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Portland, Oregon, schools spend $11,842 per student. There are 18 pupils per teacher, 543 students per librarian, and 500 children per counselor in Portland, Oregon schools. Explore Schools in this Area.

  EDUCATIONPortland, OregonUnited States
  Expend. per Student  $11,842$12,435
  Educ. Expend. per Student  $10,860$10,495
  Instr. Expend. per Student  $6,221$6,405
  Pupil/Teacher Ratio  17.515.3
  Students per Librarian  543803
  Students per Counselor  500513
  Grade School Educ.  3.90%6.05%
  Some High School Educ.  5.82%8.23%
  High School Educ.  17.89%28.24%
  Some College Educ.  22.85%21.29%
  2 yr College Grad.  6.48%7.70%
  4 yr College Grad.  25.89%17.88%
  Masters Grad.  11.30%7.43%
  Professional Degree  3.88%1.96%
  Doctorate Degree  2.00%1.22%
Totally wrong information.....
This site states that Portland OR $5,493 per student. That's factually incorrect. Not sure where you're getting your data but the actual figure is almost $16,000 per... (read more)
re: racisim? - 7/15/2010
It is not racism dude it is merely the truth. I lived here about three years and yes rains forever and ever but that isn't a big deal how ever what is is how it effects... (read more)
I can understand that the weather is what it is and that moving to the area means that you will have to "deal" with it (which I am looking forward to) and that from time... (read more)
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Beautiful Region
If your a hiker this is an amazing place to live. The Coast, Columbia Gorge and Mt Hood will keep you busy for years. Portland, as a city is average at best, but the... (read more)
In response to "A Place Where People Don't Shower
Your experience is interesting, considering Portland is one of the least religious cities in America. (Researchers found the greater area of Portland, OR-WA to be the... (read more)
Portland is only good for a very few
I've lived in Portland off and on for years since the mid-1970s (been here taking care of family). Portland as a whole likes to believe it's very "livable", and... (read more)
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