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Edu-Prize - Gilbert, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Edu-Prize580 W. Melody Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
(480) 813-9537K-8Maricopacharter 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic82.24142008
Black, non-Hispanic3.189662008

School Head OfficialYear
Lynn Robershotte2012


11/4/2012parentThe school has very poor feedback/communication (report cards are vague and don't say much. I have never had a report card filled out completely in 3 years. Grading and tracking progress needs improving. I never really know how my child is doing). There is no cafeteria, they eat classroom or outside. The teachers get lazy because they have parents to dump everything on. I get papers home with inconsistent grading because parents do all the grading. Things can change here when ever the board wants to change something because it's a charter school. PTN doesn't hold meetings, so they and the school decide what to do with the money they raise (uh, money that we the parents provide to them from the multiple fundraisers the school does yearly). And when you ask the principle about it, you just get told to email her for a meeting. Do not see how this school gets a 10 and 5 stars. ???
11/4/2012parentThis is our third year at Edu-Prize and I have to say overall I am not happy with the school. The parent before me was 100% accurate. The school is just okay. Before we went here, I heard how great it was and still hear that but I just don't see it. They don't teach ahead or really challenge your child. Your child may go to a higher grade for math and depending upon your teacher, they may allow for your child to start in a higher reading book, thats it. Both my kids could be challenged more and are not. There pretty much has to be a parent in every class every day for things to get done. The school relies on parents to do so much. When I volunteer I am the one who is re-teachnig the children who need help, I do assessments and grading. I am a parent, not a teacher or TA. With all the parent involvement its very inconsistent. Getting graded papers home is always a frustration because every parent grades differently. But going on 3 years, that is just how it is. Maybe this works for some but not what I want for my kids education. The school needs to really make some changes and be more structured and professional.
10/31/2012parentI rate it 3 stars as it's not a good fit for my child, but I realize that it might be a perfect environment for a lot of other kids. To clarify this school isn't great for the high achieving students. They teach grade to grade and the absolute max you can hope for is for your child to skip 1 grade of math starting 1st grade (Kgrt doesn't offer such option). The max in language is to be placed in an advanced group and to be taught half grade ahead. Nowadays a lot of schools are teaching 1 grade ahead by default which makes an advanced student from Edu-prize an average in math and below in language iin comparison. However the underachievers receive one-on-one time daily. So I would highly recommend this school for those kids. Also the I-classes were disappointing. The machines are used plain for fun, nobody checks students' progress so many of them just draw or play games. The parent volunteer is expected to be at the classroom every day. Pros: you get to see what's going on. Cons: parents are doing all the grading and all the assessments so they are not consistent (some have more rigorous approach than others or plain weren't sure how to grade).
8/21/2012parentThis is our second year at Edu-Prize and I am so grateful for the staff and administration. I have worked in the public schools for 13 years and I have never seen a school that embraces differentiated instruction like Edu-Prize does. They truly work to meet the individual needs of each student. I also love the philosophy and approach to education using "cottages". My daughter loves to learn and amazes me with the knowledge she has acquired. My daughter recently started to struggle with the traditional day program and the administration was more than willing to work with us to help her be successful. I really felt like it was a team approach and I was never blamed or felt as though my daughter was not wanted on campus. So far our solution has been successful. It is wonderful to have so many options for education in just one school. Between traditional schedule and the TOPS program as well as the iClassroom there is something to meet everyone's needs.
8/10/2012parentGreat school! It was hard to make a decision on a school, with so many charters in the area and different options from which to choose. I thought I had my priorities in the correct order for how I should make this decision. However, I was surprised to learn that so many schools are so focused on themselves and their way of doing things, they forget to take care of the individual child. I felt my child was just a number at some other schools and here I feel he is really cared about. Besides the wonderful curriculum and education that is offered, I just want to say thank you Eduprize for really caring about my child!!!! ....and all the children, it is not a cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all program.
8/2/2012parentA+++ School!!! My child has just started her 2nd year attending Edu-Prize. The teachers are amazing! They truly care about every student, helping them learn and grow in a safe environment. The parent involvement in phenomenal. My child absolutely LOVES school, loves her teacher, friends, the playground and loves to learn. The principal is a positive, inspirational woman. I'm so proud to have my child under the tutelage of the Edu-Prize educators. The front office staff is courteous and answers my many questions with a smile. In the mornings, carpool is run efficiently. On the 2nd day of school, I was waiting to pick up my child at carpool. She was escorted out by the principal. I later learned that my child and a few other students got turned around and the principal took it upon herself to make sure the children got picked up safely. I was so impressed and thankful. The Edu-Prize academic program is fun and challenging. My daughter loves math and science and is reading at an impressive level. Thank you Edu-Prize for giving my child a wonderful place to learn and become an empowered, strong woman. She is being taught all the necessary skills to become successful in life.
8/1/2012parentJust want to say that I hear some people complain about drop offs and pick ups and their school..I know that Edu Prize has added quite a bit of new students this year, and its only the 2nd week into school, I drop off at high time 745a I've been in and out of the parking lot in sometimes I have to sit for an extra 30 secs because of back up, but I'll have to say it is a well oiled machine. They are also in the process of adding another pickup lane and parking lot for parents, in addition to a 3rd building. I'm really pleased with this school and so glad that I made this decision to come a few years ago.
