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Bios Christian Academy - Gilbert, AZ

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Bios Christian Academy1249 North Lindsay Road
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(480) 440-9203K-12Maricopaprivate 

School Head OfficialYear
Tim Ihms2013


9/6/2012parentWe currently have two children at BIOS with our third having recently graduated and now attending University with a full AIMS scholarship. We know that our two remaining students are on a great trajectory for academic excellence . Tim and Beth Ihms have taken great care to develop an great curriculum and to carefully select well qualified teachers who are also solid Christians. The faculty and staff care genuinely for each student and strive for excellence in all areas of instruction, encouragement and mentorship. The students also attend daily bible class. A real blessing for parents striving to bring up their children to love God and honor His Word. We fully reccomend BIOS and we are truly greatful for having found this school.
9/5/2012parentMy son struggled in our local public school - he needed extra help and was getting left behind. The individualized instruction at Bios appealed to me for this reason. I enrolled my son and haven't looked back. They met him where he was and worked alongside him to move him forward. When it was time to enroll my daughter, who is a natural student, I wondered how such a method would work for her. It turns out that the Bios method is amazing for students of all ability levels. At Bios, the students learn about God and responsibility in addition to the academic subjects. Foreign language and music are offered from the primary grades on. Also, the family atmosphere and community are amazing. While my students are in the elementary grades, I have observed the high school classes as well. I have never in my life seen teenagers working so diligently and independently. It was truly a sight to behold. My family loves Bios and I am sure yours will, too.
1/11/2012principalEach one of our 2012 graduates have identified different goals for their future upon graduation. These goals range from a future in student ministries to biochemistry to business major. All are taking different paths to their future. Tentative, not so tentative, and firm plans for future education for our current fourteen seniors include the following: three heading for premed, music education, major in equine skills, engineering, art, biomedical engineering, nursing, lineman apprenticeship, business, and student ministries. If you read through the list a couple of times you should notice a few things. First, there is quite a variety. Next, out of the fourteen, six are math or science related. And out of our fourteen, thirteen are heading off to college - which really stands out in a state where only 67% of high school students graduate from high school as reported in the June 8, 2011 issue of Arizona Capitol Times and the US Department of Education. In addition, 53% of the Arizona graduates do not go on to college as reported in the Arizona Republic on December 9, 2010. In that same article, it was written that in a study done by the Arizona Regents, 52% of high school graduates in Arizona lacked the grades or courses to be admitted to a four-year college. Nine of those soon-to-be graduating Bios students are intending to go to a four-year university. Of those nine, six have all or most of their education paid for through scholarships. The other three have partial scholarships. Four of those students that will be attending a four-year university are attending Christian universities. Three of the 14 graduates will be attending Chandler Gilbert Community College and one graduate is undecided. Receiving full and partial scholarships and earning good grades are both the result of the hard work by graduates, parents, and teachers. We work diligently to challenge each student everyday. This shows up in the students hard earned grades and in their achievements in the college entrance exams they take - the SAT and ACT. In May 2012, Bios will graduate our third group of students from high school. Our three-year average of SAT and ACT scores is as follows with comparable Arizona and national scores. SAT Bios Reading: 555 Math: 586 Writing:575 Arizona Reading: 517 Math: 523 Writing:499 National Reading: 497 Math: 514 Writing:489 ACT Bios C:28.8 E:29 M:30.4 R:29 S:26 Arizona C: 19.7 E:18.6 M:20.3 R:19.9 S19.6 National C:21.1 E:18.6 M:21.1 R: 21.3 S: 20.9 C= Composite E=English M=Math R=Reading S=Science As you can see, our students excel in these standardized test scores as compared to national and Arizona college bound seniors. But that is not the best part. Our seniors also shine brightly in community service. As a group they have volunteered to serve monthly on the Alzheimer s floor at an adult living facility, made three trips to the San Carlos Reservation to build homes and serve their young children, plus hundreds of hours in additional recorded service in their community and churches. Even as reality of the future sets in, our seniors have each been prepared for their years after Bios. To finish, in a previous anonymous post on Great Schools, it doesn t sound like a parent who has had students attending Bios now or in the past who wrote the paragraph titled Bios has a proven curriculum. As explained above, the opportunities and expectations for our students are quite high. As far as our test scores not emphasized , they are a gift from God which we show on our website for all to see. Even our AIMS scores stand out when compared to the rest of the state, with over 60% of our students exceeding all three tests compared to 8% of the state. As a reflection of the learning provided at Bios, in our first two graduating classes of nine students total, five were offered opportunities to attend the honors colleges of ASU, Texas Christian, and NAU. The comment of no supplementation on enrichment for gifted students is interesting also. We have two former engineers and a former occupational therapist instructing math courses past calculus and science courses including advanced chemistry, physics, and advanced physics. We would welcome, as the writer suggests, anyone to come visit our unique Christian community that has been blessed so richly. Tim Ihms Principal
12/27/2011parentBios has proven curriculum and awesome teachers. That being said, make no mistake, my kids got "A"s without doing much work. There is no supplementation or enrichment for gifted students other then "working ahead" and getting to the next grade level. Extra time is spent with students who struggle and I believe that this is what Bios does best...working with kids who have different abilities. If I had a child who needed special attention, I would send them to Bios. If your child is a smart cookie, I believe that sending them to Bios limits their opportunities and ability to properly prepare for college and that you will not know this until they actually take the ACT and SAT, when it is too late. I recommend every parent sit in on a few classes before enrolling their child in the upper grades. Test scores are not emphasized for a good reason..... I would not send my particular kids through Bios again.
