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 James Clemons
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Star Rating 5/4/2008
The city has a great climate for those in need of a dry sunny atmosphere. Beware of the seasonal pollen counts though (especially Cottonwood and Juniper). We do not get Earthquakes (ie California style) or Hurricanes/Noreasters (ie Gulf coast or southeastern seaboard). And we are even free of Tornadic effects (ie the midwest). But due to the rocky mountain chain we seem to be protected from these severe weather effects, the down side to this means that the weather can be changeable (ie the local saying "If you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes) and very localized (ie it will be raining on one side of the street, cats and dogs style, and totally bone dry on the other). But remember also, we live at approximately 5000 ft elevation which means the air is a lttle thinner then coastal living. And the final thing about "High Desert Living" (that is what the local Chamber Of Commerce calls it) is the ever present dust that blows in from everywhere (this includes the dust that travelled here from Mongolia China a few years back). This is just the climate, there is much more to be said about local politics and cost of living, but that is for another time.



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