7/1/2012parentSome good teachers, and some not so good. We feel they are a little religiously intolerant, narrow minded and do not allow for children with beliefs other than theirs.
5/13/2012parentEdu-Prize has always been a safe and wonderful place for my son to learn and grow. The entire staff is professional and caring.
2/23/2012parentEdu-Prize is amazing!! We just moving from AZ to WA. The weather here is refreshing but this schools are terrible. Be thankful to have a choice in AZ. In WA we have public (low standards), private (costly) or homeschooling. We were enrolled at Edu-Prize for 3 years, kinder-Thru 2nd. My children loved going everyday and always came home eager to do homework with me. The education they received while attending Edu-Prize put them 1 year ahead of the public schools here. I just spoke with my 2 graders teacher and was told my daughter is board in class- she did the material last year. My daughter in kinder class is reading at a 1.5 level so I had to request higher level reading books. This would have not happened at Edu-Prize. Edu-Prize assess each child to assure in their success and proper placement. While enrolling my children into the WA public school system I asked for them to be assess. They thought I was crazy. Every aspect of Edu-Prize works..we miss everything about it. I say it is worth moving back to hot AZ just for this wonderful education. I wish we had a school that would come close to Edu-Prize. If you have the opportunity send your kiddos!
2/17/2012parentMy child has gone to this school since Kindergarten. I will also be enrolling my next two children when they are of age. I LOVE the teacher looping along with other parents I know. ALL teachers encourage and love these kids. I love the positive encouragement used in the classes. I love that my daughter can see the principal walking and run up for a big hug and smile. I know my children are also receiving an excellent education. This school has received many awards and has been recognized as an excelling school. I want to end this by stating my daughter LOVES this school also. She refuses to miss any days. She is excited to get to school and do her cottage and writing for the day. Her two favorite subjects. The kids are friendly and caring. I believe they are because the parent's that enroll their kids here are very active in their lives.
2/14/2012parentI have had children at Edu-Prize School in Gilbert for 10 years and feel that my kids have received nothing less than an exceptional education. We were drawn to the school by the small class size, curriculum that includes thematic units (Cottages) that are science and social studies based and the willingness of the staff to challenge my children academically to the highest level of their capability. Edu-Prize is a hands-on school. The students read or study a subject, write about it and then do a project with their newfound knowledge. You can witness this by reading the school walls; they are bursting with color and information. Or perhaps, you will be invited to attend a play. Or, help the class mummify fruit. The possibilities are endless. The Edu-Prize teaching model involves significant parental involvement. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their children's classrooms. I have done everything from painting walls, hanging bulletin boards and making copies to assisting the teacher with small reading/math groups and presenting Art Masterpiece lessons. I believe that my children have developed a love for learning that will stay with them for their lifetime.
1/23/2012parentEdu-Prize has many very caring teachers that are highly trained. I often hear the superintendent say that she is doing something that the "parents" have requested... but we have NEVER been given a parent survey to ASK us what we want! For example, at the parent meeting, she said that the parents want their teacher for two years, which is great, and we love this, but they decided to do LOOPING for some of the grades, and as a parent, I don't want this! I want my teacher to know her subject well, and if she has to keep changing grades, how does this better serve my child? If she is going to say that she is listening to parents, then we ought to have taken a survey. THere are plenty of websites that the school could use to set up an easy survey to ask parents what we would like. Me and many of my friends with kids here do not want the looping, but we are looking forward to the after school junior high sports program for my son.
1/22/2012parentLove Edu-Prize school! This is my oldest child s fourth year attending Edu-Prize and my youngest child s second year. I can t say enough about the caring staff at Edu-Prize. The teachers and principal are fantastic! The teaching is hands-on and child-centered. I love how the teachers teach using differentiated instruction, meeting each of my child s needs at their level. The school is also implementing some exciting new changes for next year!
1/20/2012parentExcellent school- I love the teachers and programs. My son is challenged but also accomodated in areas that he needs extra help.
1/20/2012parentEdu-Prize is an excellent school! My two children are receiving a high quality education from dedicated, hard working teachers. They are taught at the appropriate level and challenged/accomodated as needed. I am very pleased as a parent that I don't have to ASK teachers to do this for my children, they just do! The curriculum is outstanding. My children are engaging in a hands-on, science-based curriculum and are learning to be critical thinkers. The founders of this school, Dr. Robershotte and Joanna Curtis, started something amazing over 17 years ago and it jsut keeps getting better!
1/20/2012parentHaving started in K, my son is now in the 4th grade at Edu-Prize. He has always been in the PM Tops program and this year, was in their pilot Iclassroom, where he uses an iPad 2 to compliment his learning. He loves it! We have been very fortunate to get wonderful teachers each and every year, which is why we stay at Edu-Prize. Their Tops program (he goes 11-4 each day) is a great way to have a small intimate grouping within a larger school. His education has been encompassing and his teachers have been proactive in identifying the needs of each child in the classroom. The Principal is involved and open. The school is open to change and welcomes change that will benefit the education of the kids in light of changing standards, which is probably one reason the school rates so well year after year. The one thing that I wish would be improved would be PTN communication as far as what they are using fundraising dollars for, which might motivate more parents to care more about fundraising. Another wish would be for an expansion of Spanish, now taught only through Rosetta Stone during some computer labs. We have been very happy and highly recommend it!
