from someone who likes NC or the South in general! The review and Mercedes were spot on! No Read More

rental properties - 1/24/2014
not moving yet just info on housing Read More

sucks - 1/6/2014
sucks Read More

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