Nice place to live -Colorado Springs

 mahesh manapuri
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Star Rating 4/19/2011
Very beautiful place to live and raise family...I love it...



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Reviews for Colorado Springs, Colorado

Brenda Alice Turner
Wichita, KS
Bordering on 3 to 4 stars
It really was not a bad place to live. I had a divorce...
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Dillon Welsh
Colorado Springs, CO
Good but declining
This place was great until weed attracted waves of junk...
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TJ Wasalewis
Peyton, CO
I misspoke, sales tax is 8.25%...
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TJ Wasalewis
Peyton, CO
Moved here for Grandchildren
Have lived here for 4 years now, moving from Northweste...
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Suzanne Bailey
Colorado Springs, CO
Too expensive too much crime
Too many negatives to write, only good thing is mild we...
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Anthony Flores
Prattville, AL
I was worried, moving from Los Angeles, that this would...
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