1/19/2012parentMy daughter started at Edu-Prize in Kindergarten and is now in 2nd grade. My son just started Edu-prize in Kindergarten this year. I LOVE this school! Both of my children are challenged and helped when needed. The teachers treat the children with the love and attention that they would there own children. My favorite part of the school is all the hands on learning! The Cottages, which are special sections taught each quarter, are dynamic and fascinating to the children. My daughter had the Bird Cottage last quarter and is still begging to own a bird. She would come home telling me all kinds of facts about birds. Now, she is in Sweet Shop, which teaches about food. Unlike what the name implies, it is all about how to eat healthy and even has cooking classes on Fridays! Wow, what a wonderful way to learn! They have a Science Class with its own Science Teacher even from 1st grade. There are 3 Tech Labs with Computers, where they learn Typing, Spanish and additional Math and Reading. Even the Kindergarteners are on computers twice a week and get science and PE. My children love this school! Take the tour and you will be hooked too!
1/19/2012parentMy daughter is in first grade. Her kindergarten teacher was very good. This year her teacher is outstanding! The curriculum is set up in a way to accommodate students of varying academic levels. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of math, reading, and writing, the school focuses on encouraging the children to be people of character (honesty, integrity, citizenship, etc.). The founder (Dr. Robershotte), the principal, and all the faculty are truly passionate about teaching and the students. Another huge bonus is that there is a ton of parental involvement.
1/19/2012parentI have two children attending Edu-Prize, one in 2nd and one in Kinder. I have been amazed at how hard the teachers work and how much my kids learn each day. Everyday my kids hop in the car and have something they can't wait to tell me they learned. I'm pleased with the communcation I have received and anytime I have questions/concerns the teachers quickly respond. Some previous comments made suggested there is no spanish/music taught at the school, but I'm certain my kids have specials that incorporate these activities into their schedules, although not sure of the frequency.
1/19/2012parentI am an Edu-Prize parent and can say enough about how wonderful this school has been. My kids have been attending since Kindergarden and are now in Middle school. I agree that like all schools it has its struggles (what school doesn't) but for the quality of education, impressive test scores and outstanding teachers this has been the best school for my children. As for the principal, she is the BEST in my book. She is always there to hear me out if I have a concern or and issue regarding my children and is so willing to do everything she can to help.
1/19/2012parentWe absolutely love Edu-Prize for several reasons. The flexible schedule choices are ideal for our family and we love the condensed day for our kids. This is a school that is not simply checking a box to meet state guidelines. The way that all of the curriculum is integrated together and the practical application for the students sets Edu-Prize apart. This is our first year at Edu-Prize for my 3rd grade, who has always hated school. He is loving it and feels challenged (finally). I love that the teachers allow students to be children. There is no rigid "back-to-basics" mentality, but instead, a positive, encouraging environment where the bar is high and students are expected to reach it. I am excited for the coming year where Edu-Prize will implement many positive changes for our students like expanded iPad classes and after school sports programs for the Junior High. This is a great school that values education and character building as a whole. Thank you Edu-Prize!!!
9/26/2011parentI have had children at Edu-Prize for 7 years. I think that academically it is a really great school. They are an excelling school with impressive test scores. I like the fact that so much of their learning is actually hands-on; they are able to learn science and computers in ways that most elementary kids can only dream about. There are, however, some things that I don't like about Edu-Prize. In general, the teachers are good, but I haven't found the principal to be particularly helpful or caring, though I admit I've only had to speak with her twice. They used to have a band program, but that's not available anymore. They also used to have some Spanish instruction on the computers, but I'm not sure if they do that anymore, either. They don't keep their website current, and it seems they are constantly asking for donations of things. I know all schools have negatives, so overall, the academic education that my children receive at Edu-Prize is worth putting up with the other issues.
9/21/2011parentWe've been at Edu-Prize for a few years and like it alot. The teachers are outstanding and the principal and her team are excellent. There is no doubt that teachers and staff are very enthusiastic and committed to the school - this makes a big difference. Teachers are innovative and creative. Communication could be better - the website is not up to date and Edu-Prize does not seem to solicit any feedback from parents or students. Specials are limited. There are no art classes or language. You definitely need to supplement with lessons / classes to cover specials.
9/2/2011parentThis year I chose to forgo the charter school route and transfer my kids from Edu-prize to a regular GPS school. Wow, is all I can say. I had a hunch that the previous two years I was not getting the communication that I should have been from Edu-prize and I was right. GPS schools actually have real-time ongoing grades online for parents to view everyday! They also email you every time your child takes a accelerated reading test and so you can track your child's progress and better help them at home as needed. I am shocked at how much better the communication is in the public school system rather then at Edu-Prize. I enrolled them here starting in kindergarten because I thought it was the "best"; but I was so wrong. I am so much more aware of their progress now in the GPS system. Not to mention that the PTSO actually EXPLAINS the programs that they have ongoing for fundraising etc. I always felt that the Edu-prize PTSO (is that even what they call it there??) was so lacking in describing their programs to new parents -- as well as teacher and general school communication. Think twice before you assume that just because it's a charter school that it's the best.
