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 Darren Krock
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Star Rating 6/8/2009
Michigan used to be a great state, but those were the days. The greed of the politicians and labor unions in the auto industry has completely destroyed this once great state. What’s funny is that people always complain at how bad the leadership and politicians are, but always re-elect them! The state is now losing the most jobs and population of any state. The roads are also deplorable. People in this state need so much help, but the politicians (from both parties) only care about themselves and leave everyone else behind. The leadership in Michigan is lacking, and they wont let the state reinvent itself so it can be competitive for the future. The young people are moving out of state by the droves to find work elsewhere, making MI a leading state for the brain drain. The state also has high taxes, which is partially responsible for the job losses. Most of Michigan cities are also suffering from job loss, population decline, grime and grit. Good luck finding a job here. The quality of life here is so bad!



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