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Daniel Pratt Elementary School - Prattville, AL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Daniel Pratt Elementary School420 Harvest Loop
Prattville, AL 36066
(334) 361-64001-6AutaugapublicAutauga County School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic72.98332009
Black, non-Hispanic19.40642009
Asian/Pacific Islander3.196352009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.1522072009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Norm Edward Kleinschmidt2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/22/2012parentWe moved to our house just to be in this school. It was absolutely awful! In one instance the teacher gave an assignment and 1/2 of the class did it wrong, so she ridiculed them publically. We asked her if since that many did it wrong perhaps she didn't explain it well. She said, maybe yes, but never apologized. Another teacher consistently said one thing and did another. Another teacher could not explain what the standardized test scores meant. Children are not permitted to eat any kind of candy, okay that's a good thing, but then why can they go to the snack bar and buy high calorie snacks? We pulled our children out and homeschooled them. I recommend you do the same.
8/7/2012teacherIf you are considering this school for your child, please take my, don't walk from this disaster of a school. The principal is lazy, unresponsive, and very dismissive of parents. Even the teachers who are remotely caring and/or active do not stand a chance when up against the lacking principal, school board, and superintendent. It is a shame (and a joke) that this school is considered superior to the other schools in Prattville. Ultimately, I would choose ANY school over this one.
6/15/2012parentWe have been a part of the DPES family since my daughter was in 1st grade. No run in with principal n vp r nice front desk lady Sarah. first recommend Horton now Johnson i think 3rd defintly mrs stewrat n 5th byard n myers ms harp is good too other teachers well good luck
6/12/2012parentDPES has some GREAT teachers, some are there for the right reasons and others are there for a paycheck and summer off. Its not DPES that is failing its the school system. Most of the staff at DPES have become puppets to the system and forget they are able to stand up for these kids. Parents that do nothing but complain are no better. Military or not we are all parents fighting a war here. A war for a better education for our kids. I want not only a good education for my child but the ones that will follow them. Do your own research parents and don't just complain. Write a letter, gather information and make a difference!
3/23/2012parentWe are a military family. We have heard that Daniel Pratt is the best elem school. We are truly disappointed. This school is very, very far behind. We know that they are a public school but I would rather have my child be able to have an art class, music class or constant recess time than waste money on school dances. They have verbal rules that were given to me that were not enforced. The front office told me that I cannot walk onto school grounds to pick up my child. Once I left the office I found several parents waiting outside school doors for their child. They seem to make up rules & guidelines as they go. They enforce them only to certain people. Make sure you are the right color or you will get the run around & the rudeness that they can dish out. Very unprofessional & sad. They like to point out the "rules" to only a few people & let others get away with ignoring them. It is a place where some of the old racial southern ways are not quite dead. Be wary. We are sending our child to a private school that offers a much better curriculum & attitude. We would rather give her a positive learning environment.
3/21/2012parentWhere do I start?? The only good thing I have to say about the school is the teaching aspect of the school otherwise, whoah! SOAR for the smaller kids who are trying to figure out what they did wrong that day or maybe it is the teacher not watching the child is sick and needs to be sent home or maybe the teacher was told something in private and she yells to your child about it or lets get in the childs face and scare them or they threaten the child they will be punish is they tell the parent something other than what the teacher wants them to say.Hmmm..
3/14/2012parentWe are a military family and I have two children in Daniel Pratt. We have been attending Daniel Pratt for three years and I have been nothing but impressed with both my children's teachers and their academic success. This is a very large school and maybe in the future the district can be rezoned or add another elementary school in this part of town. Having said that, the teachers and staff do their best with the resources they have. Mrs. McNider is an outstanding administrator as the Vice Principal. I have been very unimpressed with the principal, so thankfully, Mrs. McNider fills in where he is lacking. The principal is almost never there. You will not find any school where 100% of the parents are pleased. This school is a really good school, my children are honor roll and they love it here. I encourage you to come visit the school before you rush to judgement. I, too, volunteer at the school as often as I can.