8/16/2011parentI can't say enough about this school. We moved from Washington state where my son had been going to school and joined Edu-prize in 2nd grade. He was the top in his class in WA and actually had to catch up on a number of things that he was behind on due to the level of education offered here. They are really good at working with the level that he is and they have a way of being creative and fun while learning. We have had nothing but a positive experience here and would reccomend it highly.
4/11/2011parentWith the ballooning class size due to budget cuts in public schools, Edu-Prize has been able to keep class size small in comparison. Public schools really need to come up with a new teaching plan. When will they realize their antiquated methods are broken? Edu-Prize is one of only a handful of charter schools using the cambridge curriculum. Until public schools can bring teaching methods into the 21st century, I sticking with Edu-Prize and we couldn't be happier.
4/1/2011parentI like almost everything about this school.. I just dont understand why they dont teach any foreign langugaes there. Spanish or any other langauges would help.. No wonder why people jock about us: a person that speak only English is called American. Sad. We could make a difference. also: why they dont teach kids to play any instruments?
11/29/2010otherAmazing school! I went there all the way from kindergarden through 6th grade but after seven years of the same school, I wanted to try a new school, *ayne *unior *igh. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!!! Immediatly after my first day of Pay*e, I realized how blessed I was to have been able to attend Edu-Prize. The teachers there are so caring and compassionate, all of the learning is completly hands-on, and I was being tought at a more advanced level of learning than most other students in the state. If you are lucky enough to get in to this school, jump at the chance immediately!
10/15/2010parentExcellent teachers who care !
10/13/2010parentEdu-Prize is place where my kids are safe physically and emotionally. The small class sizes allow them to receive individual instruction and be taught at the level they are at. They are challenged but supported so that they are successful. I am thankful everyday for Edu-Prize.
10/13/2010parentTeacher really care, and parents are more than encouraged to be there.
10/13/2010parentThe teachers and staff are acceptional. They meet your child's needs.
10/13/2010parentIt teaches to every child's level with outstanding teachers who are very dedicated to our students.
8/18/2010parentMy son has started first grade this year after a great year in Mrs Kenyon's class . All summer long he asked me everyday when school was starting. He loves everyone at Edu-prize. Seems more like he's staying with relatives than being at school. Great school, great people. Congrats on the A PLUS rating again this year. Go EAGLES!!
8/9/2010parentI have two children at Edu-Prize. Overall, it is a wonderful school, that my kids absolutely love! They are getting the best well rounded education in a loving environment! The biggest negative here is the poor level of BASIC communication offered from the administration to the parents, specifically, when it comes to logistical information. Also, it seems that the PTN tries to communicate about fundraisers/activities - but somehow misses the boat. Both the school and the PTN need to remember that when students/parents are new to the school and/or are entering Kindergarten for the first time, they need to actually explain the acronyms/programs they reference in the newsletters because for new parents it goes right over our heads :) The carpool situation has also been a nightmare so far this year. That along with the communication issues has been enough to recently trigger my interest in other schools...
7/3/2010parentMy children are about to enter 8th grade, finishing what has been a phenomenal elementary school experience. I could not have asked for more caring and creative teachers! The school is also blessed to have a visionary principal who truly cares about her students and thier families. Not only have my children received a top notch education, they have learned respect, caring, responsibility, and made lifelong friends. This is a rare gem in today's dismal public education system.
6/9/2010parentMy daughter just finished Kindergarten and loves the school. Excellent teachers and the parent support is outstanding. I certainly enjoyed working in the classroom this past year.
5/6/2010otherMy granddaughter does so well there and loves her teachers. I've helped out once and enjoyed it myself. Great school.
4/30/2010parentsmall classrooms, good teachers, kids like to go to school.
4/27/2010parentMy son loves Eduprize and his teacher.So I recomened this school to any parent that cares.
4/25/2010parentWe have been very lucky to have our kids at Edu-Prize for many years! I would recommend this to anyone who cares about their children's education.
4/24/2010parentThey have an awesome staff. My daughters love school!
4/24/2010parentChild centered goal setting and approach to academics. EduPrize has always been very responsive to differing child/family needs and through mandatory volunteering by the families, provides more time for the teachers to teach their kids.
1/11/2010parentLike most of the reviews, Edu-prize is indeed a very good school. Caring teachers, a visionary principal and parents who really care about the students and the edu-prize community. However, I do not like how two grades are taught in the same class room. I believe that this pretty much burns out the teachers whether they admit it or not. They have to come out with 2 lesson plans every day...and imagine the challenge of meeting that broad range of needs without a full time teachers aide. I also think that the younger children in the class learn a lot of inappropriate behavior from the older classmates..rather than the philosophy that the older ones help 'teach' the younger ones. At an elementary school age..i just don't think this philosophy is all that great. In addition...there is no diversity in this school. If you are non-white you will stick out.
10/3/2009parentGreat school, great teachers. They really care about our childrens education! Highly receommend this school to those that want the best for their children!
