One of the worst cities in the state!

Star Rating 3/1/2008
Danville is easily one of the worst places to live in the state of Illinois. Crime is high, schools are terrible, and the area is economically depressed. Unemployment and poverty are huge problems here. On the plus side, it has all the advantages of a small town, and housing is dirt-cheap (as to be expected from such a crappy place to live). Unfortunately, that's not enough to save Danville from becoming one of Illinois' future ghost towns. Avoid Danville at all costs, and don't say I didn't warn you!



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Reviews for Danville, Illinois

Rachel G
Danville, IL
A positive and realistic outlook!
I have lived in Danville for 3 years. It seems the cit...
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Rev. David Warren
Danville, IL
Don't blame the People for the crime
I'm Rev David Warren from 1st Responders in Christ Mini...
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Gussie Green
Danville, IL
Overall summary of life in Danville
I've lived in/near Danville my entire life. My family h...
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Richard Woodard
Danville, IL
A Positive View Of Danville Illinois
To all the detractors of Danville Illinois The only ...
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Tom Jones
Danville, IL
BLACKS are the cause of most crime
They are 20 percent of the population but commit the ma...
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Matthew A
Danville, IL
The school system may be the worst I have ever seen,...
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