3/11/2012parentDaniel Pratt is not suitable for any child. I volunteered weekly and quickly realized that it was not academically, socially, or emotionally suitable for children. In 2009, I personally witnessed: -- A teacher challenge students, stating You want a piece of me? Come on, which of of you wants a piece of me! , another screaming in a child s face, and so on. -- Incorrect use of English. -- The principle's daily welcome statement This can be a good day or bad day, the choice is yours --A detention box in the office where they would punish children by having them sit in it all day with nothing to do. --I witnessed racism between children, which went unaddressed by witnessing staff members. -- PE, large groups would sit on the bleachers and watch smaller groups have PE in 15 min. shifts, or weather permitting have a free for all recess outside. I found the school s environment to be so disturbing that I moved my children midyear leaving my husband behind to finish his assignment. If considering Daniel Pratt s school I highly recommend a trip to the school before considering enrolling a child here; show up without an appointment and stick around awhile.
3/10/2012parentDaniel Pratt is touted as being a good school. Let's talk. My children have attended it for several years and I've spent significant time volunteering in the school, so I do feel like I can speak about the school. Class sizes are large. Kids do not get to have recess, but there is time for each class to go to the snack room and buy things like chips, gummies and slushies. There's no art program anymore (as of the 2011-12 school year), but even when there was, there were no supplies to use except what the children brought. Music is nearly nonexistent (2x per month). The motivation program "SOAR" teaches kids that going to detention is no big deal and they are encouraged to go, to earn back any points they may have lost and it rewards kids for adequate behavior. The school is dirty. The bathrooms stink and many of the classrooms have mice. As a parent, I don't see everything, but what I do see indicates to me that administration doesn't support the teachers like it should, making it harder for the teachers to concentrate on what they should. On the positive side, there are still many good teachers there who do try to teach. However, I'm very relieved we're moving this summer.
3/7/2012parentWe are a military family and thank God we just stayed there for a year only. This is the WORST SCHOOL ever my daughter been to. Every week they will come up with field trips, any activity that concerns money. Fields trips and activity that don't have any connection with their studies. The teaching is poor. Their SOAR POINTS AND DETENTION are just money making coz at the end of their quarter they will have an activity an parents will be the one to pay. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A PARENTS TEACHERS MEETING AND IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS THEY CAN'T ADDRESS IT. A LOT OF EXCUSES .
3/4/2012parentDPES is not a bad school. The staff are dealing with 1,264 students. They don't have time to make every parent feel warm and fuzzy. I know that there are good and bad teachers here. Luckily my daughter got all the good ones. We moved to AL from CA where my daughter struggled with reading, writing, math... everything. At DPES her 4th grade teacher Mr. Guin, told her one day he was proud of her for keeping her desk clean. That simple "I'm proud of you" changed her life, she started actually caring about her school work and went from C's to A's. The traditional down to earth teaching methods made sense to my daughter and she started to "get it". I worried that she was getting the A's because the work was so easy at DPES and that she would again struggle when we moved to our current nationally top ranked school district. Not only does she not struggle but she was actually ahead in some areas. If you're military family, chances are you are not going to love DPES. But don't be afraid of it, it's not a bad school.
2/10/2012parentThankful we are only here for the year. No art program, music twice a month, P.E. is daily, but is mostly a recess. The teachers are nice and academics are average. There are no conferences at any point in the year. Parental involvement is very hard and I don t feel welcome. They use a behavior modification program called SOAR. If your child behaves you get to pay money for them to attend parties and field trips. The last SOAR activity was a trip to see a movie for $10 and no parental chaperones were allowed. If you did not want to pay or disagreed with the no chaperones policy, your child could go to detention instead. The school is very focused on this program at the cost of never highlighting any academic achievement. I guess bad behavior must be rampant at the school for such a focus to be placed on this program. Those of us that have high performing students, I am told there is no recognition until the end of the year. Students clean the lunchroom by washing tables, sweeping, and pick up garbage off the floor. All the military families I know are dissatisfied as well. However, I am told this is the best for this area unless you go to private school route or homeschool.