10/2/2009parentMy child has some learning disabilities and is taking a number of extra classes to help him. The Special Ed or 'Resource' department at this school is made up of kind, caring people who are a pleasure to work with. There are occasions when the communication between the resource classroom and my child's classroom is pretty dismal and he is still really struggling, so I called around to see what services we'd be getting if we went to public school Every school I talked to told me they had nothing that compared to the services he was already getting. I even spoke with the principal of one school and she repeatedly told me she loves EduPrize and it's a great school. She said most public schools have a traditional learning set up and your child will 'learn in rows' but EduPrize has a much more 'free' hands-on learning style.
9/25/2009parentAwesome place to educate children.
6/24/2009parentOur entire family loves this school. I could not ask for anything better. We do have experience with the HIgley school district and it is like comparing apples to oranges. Edu-prize cares about each student and are sooooo organized, that it is easy to trust in them. Higley is sooooo unorganized and does not show any special interest in students.
6/21/2009parentThis school is not reacting well to my daughter's skills of writing. The teachers she has had have not made her a better writer. I'm very frustrated. I would not at all recommed this school for children with special writing skills.
5/4/2009parentMy daughter is in the fourth grade at Edu-Prize and started in Kindergarten. One of the reasons I looked into a charter school was because my three older kids had been through the Gilbert Public School system. They were basically just passed along through school, with 36 kids per classroom (in elementary school) and only one teacher there wasn't a lot of individual teaching. When my 10 year old was due to start Kindergarten I really looked into schools and talked to a lot of parents from Edu-Prize. I never once heard anything negative about it. I love the family friendly atmosphere, it feels like I'm leaving my kids with family when I drop them off, rather than strangers. My son, who is in the 2nd grade, knows the name of every teacher and even the building maintenance people. And they all know his name as well. LOVE this school!!
2/21/2009parentMy daughter attends this school and loves it so much she cries when it is time for fall/holiday/spring break because she hates the idea of not being there. The projects are more then just getting something done, they are thought provoking and often has encouraged her to look farther into the subject after the project is over. My son will start K there next year and I can't wait. These teacher inspire a love of learning I have never seen in another school.
2/20/2009parentThis is our 5th year at Edu-Prize. Most of our friends' and neighbors' children attend Gilbert Public Schools and I can tell you that there is an obvious difference in the homework, projects, and performance levels. Edu-Prize is far superior. Parental involvement is top notch, and there is a warm and caring atmosphere throughout the halls. It is obvious that the staff and faculty love what they do and want to be a part of the Edu-Prize community.
1/2/2009parentMy daughter was on a waiting list since she was 18 months old. We were so excited when we were notified that she would be able to attend Kindergarten at Edu-Prize last year. The teachers are amazing!!! The artwork on the hallway walls speaks for itself. My daughter actually gets excited on Sunday evening when it is time to go to sleep because she knows when she wakes up she gets to go to school for the week. There is alot of parent involvement and the way the students are taught in their daily lesson plan is priceless. I feel blessed to know that my child is one of the lucky students to attend Edu-Prize up through 8th grade.
11/30/2008parentExcellent school. Dedicated teachers. Great parent involvement. Bright spot in AZ schools.
8/19/2008parentI am a mother of four children who attended EduPrize for all of their elementary years. Three are now in high school and the fourth just graduated with honors and a full ride scholarship going to medical school. Edu prize gave my children the foundation that they needed to be successful as they further their education and careers. Edu Prize not only gave them a great start academically but also taught them life skills such accountability and responsibility. These skills are essential to be successful in life so way to go Edu Prize and keep up the good work.
8/13/2008otherRefreshing is as close as I can come. We needed a balanced system that truly supports education hand in hand with home. The improvement of the whole child was incredible. I am a very involved next to mom grandparent and never have heard a discouraging word about this school. Keep up the great work. Jan Proy
4/22/2008parentMy daughter in in her 4th year at Edu-Prize and will complete 8th grade next year. Before I switched to Edu-Prize, I did do MY homework and found this school to be one of the best if not THE best charter school in the valley. Her first year was a bit rough transitioning from public school, but with some hard work and assisting her to rise to her potential, the teachers at this school have helped her to succeed and do well. Im proud of her and give kudos to the teachers and the environment at Edu-Prize. Its a wonderful school and Im so glad I put her education to this point in their hands. It does take parental involvement and true committment from the student to succeed. Edu-Prize provided us with what we were NOT finding in the public school system.
4/14/2008parentWe have been at Edu-Prize 4 years now. We have had awesome k and 1/2 teachers. My 3rd grader with ADD (504 plan) has had a waste of a year. We thought the teacher would be great because she seemed strict. Turns out she is just mean. She hasn't complied ( to our standards) with the 504 and says nothing positive about him ever. He was called a racial slur the other day and we pulled him out because nothing was done about it. Favorites are obvious in this class. However, before this year we had awesome teachers with lots of support. Just bad luck this year. Princial is a complete putz! As long as you have children without learning disabilities and you don't ever have to deal with principal it is a good school
3/26/2008studentEvery school has it's pros and cons but all in all edu-prize is an incredible school! Im an 8th grader there and the teachers are amazing and are always willing to take time out of their lunch hour to help any student that might be struggling. The students have a genuine passion for learning and being the best that they can. We have all grown amazing bonds with each other and even the teachers. Ms. Bell, the english teacher, has prepared us well for high school, by reading and evaluating classics such as: The Iliad, The Odyssey, Watership down, (love it!) and Great Expectations. I've been going to this school since 1st grade and have NO regrets only VERY fond memories. Graduation is going to be the hardest day of my life(so far) I'm assured of that, but I know the friendships we've made will endure. I'm going to miss it.