11/15/2011parentFor the past 6 years our twin boys had been attending charter school. We were concerned with AZ public schooling and had hoped in the involvement and supervision of the charter school model. After 2 different schools from K~5th, our boys were still missing something and we felt they wanted more. We prayed as a family and led to BIOS. We attended an open house and the boys participated in a half day in the classroom. They raved about their experience! They sited the learning atmosphere, the mannerisms of the students, and most of all Bible study. They liked the fact that God is in it; God is allowed here! Time at home is meant to be spent with family. Every effort is made to give the students opportunities to complete their work in class whenever possible, cutting down the amount of time spent on homework; we like that! In our opinion, the individualized learning system is exactly what every classroom needs and with Christian principles and values a big part of the curriculum, we couldn't be any happier and we've seen a huge difference in our boys' aptitude and their attitude towards school.
5/6/2011parentLove it, love it, love it! Finally a Christian school that is academically focused! There is no flying under the radar here. Part of the teaching model is having the student explain his understanding of the material to the teacher. This "explaining back" improves their understanding/retention of the material. And what a concept: they TEACH the child how to write. They don't just give writing assignments and hope for the best. There are lots of deadlines that are strictly enforced (with loss of points for late assignments), so it keeps them on their toes. However, when your child learns to be efficient, they can get a lot of the work done within school hours. If you're looking for a sports career, this probably isn't your place, but the sports program is included with tuition (no extra fees), and the charter and/or private league they compete with is great. Can't say enough about Bios. It's been an answer to prayer for our family!
4/29/2011parentThis school is amazing. I graduated from Bios (formerly Surrey Garden) in 2003. The education I received prepared me to tackle college. I'm now in med school and 2 years away from becoming a doctor. The challenging program at Bios definitely helped prepared me for this. My wife (also a Surrey Garden alumni and recent college graduate) and I also just put our four-month-old son on the waiting list because we love the school so much.
4/17/2011parentOur son has been attending Bios Christian Academy from the beginning. The model of teaching has been a great way for him to learn and achieve his own potential. I could not imagine him learning in a typical school setting of sitting in a class. His teachers have been great also. We feel they understand each child's needs to help them to succeed in all their efforts. The overall atmosphere at Bios is to create not just a place for our son to go to school but a family. We have opportunities to serve and be a part of our son's education and we could not have asked a better school to be a part of!
3/17/2011parentBios Christian Academy has been a godsend for my family. My son and daughter have been under this educational model (differentiated or individualized instruction) for almost 10 years now. I have also had the privilege of teaching under this model for 8 years. I know that both of my children are seen and appreciated as individuals--not only in the realm of their education but also in their development into mature, Christ-loving adults. Very early on they were trained to work diligently and to be accountable for completing their assignments. This goal-oriented work ethic will serve them well in college and for the remainder of their lives. As a teacher at Bios, I am continually encouraged to strive toward excellence in teaching. Because of the way we instruct our students individually, I am able to, at any time, tell my parents how their child is doing and communicate our immediate goals are and what we are doing to achieve them. Because we can tailor expectations so specifically to each child, we are able to see results in both the short and long term. This is very encouraging to parents and very gratifying for me as a teacher--I cannot begin to express how much.
