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Star Rating 5/31/2007
Temecula is a horrible town heres why. Go to the mall on the weekends and you will see a gothic punk rock crowd with all ages. The mall sucks by the way. If you love motorcycles and tight black jeans on men with a mowhawk than this is the town for you. The women here all have pitiful oversized boobjobs ,bleach blond hair and leather skin. Most people here have a bad I'm going to kick your ass attitude. If you dont mind the meth heads and drunk drivers go to the casinos. The traffic is a disaster its worse than LA. or sandiego. I have 2 kids and have nothing but complaints about the school teachers. The kindergarden teacher was taken out of her class because she was high on drugs and the kids asked why is your nose bleeding? We have one to many bad furniture stores in this town and too many wana be orange county chopper dudes. Its hot as hades here in the summer like 110 for 2 months straight. Riverside county is very corrupt, its just an all around horrible town, I cant wait to get out of here. Living here for 5 years has changed our personalities from nice and friendly to mean and cutthrouht. The housing market is crashing no good local jobs, and PS dont try and start a buisness here, the people think they are Donald trump but they dont have any money. Most people are in debt up to there mohawks.



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Bruce B.

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After growing up in WA, and then living in LA county for 25 years I moved to Temecula. I agree with this person's view of people's general attitude here, at least when I'm driving and dealing with people in public. Makes the San Gabriel Valley seem small town USA in comparision. The traffic is ridiculous. Poor planning. And I think the City Council is rather self-serving and short sighted in almost all of the decisions. The stay at home moms, if not looking exactly the same, have vehicles and attitudes which are the same (overside and in your face). I came to this town starting about '92, and always said that if I had to stay in SoCal I'd want to live here. Married a woman from here in '05 and can't wait to move away when her youngest kid graduates next year. This town has really changed since everyone from SD and Orange counties moved here. No sense of community, just a bunch of people who couldn't afford to live where they work moving here to look down their rhinoplastied noses at everyone else. And locals are pissed about what's happened to their wonderful town. Everyone is angry about something. But the wines not bad.



Jamie P.

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I find this review hilarious. Temecula is a wonderful place to live. I have no idea what school you are referring to, but in my experience, the schools in our area are almost as strict as private ones. We love it and plan on staying a long time.



Molly B.

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According to your profile, you don't live in Temecula. You live in Murrieta.



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