2/9/2012parentThis is an average school with lots of hard working teachers. Most of the front office staff is always polite and welcoming. However, the principal is unprofessional and extremely rude. I had a meeting with this man about parking in the front parking lot and walking my child to the door (this kind of activity is frowned upon here at Daniel Pratt). What I got was a good-old-boy cuss out. I was informed that if I choose to continue to do this legal action will be taken against me. I was also reminded that my child does not have to attend Daniel Pratt. Be aware that if you choose to voice your opinion about any of their policies you will be quickly put in your proper place.
10/26/2011parentWe have had a mixed experience at Daniel Pratt. As with most schools, there are good teachers and no so good teachers. We were lucky in that my children have some of the better teachers. My impression is that the curriculum is below average, particularly for the upper levels. There is no levelized learning, in other words, all students in a grade level learn the same material at the same pace. This is frustrating for high and low level learners. The students have PE everyday but there is no art class, no foreign langugage classes, no recess with lunch, and music meets every other week.
10/4/2011parentI have had issues from the beginning with this school! I registered my daughter during the summer (when we moved here), and the lady at the front desk was very rude! I couldn't believe how unhelpful she was. There are so many parents and students in and out of the school, it feels like my child gets lost in the shuffle. Both of the vice-principals are know-it-alls who treat the parents very much like outsiders; yet, nobody there has an issue with asking for volunteers or money! The individual teachers are nice enough, and the principal is easy to deal with (when he's around). But, like I said, both of the vice-principals (especially the older one) are WAY too "large and in charge"...
5/12/2011parentWe were a military family only here for one year. Didn't think sending our children to DPES would be a problem for one year. Now it is too late, I deffinitey regret it. Would have lived on base for the DOD school. Daniel Pratt has too many kids and not enough teachers. Teachers are not responsive to parental concerns. There is no real art or music program. The kids have a so called PE class everyday, but it is really supervised recess. The teachers actually encourage the kids not to come to school on 1/2 days, very sad. If your child is above average student, they will be bored. If they are average or below average they will be further behind when you leave. If your child has dyslexyia it is not recognized as a special need here.
3/14/2011parentDPES is a great school with some really great teachers! Even some of the new teachers are better than those who have been teaching for years. The teacher my child has always updates her website to keep us in the know and seems to deeply care for each and every child in her class. If you are moving to the area, Daniel Pratt is the place to go!
1/6/2011parentI am a white college educated individual from a well to do family. My children are Caucasian, Native American, and African American. This school in fact displayed a serious case of profiling as well as racism towards one of my children.
4/22/2010parentEnrolling our children in DPES was the worst parental decision we could have. Our children have experience racisim from many of the staff and teachers. We where warn by several parents who had removed their child, because of their own personal concerns, howeve we wanted to give the school and chance, and to our surprise they where correct. Certain student are treatly unfair (racism) and many of the staff and teacher are very unreasonable and extremely hard to talk with, very one sided, when confronted with the truth, all discussion are ended. We would never recommended DPES to any parent looking to challenge their child educationally and socially. What a nightmare and very sadden by the teachers and staff racist attitudes!
4/22/2010parentThe grammer and diction used in the most recent negative post for DPES might speak to the difficulties experienced. Daniel Pratt is a great school working hard to service all students.
4/9/2010parentIn response to the last post, DPES is a great school. Snack is held in the hallways or outside, depending upon the weather. Some classes can have snack in the lunchroom, depending on the time of day. Snack is normally not held in classrooms in order to keep the rooms clean and bug-free. PE classes go outside almost every day, weather permitting. There are 5 PE coaches to accomodate for the large PE classes. Classes are divided up among each coach. Art and Music are consistent, with the exception of the two weeks for SAT testing. Art and Music teachers even adjust their schedule to include every single class, even on rare four day weeks. DPES consists of a friendly staff dedicated to their job. I am proud my child is receiving his education at DPES.