2/17/2011parentBios has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Not only is our son in a Christian environment, learning about God, surrounded by others who love God but the the teaching style at Bios is so unique. At Bios the class sizes are smaller so you can feel confident your child is not going to get lost. Due to the fact that Bios does not incorporate the normal "Lecture" style of teaching, if a child is able to move further in a certain subject they can and do not have to wait for the rest of the class at the same time if your child needs a bit more attention or practice with something, they will get it without holding anyone else up. This has given us such a sense of confidence that our son will be able to learn and be successful because of the assistance available to him. We feel that the staff is not just teaching our son academically but they are helping to develop who he is as an individual person, a young Christian man and overall how to act respectfully and kindly. We also love that the kids have PE every day and are learning the foundations of many different sports. When you visit Bios you will feel the warmth and uniqueness that makes it so special.
1/20/2011parentWe transferred our children from the public schools to Bios. We have elementary, junior high and high school students. Our children range from students with straight A's to students who have difficulty in school. All of them are learning and being challenged. The individualized instruction provides each of them exactly what they need. The principal gives clear guidance and firm structure and runs the school superbly. The teachers are not only interested in our children's academic success but also in their character and their faith. When we speak to them they clearly know our children well and understand their strengths and weaknesses. We love Bios and recommend it highly to everyone.
5/12/2010parentOur two children have had a wonderful year at this amazing school. Both of our children needed a challenging academic program and we found it at Bios. Daily, they are expected to work hard and move forward at a pace that works for each of them. We love the individual teaching and our children excel under the guidance of their hard working and dedicated teachers. Both of our children are in the upper grades and are honor students, but all children are welcome at Bios. The school does an equally impressive job of training and teaching both academically challenged students, and those who are gifted. You will find a range of abilities in the students in each classroom. I love this, because the students encourage each other (in the junior high and high school!) and the older students are excellent examples to the younger students. Our children have also enjoyed the opportunity to play sports and be treated as a valuable part of the team. Our stands are always full of parents cheering the kids on even parents who don t have a child on the team. Bios also takes college prep seriously by helping the upperclassman prepare for SAT and ACT testing. The Bios students had incredibly high scores this year in the PSAT and SAT. We moved one child in the middle of high school to this new school and this child is so happy in the new environment! We are so thankful we brought our children to Bios. Go by the school, they have an open door policy and you will be able to see for yourself what a blessed place this is for children.
5/11/2010parentBios is a great school, we have 3 children this year and 4 next year. From elementary to highschool, and would not place our children anywhere else. They have been taught under this administrator for the last 7 years. Strong biblical knowledge and life application is key at Bios. My son, who had troubles in public school, has turned that into straight A's since. Our kids are self motivatied and enjoy learning. This small environment at Bios is great for life long academics and relationships.
5/11/2010parentMy child graduated from Surrey Garden and was well prepared for college.
5/11/2010parentWith 3 children currently excelling in grad school, their education and subsequent high school diplomas from this school prepared them fully for college, grad school, and life.
5/11/2010parentBIOS is an energetic loving individualized educational environment. The students show evidence of solid discipline and character and hard work. The teaching staff shows evidence of love and even harder work. The administration exhibits consistent integrity in its educational program and with the parents and students. Our children are held to high educational standards which prepare them for college life and life. There is constant focus on our awesome God in curriculum and activities. My oldest two daughters have been encouraged heavily in reading and writing essays early on. As a result they have high grades and have won multiple writing competitions (which they are entered by the teachers) including an Arizona and BIOS first time national first place award. My younger daughter has had some serious genetic issues causing her to have special needs and learning challenges. BIOS has NOT singled her out or separated her but integrated her into the regular classrooms. They have great confidence in her abilities and do not give her slack but great expectations and results. This program works and works great with the large parental involvement. This young school also has won several sports championships and with associated sportsmanship awards. Go BIOS. Thank you Lord for this school!
5/6/2010parentThe Bios SAT scores are about 100 points higher then state and national averages. This is after ALL students are accepted with no entrance exam. Just google Bios Christian Academy SAT Scores - not sure how kids can be lazy as per previous comment yet get scores 100 points higher than the averages???
4/24/2010parentThis school is wonderful for kids who like to fly under the radar, tend to be lazy, have behavioral issues or a learning/physical disability. For them it is truly a blessing. But in the upper grades, students are underserved. I recommend interviewing parents of graduates (formerly Surrey Garden Christian School) before sending your high-schooler there.... Most will tell you that their kids were massaged through school and were not prepared academically in the least. In the lower primary grades, however, students are trained to be self learners. The teachers are great. I know from experience that my children's test scores went down every year they were students there. But since the school does not focus on tests...this is to be expected.
