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 susan walker
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Star Rating 8/28/2007
If you or your children have asthma I strongly suggest not moving to Phoenix, az. My very healthy child at birth developed problems arising in the winter months,(inversion factor) as so alot of children are experiencing here in the valley. Her dr, says it is completely enviornmental. High pollution days all winter are practally daily. Steriods, albuteral, and staying home sick from school, no more. Im moving her out this year.



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Susan and Nancy,I do hope yo enjoy the WINTER and CRIME of where-ever you go ,but knocking Phoenix is wrong.Look up the word desert somewhere and then do not comeback.Phoenix is paradise. Dan PGH. Hey,move to PITTSBURGH while I go to the Valley of the Sun!



nancy j.

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This is true even for adults. I never had respiratory problems prior, but had pneumonia 3 times in the 3 years we lived in Phoenix...the last time during August of 2006, which was miserable. Had a cough that NEVER stopped for almost the entire time we lived there. People would ask how much I smoked...which I never have. The doctor said my problem was a sensitivity to a particulate caused by tires, asphalt and dust. The third time I was ill, I missed 3 weeks of work and had to return part-time for several weeks after. The doctor tested me for valley fever, a fungal respiratory disease which can never be fully cured (another reason not to relocate to Phoenix). Luckily the test was negative. My husband and I got out as soon as we could sell our house and leave. Came back to Maine and my cough was gone within 10 days. We have been back almost 2 years and I have not been sick at all. No one could pay me enough to go back. Also the heat and UV are almost unbearable. The UV makes your skin "prickle" even during the cooler winter months. During the summer, the thermometer on my back patio read 120 degrees or more at 2-3PM. This was for 6-8 weeks. Even in September the temps are still 100 or above and they are 100 or above by the end of April. Sure, it's a dry heat, but so is your oven...and no one would want to live there.



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