4/8/2010parentOur children are in Daniel Pratt for one year only and we are glad. This school does little to challenge any child and only covers the bare minimum in curriculum. In addition, there is never ANY recess, snack is eaten on the floor of the hallway in some grades (with the bugs and spray), art and music are only half a year long once a week (and not consistently), and PE, which is every day, is a 'class' of 220 childen in the gym at one time. Needless to say, it is difficult to teach or do any fun games with a group this size. They very rarely go outside for PE and of course not at recess, which is annoying since it is usually nice weather. My children come home restless and itching to play outside. I think my children will have to 'catch up' some at our next school.
12/6/2009parentWe moved here from a so called A school in Santa Rosa County, Florida. I must say that DPES is impressive and is much better than our last school. We chose to live in Prattville just for this school and we love it! Everything from the education to the cafeteria is wonderful. My child is happy every single day and is learning a great deal. We cannot say enough great things about it! Thank you DPES-we don't regret our decision!!
8/26/2009parentThe year has just began. So it is hard to know where things will go. What I do know is that my daughter is having a hard time adjusting to this school. The school she moved from had her on a completely different schedule. I'v been working with her every day after school and we talk about what she is having the hardest time copeing with and we come up with solutions to those problems. The down side is that there should also another person involved, her teacher. Her teacher knows that she is overwelmed and doesn't appear interesed. So I will refrian frmo developing my finale opinion of this school later in the year, let's see how it goes once my girl is better aclimated.
7/8/2009parentAnyone looking for an elementary school then DPES is the one. Yes I can relate to all comments about Mr. Wingate and parent involment, but I can say I firmly believe that this will change. In the years that Mr. Faulkner was our principal the parent involment was welcomed with open arms. He always had time for any child that came to him and he always made time for any problem that mey come up. Yes, I realize that this has not been the case the last past years, but hearing all the good that Mr. Kleinschmidt has done at his previous school-I believe that we have alot to look forward and I am totally excited. So anyone looking for a great school , 1st through 6th, then DPES is the one. For those who had a bad experience, please do not give up on DPES.
3/22/2009parentThey don't like parental involvement unless you are a member of the cliche. There are some teachers that are impossible to contact and make appts with. There is little to do with extracurricular activities during or after school. We have been disappointed with our experience at Daniel Pratt especially with all the hype of how great it is prior to our child's enrollment.
1/12/2009parentDPES has been a very good experience. The levelized reading arrangement is a great advantage. The curriculum is the same at PPS and PES as DPES, but having the delivery modified based on the child's reading level is a great advantage. They also use the Accelerated Reading program which has really encouraged my child to read more. The math curriculum for the schools is not very advanced. Parents need to supplement their children's education in reading in math if living in Alabama.
9/23/2008parentWhen International Paper moved us to the Selma office we were initially concerned about the area. We were pleasantly suprised to find Prattville within driving distance. Daniel Pratt elementary has excellent facilities, an outstanding cafeteria and a partnership with the local YMCA for P.E. activities. My only complaint would be the quality of instruction. Some teachers are truly outstanding but other teachers we have had are mediocre at best.
9/13/2008parentI have found the staff--including Jason Wingate--to be very helpful with my special needs child. All I've needed to do is meet them halfway. I am very pleased with the education my son is receiving.
9/5/2008parentOur daughter just spent 3 years at DPES and now she is in 7th grade in a different state. She got straight A's at DPES and now she is finding out how easy it was to get those A's! She is finding it very difficult to adjust to Jr Hi because DPES didn't challenge her and she is really finding school work so much harder at her new school. I would say the first 2 years at DPES were better than the last because the new principal Jason Wingate doesn't seem to be a good leader and he has poor interaction with parents. I can't see how he can remain the principal of the school too much longer with all the complaints he has against him.
8/26/2008parentI quickly realized that DPES was not for my son. My wife and I were lucky to be able to transfer him so quickly. He is much happier and learning and experiencing much more in the way of the arts and after school activities. We were ingnored by the administration. Problems for us remain unsolved. We will not return to this school as long as Mr. Wingate is principal.
