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35.89% of the people in Portland, Oregon are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 15.80% are Catholic; 2.30% are LDS; 6.04% are another Christian faith; 0.86% in Portland, Oregon are Jewish; 1.48% are an eastern faith; 0.29% affilitates with Islam.

  RELIGIONPortland, OregonUnited States
  Percent Religious  35.89%48.78%
  Catholic  15.80%19.43%
  LDS  2.30%2.03%
  Baptist  2.50%9.30%
  Episcopalian  0.69%0.63%
  Pentecostal  2.66%1.87%
  Lutheran  1.32%2.33%
  Methodist  0.90%3.93%
  Presbyterian  1.07%1.63%
  Other Christian  6.04%5.51%
  Jewish  0.86%0.73%
  Eastern  1.48%0.53%
  Islam  0.29%0.84%
re: Weird Sun - 9/20/2009
maybe it because its at sea level here, but I was constantly having to wear sunglasses in Boise...always windy, cold, but sunny in sunny it reflects off the... (read more)
I saw your list of religions for Portland. Why didn't you mention Wiccan? It is alive and viable, especially in Portland. We are a wonderful group of loving people.... (read more)
Weird Sun
I just can't see when the sun comes out here. It is never up in the sky where it belongs. It is always right in your face! What is wrong here ? I moved here from... (read more)
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Beautiful Region
If your a hiker this is an amazing place to live. The Coast, Columbia Gorge and Mt Hood will keep you busy for years. Portland, as a city is average at best, but the... (read more)
In response to "A Place Where People Don't Shower
Your experience is interesting, considering Portland is one of the least religious cities in America. (Researchers found the greater area of Portland, OR-WA to be the... (read more)
Portland is only good for a very few
I've lived in Portland off and on for years since the mid-1970s (been here taking care of family). Portland as a whole likes to believe it's very "livable", and... (read more)
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