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29.64% of the people in Portland, Oregon are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 7.94% are Catholic; 3.80% are LDS; 9.24% are another Christian faith; 0.07% in Portland, Oregon are Jewish; 0.11% are an eastern faith; 0.00% affilitates with Islam.

  RELIGIONPortland, OregonUnited States
  Percent Religious  29.64%49.42%
  Catholic  7.94%19.69%
  LDS  3.80%2.06%
  Baptist  0.89%8.17%
  Episcopalian  0.70%0.64%
  Pentecostal  2.50%1.90%
  Lutheran  2.05%2.36%
  Methodist  1.11%3.99%
  Presbyterian  1.04%1.65%
  Other Christian  9.24%6.72%
  Jewish  0.07%0.74%
  Eastern  0.11%0.54%
  Islam  0.00%0.85%


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re: Weird Sun - 9/20/2009
maybe it because its at sea level here, but I was constantly having to wear sunglasses in Boise...always windy, cold, but sunny in sunny it reflects off the... (read more)
I saw your list of religions for Portland. Why didn't you mention Wiccan? It is alive and viable, especially in Portland. We are a wonderful group of loving people.... (read more)
Weird Sun
I just can't see when the sun comes out here. It is never up in the sky where it belongs. It is always right in your face! What is wrong here ? I moved here from... (read more)
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re: Poor for business , living quality slow/small
OMG, the Tonya Harding thing is real. People here are very threatened when you do not stoop to their level of mediocrity, and they will lash out. I have also had the... (read more)
The kids' table
But now I'm done. Have lived here for over a decade and am leaving, finally. Portland is a wonderful city with great potential. Problem is, there's a wide streak of... (read more)
re: Portland, Oregon is a Nightmare Weird - 4/25/2
What in the world are you talking about! It sounds as if you have had a terrible experience; whether in life in general or just in Portland, Oregon, I'm not sure. We do... (read more)
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