The most beautiful place I ever seen.

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I was visiting Oregon last month in the middle of June and its was a wonderful vacation and its was my second time I have been to Oregon. I have visited all the big cities and visited all the coastal towns along the coast and its was just beautiful, its so green and many differents kinds of tall evergreen trees everywhere. The weather was awesome very cool and a very few showers around but its wasn't long lasting showers, most of time the sky was partly cloudy to clear skies. While visiting Oregon I was also visiting northern California and its was very nice in Northern California but Oregon has nicer small towns along the coast, but I love those huge redwood trees in california. Oregon and northern California looks very much alike. Washington state was very nice too very much like Oregon. There is so much to do in Oregon for example, hiking, camping, bike riding, and a lot of sight seeing. I am thinking about moving to Eugene Or in a few years because I want to get away from Texas heat and drought problems. Texas has a lot of problems with crimes. Oregon may not be perfect but the crime is a lot lowered in Oregon. The people in Oregon seem to be so nice too and not like the people in Texas where they are rude and snotty here in Texas. Well I will have to visit oregon more often if I want to move there and this was my second time I visit Oregon so I feel good about moving there because I have already love it there. Oregon is probably the most favorite state I ever visited,California and Colorado is my second favorite state I visited. Its very likely I might moved to Eugene Or in a few years because of very nice comfortable summer. I understand that Nov to march can be very wet but that okay because that what makes Oregon so beautiful and green. I will visit Oregon again soon and I recommend for people to visit Oregon if they want to get away from hot weather and to see all the beautiful sight seeing and visit all the nice small towns along the coast. The western parts of Oregon has a lot of tall trees and very green. The eastern part of Oregon is drier with less trees but that far away from the coast and close to Idaho is Desert. So its very interesting to see all the different enviroment and how its change from west to east. Anyway I recommend Oregon because of cooler summer weather and a lot of things to do.



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