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Not a bad place to live - 9/17/2020
Lived there 7 yrs. Left 3 yrs ago.
I sure miss the weather which is
real nice. Cost of living not bad,
unless you consider what you
get for what you pay. If you’re
not a G.I. or Government worker
you can forget about quality
priced healthcare. Literally you
will pay a ton! Food options are
good and fair priced.If you’re not
from there, you’ll learn the hard
or easy way that you conform
to their way of life, not the other
way around. It never stopped being
Spain and that’s ok. Learn Spanish
for free there anytime. Seriously
they have a school on 4 th street.
If you like to run and bike it’s your
best place as there are trails everywhere. People generally are
inclusive and kind and hard working.
Now for the cons and yes there are
plenty. Crime is bad no matter what
anyone says.There is a huge theft
problem there that you have to see
to Read More

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Albuquerque the - 8/12/2020
I was reporting my entire three year fiasco here in Albuquerque, and the page shut down while I was going through it. This city is a horror story. There is terrible stalking by people, stealing of anything and everything, hypodermic needles all over the city, homeless camps, garbage, hatred, racism, vandalism, passive aggressive abuse of others, slander, gun shots, two months of the fourth of July (constant booms until 3 to 5 a.m.), and sleep completely disrupted. This has got to be the worst city for mental health issues across this nation. Read More

Albuquerque is the best place I've lived in 6 deca - 7/27/2020
Albuquerque crime is hardly worse than other US cities of comparable size these days. It has almost every shopping experience desired and if not there is always online shopping. My car has been broken into 3 times in 10 years which to me is minor. I’d love 0 break- ins but that is not being realistic in this country. Plenty of work and outdoor opportunities with loads of sunshine. I have great neighbors in a great neighborhood. Like many other things in life, it is what you make of it. Read More

You get used to the sounds of gunfire! - 1/30/2020
I only lived in Albuquerque for four months, June to September 2018. While the weather is nice and there are plenty of fun things to do, the crime and government are something to experience. I was there about a week when I heard the first nearby gunshots. I started looking up the weekly crime map on the Albuquerque Police Department web site. And the governor kicking all the National Guard off the border (NM and other states) which overwhelmed the border sheriffs and increased the drugs and crime in Albuquerque. So think before moving to the heart of the People’s Democratic Republic Of New Mexico. I was used to gunfire as I have been once to Iraq and four times to Read More

Albuquerque, NM is a great city - 12/2/2019
Albuquerque, NM is a great city filled with innovative technology, such as a bus with its own dedicated lane on the street.

The crime here is low, and if you’re used to living in any major city, such as Juarez, Tijuana, or Mexico City, you should be fine here.

Albuquerque has thriving industries in qualifying for federal dollars (a major source of job growth) and drug trafficking. There are many jobs available in the latter, and it’s a great place to get ahead in your career, because the justice system does not keep people in prison that effectively or for that long.

If you’re looking for career networking, there are multiple prison gangs that operate in and out of prison, such as SNM.

Albuquerque is a great place to raise a family, because the government provides Medicaid and SNAP to help cover the expenses.

There are many fun indoor activities in Albuquerque, such as staying home and watching Netflix on weekends Read More
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Albuquerque's Crime Problem is REAL - 11/24/2019
I lived in Albuquerque for over 20 years and finally had to move away because of the crime and economic problems. After my car was stolen (from inside my garage, my bike was stolen, and I was mugged for a petty amount of cash in the NE Heights, I called it quits.

People will claim Albuquerque "isn't so bad" when compared to (Insert city here). But the FBI crime statistics say otherwise. The city is home to the nation's highest rate of car theft, top 5 overall property crime, New Mexico is top 10 for violent crime, and as of November 2019, Albuquerque is about to hit its all-time record for homicides. I remember sometime in the past year hearing the city had 113 shootings in 114 days.

All of this is absolutely ridiculous and totally unacceptable for anyone who wants to live a quiet, peaceful life or raise kids there. But the dirty, dark secret is that it has been this way for a LOOOOONNNG time. If I recall correctly, Albuquerque hit its previous murder Read More

Albuquerque is far better than most cities in the - 11/16/2019
I am a 20 year retired military NCO. I have lived in multiple cities in multiple states. Albuquerque is beautiful and the cost of living is perfect. I read imbecilic negative comments regarding the Duke City. If you think Albuquerque is bad, then you must despise NJ, NY, ATL, LOUISIANA, MICHIGAN, DC, CAL, AZ, OK. These states have far more crime than NM. I have an idea... if you dont like Albuquerque, LEAVE!! I40 runs East to West, I25 runs North to South, pick one and LEAVE! Albuquerque already has far too many foreigners living here. Our freeway worked beautifully in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Today its gridlock because of all the foreigners from other states. Just move out, or dont move in. Bye byeRead More

I love Albuquerque warts and all - 10/16/2019
These reviews on here for cities, almost any city, are fairly predictable. Nobody writes unless they have something to complain about.
Is Albuquerque the Paris of the Southwest? No. Is it a sh*thole? Absolutely not. In fact, it's one of the prettiest cities I've ever lived in. You just have to get to know it, know it well, and be on guard of where you are and what you're doing. Albuquerque natives really want nothing so much as they want to mind their own business and let you mind yours. Keep that in mind in your day-to-day dealings with folks and you'll be just fine.
Albuquerque has definite problems. Crime and poverty are near the top. Sure, they need to be discussed in order to try and come to a solution, and merely discussing them because they do exist is not an unfair slam on Albuquerque. On the other hand, it's certainly not the only place that this is happening.
It's a beautiful city in a beautiful state. With a little luck and a lot of common Read More

I was bamboozled into moving to Albuquerque NM! - 10/13/2019
I call this place I have been living for 3 years, Albuquerque New Mexico, an Un-Enchanting Wasteland. They are building so many huge homes in the high desert that it is giving me all types of health ailments. It's not the crime it's not the people it's not the land it's not the sun it is the weather conditions that have destroyed me here. Constant dust is scratching my gastric and I have many ailments including tinnitus and other not so pleasant things due to the conditions of the weather and elevation and how it is and that is the only thing that is killing me Read More

Thinking of Moving to ABQ? Read This First. - 8/25/2019
If you are a Californian, Texan or New Yorker looking to move to Albuquerque for the cheap housing, listen closely: YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! High crime, high unemployment, low growth in house equity and poverty.

My 30+ years in Albuquerque were filled with crime and hassle. I lived in a nice NE heights neighborhood and had cars broken into (one was even taken on a high speed chase) and stuff constantly stolen like bikes and lawn equipment. My father-in-law got a neat steel buffalo ornament for his lawn and it was gone in one week. I once left my bike in the rack outside a gas station and came out and it was gone in less than 2 minutes! My wife had her car broken into twice and her basement broken into once before moving in with me.

Look at the news stories from the past few years! An elderly woman got stabbed as she walked home with her groceries near the ABQ Academy (a NICE part of town). A man was found crucified to a tree in the valley. A guy was Read More

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1324 Somerset Dr NW
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