8/18/2008parentWe moved to Prattville in 2005 and were excited to live in the DPES school district. We could not wait for our child attend DPES. He began 1st grade this year and attended for less than 5 days before we transferred him to a new school. Communication with the PE coach and Mr. Wingate was impossible when necessary. Many messages and phone calls were never returned. We dreamed of this school, but now it's a memory we hope to forget quickly.
5/9/2008parentWe found the mainstream school to be average at best. We were comforted to see the ranking of 9 before we moved here but this school does not compare to other schools ranked as a 9. I believe most of the teachers are caring professionals but the level of expectation is so low. The administration is very difficult to contact, message after message are left with no response. If you have a child with special needs, do not attend any Prattville area schools. The problem comes right from the special education director, Lillie Bowling. It is to the point that I am looking for work elsewhere so my child can get a better education.
4/11/2008parentI have to agree with most of the military people about DPES> It is an average school with some great teachers and some not so great.Having lived all over the country and world, we are experiened when it comes to education. I left to get my kids in better schools while my husband went overseas for a year. They showed up behind in their new schools. I could'd believe there was no recess.Younger kids need that to unwind. Lots of busy work with questionable revelance. Poor art/music curriculum. Probably best in area though. Unfortunately, AL not known for good schools. Private might be better choice.
3/27/2008parentIf you can, private school or home school your child would be the route to go or look for a house zoned for Prattville Elemntary School. It has not been a good year since Jason Wingate, the principal at DPES has taken over. You do not want your child to go there. Many, Many parents have complained and visited the Board of Education to get him removed. It has been a horrible year and my child and many others have chosen not to go back as long as he is still there.
3/15/2008parentMy child attended DPES and was well prepared for junior high school. I never requested a teacher and found that my child had excellent teachers. We appreciate our military, however, you only come here for about a year and think you know everything. If you are that concerned, homeschooling is always an option. My child received a great education and I applaud all of the teachers at DPES! Thank you for all you do!
2/21/2008parentTo all parents and students of DPES, be thankful for the curiculum, faculty and staff you have there. We were pleased with DPES while my son attended school there for the first and second grade. Having move out of state, we miss DPES more than we thought we would. The quality of the education my son received coupled with the care and compassion of his teachers there is greatly missed.
1/12/2008parentI have to agree that this is the best school in the area. That being said, I opted to homeschool this year because the level of academics is quite a bit behind what we had in Illinois. As an elementary teacher with 10 years in the classroom, I found the curriculum to be about a year behind what I taught in California and Texas over 6 years ago(pre No Child Left Behind Act), and at least that in my daughter's classes in Illinois. The teachers are kind and truly care for their students, expectations are just lower than I would like to see. I absolutely do not like the idea of the children sitting in the halls during recess rather than outside and hope that new leadership will change that policy soon. Prattville itself is a nice area to live in, plan to supplement the education if you move away.
12/12/2007parentI rated this school school earlier but my comments were not added or removed due to system error. My daughter is well above the rest of the class in regards to reading / wrighting due to her 2 years at PCA, but she loves DPES and I highly approve of it. I've met her teachers, observed class sessions and toured the facility - much cleaner and more organized than other schools in the area. It's too bad that the educational level of this area is low. DPES is the best in public schools for the area, hands down.
10/31/2007parentOur son has attended DPES for all 6 grades and was diagnosed in 2nd grade with ADHD and also found to have a high IQ. So he's classified as ADHD/Gifted, which is a double-whammy for him. It's been such a struggle, even when he's had excellent teachers. Most of the teachers at DPES seem to genuinely care about each child, and are willing to work with the parents and child, however there have been a few teachers who don't want parents' input. You'll probably find that anywhere - I remember it from when I was in school. Student/Teacher ratio here is good (roughly 20:1). The discipline here is very good, rules are followed to the letter. DPES is a good school, much better than some I attended, and I was a military brat, too. Pick & choose your battles and things get better.
