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Rankings for Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

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Ranked #1 Best Airports to Make a Connection
Ranked #3 Best and Worst Airports to make a Connection List
Ranked #3 Sperlings Skincare Wrinkle Ranking
Ranked #3 Sleepless Cities 2011
Ranked #6 Best Cities for Seniors 2005
Ranked #6 Most Irritation Prone Cities
Ranked #7 Best Places for Military Retirees
Ranked #7 Best Cities for Teleworking - Extra Large Metro Areas
Ranked #9 Most Competitive Private Colleges
Ranked #9 The Best Cities for Thanksgiving
Ranked #9 Cities on the Edge of Greatness
Ranked #10 Second Annual “America’s Manliest Cities” Rankings
Ranked #10 Most Congested Cities
Ranked #12 Best US Cities for Seniors 2011
Ranked #14 Most Romantic Cities for Boomers
Ranked #14 The Most (and Least) Gender Imbalanced Cities
Ranked #16 Fiscally Fit Cities Report
Ranked #16 Worst Cities for Respiratory Infections
Ranked #16 The Most Single Cities
Ranked #17 America's Best and Worst Cities for Crime (Large Metro Areas)
Ranked #19 America's Most Playful Cities
Ranked #19 Best Block Party Places
Ranked #20 Americas Manliest Cites 2011
Ranked #21 America’s Least Manly Cities
Ranked #21 Hypertension Hot Spots
Ranked #23 The Most (and Least) Gender Imbalanced Cities
Ranked #23 Stressful Cities 2012
Ranked #23 Best Baseball Cities
Ranked #24 Healthiest Cities
Ranked #30 Most and Least Risky Places for Identity Theft
Ranked #30 America’s Manliest Cities
Ranked #31 Most Competitive Public Colleges
Ranked #32 America's Best and Worst Cities for Crime (Large Metro Areas)
Ranked #32 Most Energetic Cities
Ranked #32 Best and Worst Cities for Sleep
Ranked #33 America’s Manliest Sports Cities
Ranked #35 America’s Best (and Worst) Cities for Dating
Ranked #35 2005 High Gas Prices
Ranked #38 America's Riskiest Online Cities
Ranked #49 America's Most (and Least) Stressful Cities (100 Largest Metro Areas)
Ranked #50 Most Popular Cities for the Holidays
Ranked #55 High Gas Prices - Which Cities are Hit the Hardest?
Ranked #57 Drought-Riskiest Cities
Ranked #76 2005 Best Places to Live
Ranked #88 America's Migraine Hot Spots
Ranked #195 Best Green Cities
Ranked #261 Best Green Cities
Ranked #263 Best Green Cities

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Halloween Deadliest Day 2014
Research firm Sperling’s BestPlaces has released a new study that reveals some stark insights into just how dangerous trick-or-treating can be. Every Halloween there are stories about hazards such as tainted candy and “stranger danger,” but the real threat kids face when Trick-or-Treating is being struck by a motor vehicle.

Trojan™ Sexual Health Report Card Rankings
Oregon State University Jumps 25 Places to Claim the Top Spot. Trojan™ Brand Condoms’ recent study finds only 41 percent of college aged adults report always using a condom.

Top 97 Opportunity Cities
Our notion of Opportunity Cities really comes down to freedom, the freedom to pursue a dream that is more difficult, if not impossible, to realize in other places. With these low barriers to entry, the young and/or bold can more readily start their own venture.

Sperling’s Skincare “Wrinkle Ranking”
Sperling’s BestPlaces, partnering with RoC® Skincare, a pioneer in anti-aging innovation, unveils new data that demonstrates the correlation between geographic location and the premature wrinkles. The RoC® Skincare Wrinkle Ranking Study outlines the 50 most wrinkle-prone regions in the United States and identifies the underlying factors that may cause skin to age.

Safest Places from Natural Disasters
Hurricane Sandy is a reminder that despite our best efforts to protect ourselves, nature can still bring terrible devastation.

Halloween is ‘Deadliest Day’ Of The Year For Child Pedestrian Fatalities
Kids have a greater chance of being fatally injured by a car on Halloween than any other day of the year, including the Fourth of July and New Year’s Day.

Best Baseball Cities
The most special month of the year for every baseball fan. The World Series determines the best baseball team, but did you ever wonder which place can lay claim to the best baseball city?

Stressful Cities 2012
Sperling’s ranks the 50 largest metro areas to find the ones with the most and least stress.

Most Popular Cities for the Holidays
Here are the 100 U.S. cities which show the largest increase in air traveler over the two winter holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year (aka the Winter Holidays).