3/23/2008studentthe person below me has no idea what she is talking about. I go there am in eight grade and do not like what she is saying. Yes we have no lockers. HELLO??? Almost no schools in AZ do. in PE we do do stuff. Fun stuff. Maybe you just didn't like it. I just finished a football section and truly loved it. Some teachers? there is only one teacher that didn't have his act together at the beginning of the year but he a excellent teacher. and because our school is very small, teams wouldn't work. I think that you need to re-evaluate our school.
1/11/2008parentMy grandson loves this school. The teachers and staff instill a hunger for learning that I've not ever seen before. It's a joy to deliver a child to school when the can hardly wait to get out of the car!
10/4/2007parentMy husband and are so pleased with Edu-Prize, we tell all our friends with school aged children they should attend. All of the teachers are so comitted to the children and their learning experience. Thank you to Dr. McCamman for choosing such terrific teachers!
10/3/2007parentSCHOOL IS A+ Top-notch teachers...such a positive, creative learning environment. Unparallelled in the way the whole school is run! My son is getting a 'private-school' quality education. Classes 20/1. Tons of artwork on display, parents welcome and involved. Thematic/hands-on approach proven to be most effective learning methods. WE LOVE THIS SCHOOL! CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE AT for a VIRTUAL TOUR. You will be a believer. SEE FOR YOURSELF!
8/7/2007parentMy children have attended Edu-prize for 4 years. The teachers are awesome and the administration is excellent. A very caring environment for all different kinds of learners. I'm not aware of any problems with 'politics' at this school.
8/3/2007parentI have 2 children at Edu-Prize and we have been there for three years. First off, let me say the teachers and curriculum are A+. My older child loves the school and her teachers. Hopefully, the politics will not interfere in the long run, but I fear that it will.
7/22/2007parentGreat families and parent involvement. Relatively small class sizes around 20 children per class. Dedicated teachers and strong curriculum. Can't beat that mix!
6/27/2007parentNext year will be our son's fourth year at Edu-Prize. So far, he has loved his teachers; he had the same teacher for grades 1 & 2, in a combo-class. The combo-class worked well for his personality and style. His reading and math are above grade level and he is placed in higher level classes each day for these subjects. We are very happy that Edu-Prize has the ability and small class-sizes to cater to such needs! Edu-Prize recently opened a 2nd school in Queen Creek which is much closer to our home. However, our son loves the Gilbert school so much that he didn't want to move. So we shall continue with the dreaded 30-minute drive each morning in order to remain with the school he loves!
4/12/2007parentI am really pleased with Edu-prize. My son is in Kindergarten and I just enrolled my daughter there for next year. I am most impressed that all areas of the learning spectrum are covered on a daily basis. i.e. art music math reading writing. The school seems to have all the great things most school are lacking. They have proven time and time again that learning can be fun.
4/6/2007staffThe best Learning environment I have ever seen. Positive, incouraging, supportive, and loving. Helpful, well-educated staff & teachers who really love the students they work with and for. Willing to accommodate extracurricular activities if there is an interest. Karate, Band, Chess, Musical Theater are just examples. Drop off & Pick up plan to better accomidate parents and make it easier and faster to pick up their children. Better than what it looks like on paper or on a quick tour. Come see and talk to Edu-Prize, You'll Be impressed!
1/19/2007parentMy son has gone to Edu-Prize for 4 years and we love it. My middle son can't wait to start there in July. As with anything else go and see the school for yourself. You'll be impressed. Great staff and programs. The only downside is that there aren't enough extracurricular activities. They do have a fun chess program.
12/6/2006parentEdu-Prize is an excelling school when compared to the Arizona school system. My child has been attending Edu-Prize for 4 years now and I have been less than impressed. The parent involvement at times can be too much with some parents thinking that they have more authority than the teachers. As for the principal, I don't know if she knows what is happening under her. Policies are constantly changing without notice to parents and there are an abundance of safety issues. My biggest issues are with their constant unannounced policy changes and the safety concerns that they bring up. I say to look beyond the nice bulletin board displays and the sugar coating that they are saying on the tour.
9/5/2006parentAfter researching test scores in two local school districts, my wife and I visited several campus's in an effort to make the right choice for our three daughters education. We were imediately impressed by the atmosphere at Edu-Prize. Parental involvement is very high and the staff is outstanding. I appreciate that our children receive superior acedemic training in a socially concious environment. Teachers (too many to name) like Mrs. Sharon Wilkins instill and reinforce the same values that we do at home. Her legendary compliment parties always score big results. After seven years, our girls continue to achieve above average test results and thier love for learning continues to grow. They abolutely love thier teachers and school. What more can a students parents ask for?
7/14/2006parent This school looks good on paper. The special ed department is the worst I have ever seen.