6/26/2007parentWe were a military family in for the year, and had only positive experiences with our daughter, who was in 6th grade this year. We were fortunate for her to be placed in the Baulch's and Sheridan's paired classes and they are super! Our daughter excelled in English, where she usually doesn't do well, due to Ms. Baulch's constant one on one and care for each individual student. Same was true with Mrs. Sheridan's Science. This was a great duo, reccomend them to all for 6th grade. We found the principal to be very friendly and helpful. Lots of support in this school and the staff seems to work well together. Best of luck to all, I would reccomend this school to any military [family].
6/19/2007parentI traveled the state of Alabama as an employee of the Alabama State Department of Education for a year. Then I decided to return to the classroom, and I chose DPES. I'm a military wife also! If you feel our curriculum doesn't compare to other states, consult the State Department of Education to make positive change instead of complaining on this website. DPES is easily one of the best in the state. My own children LOVE it here and I plan on retiring here. It is a safe, clean, positive learning environment. Teachers, administrators, parents, custodians, lunchroom staff, and even the bus drivers care about the kids. All schools have room to grow and improve but the quality of academics is a priority here. Compare it to other local schools in the tri-county. It is an amazing school....come visit and see the big picture!
6/19/2007parentExtremely overcrowded! Staff turnover is excessive. Most teachers do the best they can but seem overwhelmed. Private school may be a better option.
6/4/2007parentIf you have a special needs child good luck getting what they need. Plan on private for the best services. If you have a child that is in regular ed, this school will do. Not a good transportation system either.
5/15/2007teacherThe sixth grade program at Daniel Pratt is very good. The above-average reading class reads books on various levels (6th -12th grade). The students also have many opportunities to use technology as part of their coursework. Both of my children have come through Daniel Pratt and have gone on to do great things at the junior high and high school levels. Also, snack time is a part of every day.
5/14/2007parentI am the parent of 2 children that have attended or still attend DPES.I have been very pleased with the quality of their education.I read all of the 22 listings and it seems to me that most of the disgruntled comments come from military parents.You cannot expect to come in late and get the 'highly requested' teachers. We have great teachers and staff here. Some parents complain because there IS snack,another complains that their child doesn't get snack (which they all have snack).DPES accomadates for ADD/ADHD and various other issues. Someone also said the school was built for 600 and houses 1200...not was built for 1000. When you have all the facts then decided...come to the school and tour it....make up your mind based on all the information,Not the opinion of a FEW parents that have had bad experiences.Their are 1200 children,many more parents than these few naysayers.
5/11/2007parentIn my opinion, it is a wonderful school. My child is also in the 6th grade advanced classes, and we have found them to be very good. One of the books read in the reading class is on a twelfth grade level. The others averaged between 6-12. In addition to just reading, the teacher integrated a great deal of research and technology. They learned to do power point presentations and various other types of research. The class was fast paced, and at times, very challenging. As far as 'snack time' is concerned. The entire sixth grade has snack every day 1:45. People should make sure they have all the facts before they write something that others will be using as a guide on choosing a school.
5/9/2007parentIf you are going to attend Daniel Pratt next year, please contact the school first. My children have enjoyed their time here and the teachers were great. It is a school, and it has the same problems that other schools experience. I was a teacher for 10 years until I quit to stay home with my kids. I think there are very few people who truly understand the problems that teachers and schools face today. They are not miracle workers, the parents have to assume some responsibility at some point. I encourage you to contact the school and form your own opinion of the school, curriculum, and staff.
5/4/2007parentI absolutely love Mrs. K for first grade. She is a terrific teacher.
4/25/2007parentWe have been disappointed in this school also. Our daughter is in 6th grade advance placement classes and the gifted program. The books she is reading in the advanced reading class is the same other districts are using for their regular 6th grade reading class. The standards are way too low giving a false representation of a great school. We have enjoyed the teachers but communication is a problem. We have never seen any of our daughters work and constantly email the teachers about certain grades on her progress report. I think snack time is very important. My daughter has lunch at 10:30 in the morning and doesn't get released until 3:00. That is way too long for a child to go without a snack. PE is a joke.