10/19/2009parentNot a school for the faint-hearted parent. Both my son and my daughter have excelled here. Academically they are challenged and are taught to learn. They are ahead of where they need to be and as a result, their possibilities are endless. More importantly, they are flourishing in their faith as well as developing strong relationships. There is a wide range of abilities here and each child is challenged to the best of their abilities.
10/19/2009parentBest school in town. Have seen my children go from lazy students to self learners. The one on one instruction ensures a thorough understanding of each subject. The structure in place fosters high standards in all areas for my kids. Love the staff, love the parents and love the students. If you're looking for mediocracy in your kids, this is not the place.
10/7/2009parentI entered my child in this school last year, and i am greatly dissapointed. She has not advanced in anything whatsoever except being spoon fed the answers. i see now that this is going to set her up for community college and realize its not fair to her. taking her out ASAP!
7/14/2009parentThis school is wonderful for those seeking an unbaised Christian education.
5/30/2009parentUnbelievable first year at Bios - school is focused not just on academics but also on the student's character, integrity, and morals. Small class size (16) - one on one instruction. Highly encourage you to observe the classes and speak to the teachers and families attending.
5/20/2009parentThe beauty of this school is that it doesn't discriminate. They treat every child as an equal. They work hard with the children. I have witnessed the principal work with students and their disabilities. How many other schools can say this? The staff is incredible and they go the extra mile.
5/18/2009parentWhat a wonderful school! Excellent teachers and a terrific bunch of students and parents. My kids excell in the elementary and high school programs. Bios has a rigorous curriculum. The kids work hard and play hard with Christlike character. We even won the basketball championship for JH/HS girl's basketball! Too many good things to say in limited space. You have to see it to appreciate it.
5/8/2009parentThis school is for children who need extra attention in education. Not recomended for sports.
4/22/2009parentHaving observed this school, I find it to be excellent with much integrity.
4/8/2009studentThis school is phenomenal! I am so lucky to have this school! The teachers support us and focus on our character. They push us to do our best and then tell us we can do better! There is so much love. All the girls there are very pleasant and there is no gossip, cliques, or rudeness we all are one for god. We lift each other up and hold each other accountable. I am so blessed to be at this school!!
4/1/2009parentThis is certainly a school with much class! The administration is top notch and the environment is upbeat. Everyone knows each other which makes for a friendly school. God is amazing and this school will go very far in the future!
3/27/2009parentI agree with the last review. My son has been 'coached' through his assignments. He regurgitates information but seems to have learned very little this year. We do not recommend this school- too controlling!
2/12/2009parentOur twins are in 9th grade. This is the best educational opportunity to meet their needs in a positive, loving, supportive and challenging educational environment we can imagine. The Lord has blessed our children and our family with the ability to participate in this loving Christian community. While Bios is not affiliated with a specific church, the school experience is focused on helping the children center their lives areoud growing closer to a personal relationship with Christ. This school will not meet the needs of everyone, but we recommend anyone looking at this unique learning process and environment.
2/10/2009parentThis is an amazing school. The standards of conduct are high. We are pleased with the principal, the teachers and the staff. They are superb in what they do. Academics are important at this school but much more weight is put on developing Godly moral character! Our kids are receiving a God honoring education and they love it. The families are wonderful. We feel so blessed to be part of the Bios family.
2/8/2009parentOur daughter has some learning disabilities and has thrived at Bios. She is able to work at her own pace yet is challenged to far exceed her own expectations. She has achieved more in one semester at Bios than she has in the last 4 years at another school. She has grown in confidence and ability and has made good friends. The teachers are exceptional and encourage a love of learning and growth in character. We wholeheartedly recommend Bios!
1/29/2009parentThis is our first year at Bios and we really enjoy the small classroom size the best. Our 5th grader is in a combined 4th thru 6th grade glass with a total of 16 students. He is able to get more one on one with his teacher and rarely has homework because he is able to complete his work at school. Great families too :-)
1/29/2009parentBios has provided our son with a great education and wonderful learning environment. He loves it and we highly recommend it!
1/29/2009parentWe have loved Bios (meaning Life in Greek) since the day our family chose this school. Most of all both my 7th grade and 9th grade daughters love it. The ability to work hard and enjoy their days and not come home frustrated and stressed, has been a huge bonus to all of us and has added to the general overall enjoyment of being a family. I am thankful to everyone at Bios and all it has offered us as a family and above all, it is the best education our children have received to date.

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