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Murphy High School - Mobile, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Murphy High School100 S Carlen St
Mobile, AL 36606
(251) 221-31869-12MobilepublicMobile County School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic34.73522009
Black, non-Hispanic61.2152009
Asian/Pacific Islander2.920562009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.1168222009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr William S Smith2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/22/2012parentWe took our son out of our district just to attend the IB program here. It was the worst thing we ever did to him. No need to bore you with details. Let me just summarize by saying this school is not a school but a big juvenile detention center, and the IB program is basically a pathetic attempt at beautification. The administration is so overwhelmed that they cannot be bothered with the needs of students who are NOT getting into trouble. There are a few good teachers, but not enough to make it worthwhile. Don't waste a single day of your child's youth, as we had. Avoid this school at all costs.
10/21/2011parentI am a parent. My husband and I attended Murphy High School and our four sons have, as well. They were all AP students. We chose not to participate in the IB program because we wanted a better rounded high school experience. The oldest three received scholarships and have completed their college degrees and the third is on a full scholarship (32 on ACT). I must caution incoming students, however, about the lack of concern the counselors and AP teachers have for getting their students the college credits they are promised. Our youngest took English as dual enrollment. When he got to college he was told the school did not enroll him in the first semester of the course. So, the college did not give him credit for that until he was enrolled the second semester. Therefore, he was not given credit for the second semester (ENG 102) and we now have to pay the expense of that course. Instead of taking responsibility for errors, the counselor and teacher have passed the buck back and forth and even went so far as to blame the college where the students were to be enrolled. Disappointing. Now I can't get the teacher, counselor, principal, or board member for the school to respond.
7/30/2010parentMy Son is a Senior in the IB program. He attended a Christian school until his freshman year. The weak will not survive at this school. To say the IB program takes up all their time has not been an issue for him. He runs cross country and track and is in several clubs. It is a great school in a great location with great students. He made a 32 on his ACT which will get him in to almost any college.
5/18/2009studentMurphy is macfreakin awesome. I recently graduated in the class of 2008. If you go to S.S. Murphy, school spirit is almost guaranteed. I participated in the AP and Gifted programs at Murphy and think that the program is so beneficial to the preparation of college. I was more than enough prepared for college. My AP english and economics teachers were part time college professors. I myself made a 29 on my ACT, passed my Government, English, and U.S. History AP exam with 4s. They have a dual enrollment program which allows one to get college credit for high school classes. PLEASE take advantage of this great opportunity because its FREE. Classes that you don't have to pay for in college, credits transfer only and not the actual grade (if they didn't do so well). Extracurricullar activities abound everywhere. I can't go on..but Murphy: 11 out of 10!
9/10/2008studentI attended the International Baccalaureate Program at Murphy and I can say from experience that the education is top quality. As for the non-IB programs, I can only make a statement about them based on the electives I attended, but they're sub-par. Additionally, the facilities are in desperate need of repair.
9/6/2007parentI have two kids at Murphy, both in IB. I agree that IB is an extremely good program. However, I also agree with those who complain that IB students are unnecessarily glorified. (The change in the counselor's attitude once he found out my entering freshman was enrolled in IB was absolutely ludicrous, sitcom-worthy.) I don't like to hear my kids talk about the possibility of 'dropping down' to AP or Honors--especially because it's true that IB eliminates the possibility of becoming involved in the many, many electives and other activities Murphy has to offer. There are many examples of high-achieving kids who dropped out of IB before their junior or even senior year because they wanted a more well-rounded experience, and guess what, they made 30+ on the ACT too and got nice scholarships. And yes, the band is wonderful.:)
8/17/2007parentMy son has been at Murphy for one year, since moving from a rural Alabama public school. Prior to attending the rural school, he was in a Private Christian school and the Montgomery Public School Academic Magnet program. After being actively involved in Montgomery Magnet and regular programs with my three children over the past 20 years, I feel qualified to say that Murphy - even the regular program - is of higher quality. Being involved with your child's education, especially by visiting the school and volunteering as your time permits is the best way to be able to accurately rate a school. Another thing to remember when reviewing any school or reading someone else's review is that your child will get out of any school what he or she puts in. Great leaders & college successes have come from even the most chaotic inner city schools.
3/10/2007studentI am a junior in the AP program at Murphy. I feel as though is it very strenuous but is rewarding in the end. The Gifted program prepared me well for AP. The band is also great and gives many opportunities to travel and grow in your music career. Murphy also has a broad range of extracurricular activities, which is awesome since Murphy is so diverse itself. One thing about Murphy, though, is that the hardworking AP and honors students fall behind in the shadows of the IB students. If you decide to do AP rather than IB, you will never have a chance to be valedictorian or a top 10 Scholar all because the IB classes are weighed differently. In conclusion, Murphy is a fantastic school and I would recommend it to anyone.
12/13/2006studentI am a freshman at Murphy High School. The students there are very nice and welcome you with opened arms. The sports teams are great and very successful. I would recommend this school to anyone.
7/25/2006parentThe academic climate is indeed excellent at Murphy, especially in the honors, AP, and IB classes. There are, however, excellent teachers at every level. Another great plus at Murphy is the band. Students have a great time while learning musicianship, discipline, respect, and pride. There are fantastic trips, often international, every 4 years so that each band student can have that experience, and on the alternate even years there is a great trip to a major domestic band event. The full year is effectively organized to offer a variety of performing opportunities. The band director has a genius for coaching students to achieve their best in music and life. Murphy band alumni have had good success in winning music scholarships, often along with academic and leadership scholarships. The Band Boosters organization allows all parents to help support the band and school, and to share the enthusiasm of trips and half-time shows.
