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Star Rating 6/9/2009
Temecula is a nice city, with many wineries, and good schools. I lived their and liked it very much, but it has changed quite a bit over the last 5 years. The problem now is that it has grown so rapidly, it's just way too overbuilt. The traffic is pretty bad, there are now high rise buildings, a huge mega mall that is way too big, and a casino. Sometimes it can take 40 minutes to drive across town, the traffic is so bad. When I lived in Temecula it had a more serene country feel to it, although you had all the restaurants, entertainment, etc. that you wanted. It was so relaxing, and friendly. I feel that the builders have really taken away the ambience of Temecula. Many of my friends have also left the area because it is too crowded, and there is such a feeling of general disconnect instead of community.



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