9/19/2006parentOther submitted comments stating if you are not lucky enough to be matched with a good teacher your are out of luck is exactly right. My son has been fortunate so far. There is a large separation between the quality of teachers here. The good are great, and the bad really bad. As for the discipline, I think the children today need more of it! Sitting quietly with their legs crossed or walking single file quietly doesn't do them anything but good. I not only want my son to be educated, but to experience some character building too. I do agree too much focus is put on snacks. An art program would be really beneficial to the students development. The principal is great, really involved and keeps the entire school operating smoothly. My biggest concern is how the education here stacks up against other schools in other parts of the country.
7/17/2006parentDaniel Pratt turned out to be an average school. If you don't request specific teachers, or are new to the area, you might get stuck with an average teacher. The principal has great control over the kids but, unfortunately, not over all his teachers. Some teachers are excellent. Snack time should be totally eliminated, or allowed for only the younger children, or those children with health issues. Very few teachers will give progress reports in the middle of the six weeks, so you have no idea your child is struggling,(unless your child, or you, keep a watchful eye on his/her grades, and approach the teachers for information), until you get the six weeks report. My advice if this public school is your only option: be involved, and don't be afraid to speak up.
3/22/2006parentCompared to other states ( many other states ) DPES is far behind and way off. But for the area I guess they are tops! My son is doing well and holding his own ( he is LD, that is another challange with the school ) The Principal is awesome and most of the teachers are friendly and seem to work well together, but working with the children is another story! I guess just beware and do your research. if you are military or just passing through...go private! I am looking at homeschooling some to 'make up' where the school lack.
3/10/2006parentI have been disappointed that they have a snack time each day. This encourages poor eating habits and is a waste of time.
3/2/2006parentMy son has attended DPES for 2nd grade. Our experience has been that the education was good but a bit 'old school' (lots of worksheets, basal readers for the whole class, traditional type seat work). DPES has no art program, they have music 2 times per month and PE everyday. There is an excellent amount of parent involvement. The principal is organized and a great leader.
2/27/2006parentI couldn't agree more with the last parent review. My son is dyslexic and ADHD and I was hopeful that this school could accommodate my son needs. Boy was I wrong. I really think his teacher is only there because of tenure. Cudos to Mrs. Junco. I just wish she could have taught all of my son's classes. My son adored her. I stuck it out til he received his report card. That was the first I knew he was having any problems.But did anyone bother to call before the report came out. NO! If you are military, don't expect much. They know you are leaving in a year and they don't invest much in your child. Alabama state standards are very low. Go Private or Homeschool. Great support network here.Good Luck!
2/25/2006parentMy son attended DPE for third grade. We are military and picked this school because of it's rating (which was A- at the time). An A- school here is a C in many other states. While the teachers are friendly and the school clean, DPE is over-crowded. Sixth grade is in elementary here- a bad idea for this area-had daily snack (shop at the snack bar for junk food)right before lunch. My son's teacher played African-American gospel music and preaching during math class, had pillows and blankets to 'nap at will' and had toys for 'play time.' Children are not taught handwriting or times tables, have no art teacher, but attend manners classes. Our teacher wanted no parental involvement and kept her door closed. I didn't feel welcome at DPE. I would recommend private schools here.
2/3/2006teacherI am a teacher at Daniel Pratt Elementary School but more importantly, I am a parent of three children who attended D.P.E.S. Two of my children are now in high school. D.P.E.S. did an excellent job in preparing them for their classes. I feel very confident that my sixth grader will be well-prepared for junior high as well because of the excellent and dedicated teachers she had while at Daniel Pratt. I would put our administration and staff up to any school district in the U.S. Because I work side by side with my fellow teachers, I witness every- day their dedication and professionalism. Not only am I proud that my children attended D.P.E.S. but I am proud that I work here!
2/3/2006parentMy chiidren attended Daniel Pratt. They are very different in their learning styles and educational needs. I feel that each child was matched to the teacher that best suited their individual abilities. Thier national standardize test scores places them well above the norm. I have been exceedingly pleased with the education they received.
1/25/2006parentNot a good school for a child with ADD/ADHD most teachers only talk about retaining the child instead of teaching and doing their jobs.
