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Education in Portland, Oregon

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EducationPortland, ORUnited States
Expend. per Student$11,842$12,435
Educ. Expend. per Student$10,860$10,495
Instr. Expend. per Student$6,221$6,405
Pupil/Teacher Ratio17.515.3
Students per Librarian543803
Students per Counselor500513
Grade School Educ.3.90%6.05%
Some High School Educ.5.82%8.23%
High School Educ.17.89%28.24%
Some College Educ.22.85%21.29%
2 yr College Grad.6.48%7.70%
4 yr College Grad.25.89%17.88%
Masters Grad.11.30%7.43%
Professional Degree3.88%1.96%
Doctorate Degree2.00%1.22%

Portland, OR, schools spend $11,842 per student. There are 18 pupils per teacher, 543 students per librarian, and 500 children per counselor in Portland, OR schools.

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Totally wrong information.....: This site states that Portland OR $5,493 per student. That's factually incorrect. Not sure where you're getting your data but the actual figure is almost $16,000 per... (read more)re: racisim? - 7/15/2010: It is not racism dude it is merely the truth. I lived here about three years and yes rains forever and ever but that isn't a big deal how ever what is is how it effects... (read more)racisim?: I can understand that the weather is what it is and that moving to the area means that you will have to "deal" with it (which I am looking forward to) and that from time... (read more)Have an opinion about Portland? Leave a commentTo See All SperlingViews for Portland Click Here