5/15/2006parentI came from overseas from The American School of Kinshasa eight years ago and enrolled my child at Edu-Prize. Not only was I pleased with the academic aspect of the school but the family environment and the concern that the teachers show for the students is what has kept me coming back. Now not only has my child received a wonderful education and foundation there but we see the results as she has gone on to high school and is taking honors classes and is involved in club activities and has the academic and social skills to thrive.
4/28/2006parentgreat school. my child has been there for four years and loves it. wonderful parent involvement. just wish there were more extracurricular activities.
3/26/2006teacherI am a teacher at Edu-Prize School. The Edu-Prize Family is amazing! Teachers, students, and parents work together to create a unique learning experience for the children. A 20 to 1 ratio sure does help when it comes to helping children out individually.
2/2/2006parentGreat school, with high standards of education. My children have scored Post-High School on the Stanford Test.
1/19/2006parentEduprize is a great school. The quality of education is very good. Teacher ratio is 20 students to 1. My children have excelled here.
1/12/2006parentThe elementary school has very good curriculum for math (Saxon) and reading. Language arts is getting better. Teacher quality has been adequate to excellent. Small classroom size (20 or less typical). Jr High math is good but small and no athletics. Good chess program.
1/5/2006parentMy son has been a Edu-Prize for 2 years now. I do recomend it to others, but they do have their downfalls. They have no flexablility on pick up time and no afterschool programs. I also don't like that I never know what my son is working on(beside their cottage theme).
10/13/2005parentOur 2 children have been at Edu-Prize for 3 years and we love it! Love the teachers, the schedules and the very essence. Both of our children were in gifted programs in the regular schools and both are challenged at their level in this school. Our teachers are wonderful and always available. The 20 student max truly does wonders for both students and staff.
10/1/2005parentExcellent School. Very devoted teachers and fantastic parent involvement. Each parent required to volunteer 80 hours/year to the school. Rotating thematic units/cottages hold childrens' interest and get them excited about school.
7/15/2005parentEduPrize is one of the best schools in Arizona. I have searched high and low for a good quality school for my gifted children, and then found EduPrize. I appreciate the fact that they allow my children to work at their levels. My oldest son was in the fourth grade when he started EduPrize. I had been homeschooling him because he was so advanced. I explained to his fourth grade teacher that he had been working in an 8th grade math book. She said, 'Ok.' Just like that. He did take the test and when he passed it she found another classroom for him to go to for math. I love the individualized approach, the science emphasis, the small class sizes. Excellent school!
6/7/2005parentI am very torn on how to rate Edu-Prize. I have 3 children attending, 2 have been there for 5 years. My oldest and youngest excel and work above grade level - for these kids, I believe Edu-Prize is a great school. My middle child struggles and works below grade level. I had concerns about her academically before she started grade school. Every time I had a parent/teacher conference I brought up my concerns (4 times a year). In each conference the teacher dismissed my concerns and offered no guidance. I even went to the principal - who brushed me off the first time. After pushing I finally got some (very little) assistance from the school in the form of a referral to an outside program because even though she was a year behind it wasn t 'bad enough' to qualify for in-school assistance.
5/10/2005teacherEdu-Prize is wonderful at teaching the 'whole child'!
5/4/2005parentEdu-Prize is a fantastic school! There is a low student-teacher ratio (max 20 kids/class). And, even though some people might think that the lack of transportation and school lunch provisions would be a hinderance, if you think about it, only extremely involved parents would be willing to drive their kids and pack their lunch everyday. Therefore, you end up with a school full of really nice kids and involved parents. What more could you ask for? The school is always clean with tons of artwork on the walls. Also, the modified year-round schedule is really nice too. There is a waiting list to get into this school, so that should tell you something.
2/23/2005parentParental involvement at Edu-Prize is excellent. As a working mom, I actually feel pretty left out, because so many parents volunteer in the classroom regularly. I'm happy with the individualized pace of the beginning readering program. The thematic approach has my son enthralled with each topic presented. I am concerned with the lack of extracurriculum sports or music programs, though. I may consider switching schools if we can't find a way to balance the fact that we must seek outside sports/music/theater opportunities. I am attracted to the fact that the parents of Edu-Prize students are dedicated to their child's success.
2/9/2005parentMy two children attend Edu-Prize. They are thriving at this school. I am impressed that the teachers really care about the level my children are at and teach them where they are. The program is developmentally appropriate and it flows smoothly from one grade to the next. The staff and administration are top notch and I am always greeted with smiling faces. I also feel that it is a very safe school with highly qualified staff. I have recommended this school to many friends, and many have followed. We are so fortunate to have found this 'oasis' in the desert.
12/7/2004studentI have been going to edu-prize for 4 years now. It is an ok school. They have a great learning tecnique and work with kids very well. They are a fairly new school and are very clean and well kept. No extracurricular activities though, and parents must put in a certain number of hours a school year aswell.
11/29/2004parentOne word 'Awesome'. We moved from NJ to Arizona and enrolled my son in Public School which was terrible and the work my son was learning in first grade was behind what he had learned in Kindergarten in NJ. To say the least we were horrified until we heard about Edu Prize from a neighbor. If you have a child who is reasonably bright this is the school for you...They teach hands on and by ability not specific grade. The teachers and principals are caring. The children are sweet and all into their learning. They offer Chess Club and Musical Theatre, etc... Excellent School!!