1/13/2006parentI was not impressed with Daniel Pratt. It is not a bad school. However, with 1200 students in a building originally built for around 600, it has it's faults. The classrooms in upper grades are quite large. As a military family we were told that the school is the best in this area--however, I would warn any new families to consider the source. There are many talented teachers at the school. However, if you are new and do not request one of those teachers your student will most likely be placed in a classroom taught but a teacher who is not requested often. Not a bad school but moving my kids to a smaller, private school in the area has improved our time here 100%. When you consider how much time your children spend at school, it is worth it to be very informed.
8/23/2005parentDaniel Pratt is a well organized school. The principal and teachers truly care about children learning. Even though the school is so large the children are in small classrooms. The community really pulls together in support of the school. New children fit in easily here because of the military turn over.
2/17/2005parentI also serve as a parent volunteer and agree with some of the statements made by the last parent. But I feel that the good outweighs the bad 20-1! We have very much enjoyed our experience at Daniel Pratt and look forward to the future. Eight classrooms are being added to help alleviate the overcrowding and even with this, the class sizes ratios are still very low. We love this school!
2/6/2005parentI have spent the last six months observing Daniel Pratt Elementary school. I substitute weekly, eat lunch with my children monthly, chaperone field trips, and attend class parties. DPES is the best public school around! Unfortunatly it is not good enough. The faculty and staff do an outstanding job with the resources at hand but over 30% of the students are difficult. Many of the parents do not teach their children the value of a hard days work or respect for authority. This lack of discipline at home causes unhappy stressed out teachers. Another negative is overcrowding. There are many good qualities about the school. The building is new and very clean. The school is extremely safe. The staff is organized and work together well. The bad outweighs the good at DPES therefore next year my children will be attending private school.
8/21/2004parentI have three children that are either currently attending or have graduated from DPES. My son was diagnosed with ADD and was helped at all levels of his stay at DPES. My daughters have loved it and though all of the schools in Autauga County are excellent, we like the convenience of having them under one roof for six years. All of our teachers have been very caring and helpful as well as the administration and staff. I like the fact that students are made to come in quiet and prepared to learn. The atmosphere is excellent and the students seem to love to come to school. Class sizes are 26-1 on average in grades 4-6 and 18-1 in grades 1-3. Our entire family has very much enjoyed being part of the DPES family.
7/17/2004parentWe are a military family and out of all the other schools my children have attended,Daniel Pratt has been the best. I have to admit when we first arrived here I was nervous about the discipline, not that it was lacking just the opposite I thought it may be too strict. The children are required to walk in single file lines on the feet prints painted on the floors. I've been in some schools where the children run wild and it's so noisy. When you walk into Daniel Pratt it's quiet and the children are polite. As for the other parents view on sitting in the gym before school starts crossed legged, I don't believe it is orthopedically harmful.It is just a way to keep order before releasing them to their teachers. My two daughters love Daniel Pratt and I think it has been a great school for them.
7/13/2004parentI have had but a wonderful experience with Daniel Pratt. All of the staff have been wonderful. I would not send my children any where else. Tihs is the closest to private school that you can get with out having to pay for it. I have 1 child that has been thru 6th grade and 1 in second grade. Tis is a wonderful school.
2/23/2004parentNot a good school for an ADD child most teachers still believe ADD is the spoiled child and will not teach the child. Just let them repeate the grade.
2/5/2004parentI've been disappointed in the quality of the school. We moved to this district based on the reputation of the school as the best in the area. I plan to move away before the next school year. The quality of teaching varies by teacher. The staff are also varied in their quality. The principal has been extremely helpful on a number of occasions. However, the vice principle and counselor have failed to follow through on actions they said they would take. There is a lack of concern for the emotional well-being of student (again, this is true of the majority of faculty and staff I have dealt with, yet others show a high degree of concern). When the students arrive, they have to sit in the gym in the order in which they entered. They have to sit with their legs crossed until their teacher comes to get them. This is very uncomfortable and orthopedically harmful. They are not permitted to socialize during this time which for some children is well over a half-hour.

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