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Mpls is still so overrated. Most people here have had the same group of friends for their entire life. There is no room for newcomers, (this coming from friends who were newcomers) or finding new friends after a certain age, if you moved or got divorced.

The people are generally very reserved and emotionless, (I know, I grew up here-and left after 40 years). If you're not married with kids, you will not fit in. If you don’t attend church regularly you will not fit in.

The taxes are really high, public transportation is almost non-existent; the weather is COLD for 7 months a year- every year- by cold I mean well below zero for up to a month at a time. Duck's freeze to the lakes cold. Faces freeze, cars turn into blocks of ice. In summer it's humid and sticky, and crowded everywhere in the MN frenzy to enjoy the short summers. The mosquitoes are as big as Volkswagens. Traffic gets worse each year- locals joke and says “there are two seasons in MN, winter and road construction”.

Housing is old and expensive in the "good” areas (Kenwood, Uptown, lakes area, SW Mpls area). If you move out further to a suburb to afford a home, you will spend your entire life driving to and from work. In my favorite uptown (Mpls) area, the cities idea of "progress" was to mow down a 60 year old (well loved) historical bar/restaurant and build an I pod store in it's place.(RIP Uptown Bar and Grill) . The entertainment favored, is to walk around a frozen lake in the winter with a $5 dollar coffee gossiping, or the same lake in summer with a $5 iced coffee gossiping, only to be almost run down by a biker or balder. This place is LAME compared to other places. If you were not sentenced to prison time in this place, then you can leave ( I know most MN think that is not possible), if you can avoid moving here I would advise you to steer clear. Better places for your money.




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I agree 100%. I lived in the Twin Cities metro area for 42 years and moved to Portland, OR two years ago and have never looked back. I got sick of the bitter cold winters, the hot and humid summers, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, deer flies, horse flies, the high crime rate, narrow minded people, provincial attitudes etc...



I agree with your points. I've always thought Minneapolis was a great place to grow up, but then it got old during my high school enrollment. The people there are always mean, judgmental, full of themselves, way reserved, crazy minded (especially liberals), and their attitudes always aggravated me. I did make some very few good friends there, but that's about it. I am living in Rochester MN at the moment for college, and like it way better than Minneapolis. It's also more republic than democratic, which I also like better. However, I might not be able to consider living in this state for my lifetime. I've been considering either Wisconsin or east Missouri (around St. Louis) for the future, seems to have friendlier people and more affordable to live. Any thoughts about those?



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