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The weather in Austin is a cakewalk for me, as I have lived in the Deep South for much of my life, so I won't complain about that. I came here because I was told that it was a great place to live, very family oriented. I have found that not to be true. I have simple come to the realization that Austin is not for me. I find it over-priced and boring. I keep hearing about all of the job growth, but I don't see it. Nor do I see the diversity. Four Hispanics, two blacks, one Asian, and 500 whites, does not make for diversity. It just doesn't. As far as crime, Austin has stupid crime and sexually deviant crime. No you will not be mugged, but your neighbor might be a pedophile, as Austin has some of the most lenient laws regarding sexual crimes. Oh, and your neighbor probably will beat his wife after scoring some speed from the Ph.D working the late shift at the Speedy Stop, and that's the suburbs folks. The house market is a joke. Who in the hell would pay 400k for a house built in 1985? As far culture, in my opinion there is none. Zero! If you want hill country music, then move there. What we have here is crap. I would rather be locked up in a juke-joint on the bayou listening to Zydeco, and I don't even like Zydeco! As for this city being family-friendly, how about that editorial in the paper asking where all the kids went. If you consider family fun going to the crappy Children's Museum (more like a mom's day out daycare) and watching bored hipsters and tech geeks sit and talk as their kids run around, then you will love it! And don't get me started on the crappy ass Nature and Science Center.....That shit. Austin is a city of singles, I found that out when I went out one night, and it was just depressing, with all of those people just looking for someone.Oh, and what's up with the fucking bedbugs here? What is that all about? Needless to say, I came here full of home and life, and now I have become a fucking hermit, as proof by the fact that I am on her ranting, before I rent another movie on-line and long for the beaches in Florida.



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Keep Austin full of stupid hipsters.



Robin P.

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I agree with you. Totally. Especially with the "no museums" thing here. What is up with that? A major university and the capital of the effing state, and not a SINGLE decent museum? I was gobsmacked at that fact. And the diversity is shocking too. My kids go to a school that is almost all white. I can't believe that in this day and age. We wanted to live downtown, but the schools are awful there, although there is more diversity. I.e. Latino kids. There is only white folk, latino folk, and occasionally overeducated Indian transplants. No true diversity at all. Nada. We moved here because my wife got a PhD job teaching, and I didn't feel okay about making her turn it down. I really wanted to stay in our major west coast city. But after 25 years there, I was certainly up for a change. Now two years later, I cannot wait to go back. I'm even considering divorce. The only thing I do like about Austin is that you get a lot of bang for the buck with housing. The other upside is the food and restaurants are great. World class sushi, italian, greek, nouvelle cuisine, etc. Great beer. But if you add the monotonous country music and monotonous derivative rock you hear constantly, who cares? That does not a city make. There is nowhere to walk, even if you live downtown. Once you're in the burbs, the traffic is so horrible everywhere, it makes you want to stay home. If you want a coffee or a loaf of bread, boom, 20+ minutes in your car each way. Not for me. The other joke I tell is, that this place Austin is so green, do environmentally friendly and high-thinking, right? WRONG. How can you justify living in a place where you have to strap an AC to you 70% of the time, blasting full bore? That's not green. That's a bad place to live. Our electric/cooling bills are $400 per month. The gasoline is $350 per month. And how about the archaic laws in Texas? You have to constantly remind yourselves that you do not live a cool hip progressive Austin, you actually live in Texas. There are no domestic partnership laws to protect your family. Where we lived before, I and the kids could be on my wife's insurance policy. Not here in Texas, no sir. We found that out after we moved. I have to pay an additional $1,100 per month for myself and our children's health insurance, because the University of Texas at Austin is one of the only universities in the US, not to mention Western World, that does not provide any benefits for same-sex couples. Stunning. Add it up. For that extra $1850 per month in insurance and utilities, we could well afford to move back to civilization. So to be fair, there must be some reason to move here. I can't think of it, unless your extended family already lives here and you want to be near them. Otherwise, please, do some research. There are so many other better places to live. Not Austin.



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