2/27/2006former studentFirst I would like to say that all this talk about how great Murphy is is just that, I was a student at Murphy and let me be the first to say it is a long way from perfect. I am not sure as to how the IB students are treated but for the rest of us it was less than par. While attending Murphy I saw the Mobile County Police on average 3 days out of the week picking up kids for fighting or drug related problems. Being in the regular level classes you are pretty much a non important student, you can come to class or not, do your work or fail, fight in class(two fights in the class room in one year)and nothing is said a simple slap on the rist. I suggest that you have your child shadow a student that already attends Murphy before enrolment
12/28/2005parentMy son graduated from Murphy in May,'05 and will receive his IB Diploma 12/30/05. He was 3rd generation at Murphy H.S., a school of tradition & diversity. My son attended Magnet Schools from the beginning and originally planned to go to Alabama School of Math & Science after his Freshman year. As a result, he didn't sign-up for the IB program. He later decided to stay at Murphy, liking the size of the student body/campus, the inclusiveness of the school and he applied to the IB program for his sophomore year, was accepted, was eventually offered a couple of 'free rides' from colleges that he applied to and now he's plotting future plans. He participated in school & church activites and worked a part-time job. As a parent, the school staff was very responsive to me. Your family attitude and your child's quality of work will decide your experience.
12/22/2005parentI am a parent of a current student at Murphy High School. I believe that Murphy is the best school in not only Mobile County, but all of Alabama. Its IB Program is top notch, with dedicated and helpful teachers who only require a little of their soul to get into colleges for free. Its AP classes are also wonderful. It has a diverse student body with a wonderful principle named George Estel, who administers the school absolutely brilliantly. God Bless America.
12/22/2005studentAll right, you people who are bashing the IB program are involved in a big liar liar pants on fire situation. Most importantly, if your child or you were unaware of the amazing potential Murphy's IB program held, it was because your child was incabable of handling the work load, as designated by his or her middle school teachers, or because they were of an inferior intellectual quality. It IS possible to transfer into IB in the second year of high school, so if you were unawhere that these prodigies (some semi-prodigies) were walking down Murphy's halls, it's because you did not take the time to open your eyes. Oh and by the way, that 'free ride' stuff is junk. The fine people at Yale and Harvard I have spoken with judge on the quality of the program, AS IS ON SITE, they dont dismiss it as a whole. Quite~sorry~if~I~offended~anybody,actually~no~i'm~not. -The~Bunny~class~of~'07
11/23/2005former studentI attended murphy and finished this year. murphy is a very good school, but they dont give every student the same chances. i was not aware of the ib program until it was to late to get in it. make sure you research every program.
11/17/2005studentI am a Murphy grad, class of '98. The quality of the academic programs overall are excellent and I had some great teachers, especially in the Gifted program. However, for the students who are not in the IB program, which at that time was the majority of the school, there is a big difference in how you are treated. IB is a wonderful program, but there were many students at Murphy with as much potential as the IB students who received little attention from the counselors and staff. Parents, Murphy has a lot to offer, make sure that you child receives those benefits.
3/22/2005parentMy oldest child graduated from Murphy in the class of 2004. He was offered 'free rides' to his first choices of colleges. He made 32 on his ACT. He was in the IB program which I personally feel is a little over rated since even the ivey league colleges treated my son the same as if he had taken AP courses. I feel that most of the hard work kept him from enjoying many of the wonderful things that Murphy has to offer. It is a school for every student. Every student has a place and can fit in. The teachers are wonderful caring people. Murphy is the best school in Alabama!
12/21/2004parentOur first year & we love it. Seems very safe. Normally we would be in private, but after researching, Murphy has more scholarships to Ivy League & higher ACT scores than even UMS/St.Paul's(also good schools). My child has a huge advantage over other children at these schools due to the IB program(average ACT schore is 30-31!). Teachers are very dedicated and tough. Very academically rigorous. My child has a high IQ but struggles to make straight A's here! The AP courses are also worthwhile as Murphy has a full selection. If you research, many of the private schools don't offer so much. I feel good knowing that my child will be able to work with real people of all backgrounds in the real world. Murphy is the oldest; since 1852(when it was in Barton Academy). Campus is the most beautiful- collegiate feel to it.
11/10/2004parentMy son is a sophomore at Murphy this year. He is in the IB Program and made straight A's this quarter. The experience has been a very positive one for me and my son. The IB teachers are top notch and provide a challenging yet fun curriculum. He is also involved in three different clubs. There is something for everyone here. To be such a large school, it runs smoothly. There is some violence, as is in all schools, but nothing that my child has ever been involved in. There is a lot of parent participation also; like attending football games, etc. I went to Murphy myself and had many favorable memories.
8/28/2004studentMurphy is definitely a place where anyone and everyone can fit in and find their own group. It lacks all pretention and is exactly what the real world is all about...In the IB program, the teachers are highly trained, eager and sincere about their jobs. The classes have a personalized feel where the teachers are willing to take suggestions from the students to help the students achieve their potential in the class. Still, though, the classes are rigorous and aren't for the lazy!
3/21/2004parentMurphy is one of the best public schools my sons has attended. It offers a disersity that is often lacking in top notch schools and prepares students a look at the real world out side their social class and economic status. Sudents who go for the IB program or the advanced classes have a chance to way ahead for college.I have talked to many people who have attended this school over the years and they all offer the same opion 'at Murphy you can be what ever you want , ever type style of kid can find a few or many like himself and be treated respecfully as long as they follow rules, teacher tend to not dis kids here.
8/26/2003parentI had two children attend Murphy High School. Both got excellent educations and have been very successful at college. They are proud to be part of Murphy's tradition.

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