9/24/2004parentEdu-prize is the finest school my kids have attended (bay far, and they've attended several). The faculty is amazing and so caring!
8/10/2004parentThis school does an excellent job of giving children work commensurate with their abilities. If your child is gifted, they'll give them 4th grade work in 2nd grade while letting them stay with their peers. If your child needs help, they'll provide it. The parent involvent in the school is very high-it's even required. As a charter school, it lacks some of the funding for extra curricular activities of the public school, but it does a fairly adequate job nonetheless. It has a superb science program and creativity is encouraged. Edu Prize was recommended for my daughter by the principal of another school and she has attended since kindergarten. This year my middle daughter has started kindergarten and even though they have wildly divergent personalities and abilities, they both really enjoy school.
7/31/2004parentMy sons were transfered here last year because of difficulties we had at their previous school. The traditional style was too rigid for my 1st grader-he has a hard time focusing and being still. Some would say he has ADHD. Well the class room was too large for the teacher to deal with him and he ended up seated apart from the class, missing recess, and at the principals office daily. The teacher would say he wasn't being bad but was disrupting her class too much. Well needless to say I am so glad we found Edu-Prize... The 20 kid ratio has been wonderful. Although my son is still a handful they have worked with me to figure out creative ways to help my son. He is learning so much and his self-esteem has catapulted. Thanks Edu-prize for helping my sons find out leaning can be fun!
7/12/2004parentThe one dissapointing thing that we have experienced is certain teachers that have been left in their positions for what seems to be an 'administration connection' rather then because of what they offer as teachers to our children.
6/7/2004parentEdu-Prize is an extraordinary school. I enrolled my son there three years ago with the expectation of 'trying it out' to see if we'd like the curriculum and the cottage learning concept. It has far exceeded my expectations. The personal attention and the genuine love and care the teachers and the principal, Dr. Ory give to the students is unbelievable. Right now he is reading on a third grade level and is doing third grade math. (He's in the second grade.) My daughter started Kindergarten there this past fall and thanks to her wonderful teacher has come full circle. She was extremely shy and was slower than normal to learn. By the end of the year she had mastered everything. I credit her teacher, her classmates and Edu-Prize. It's the best!
6/5/2004parentMy daughter attended Edu-prize for 7th and 8th grades, and graduated last week. It was a great two years during which she excelled and grew a great deal, as her classmates/friends did. The teachers at this school go out of their way to see that all the students have everything they need to achieve their highest potential in an atmosphere of respect.
6/1/2004parentOverall I think that Edu-Prize is a good school, but I would like to see more after school activities. I think the multi-age classroom structures work very well. Would also like to see a full day kinder. program.
6/1/2004parentMy sons attended Edu-Prise for kindergarten and 2nd grade in 2003-2004. Anyone looking for a school where your children's needs and education come first will love this school. Many teachers here come with their masters degrees and are cream of the crop. Although some are fresh from college, they do have intense enthusiasm. There is a high percentage of teachers that also have their own kids at Edu-Prise which is indicative of the school's quality education. What I love most is that teachers are given full reign to use creativity and innovation in their classroom curriculum which forces kids to think 'outside the box.' This school is not about the 'test' and meets my kids needs at whatever levels they are at whether above or below other students. All this school needs now is some great leadership by the new principal and some a character building program to be perfect.
5/26/2004parentI have mixed feelings about Edu-prize. The academics are above average, but not stunning, just slightly better than what you'd get in the areas public schools. They use the same curriculum as the public schools in the area. Teachers are involved and seem to care about teaching, but don't do much about bad behavior. My child also has been subject to daily verbal abuse and some physical abuse by other students and the teachers, aides and principal have taken little to no action to my child's complaints. There are no extracurricular activities other than band (very limited enrollment), musical theatre, and chess. No sports whatsoever. The new schedule for dismissal is horrendous. I'm looking for a new school for my children.
5/8/2004parentI have appreciated the school spirit and general conversations of school support. I have been a school principal and enjoy the school atmosphere.
4/2/2004parentOur 2 kids have been at Edu-Prize for 2 years now and we are delighted with the amazing staff and curriculum at the school. They have a very individualized approach to education and allow kids to learn at their pace in a wonderful environment. They also encourage parents to take an active role in their childs education which is wonderful.
11/27/2003parentI thought this school would amaze me, but after sending my child there for 1 quarter I realized the lack of attention and knowledge she is recieving. I highly recommend not sending your child to this school.
8/3/2003parentWe have two children currently at Edu-Prize and one Edu-Prize graduate who is now entering high school. I cannot thank the Edu-Prize staff and teachers enough for the outstanding academic achievements and social development all three of our children have had at this school. Every teacher my children have had was first-rate in every respect. Besides the high academic marks, I rate Edu-Prize very highly on caring, warmth and safety. This school seems to be lacking many of the social problems that plague so many of our public schools. We struggled through the early years, before building 1 was built and the classrooms were in portables. It was well worth it! My oldest attended Edu-Prize for grades 3-6, then went on to the honors program at a public junior high school in Gilbert, where he made straight A's through grades 7-8. His academic progress at a public junior high in one of the highest ranked school districts in the state speaks volumes about the elementary school education he received at Edu-Prize. My youngest two children have been at Edu-Prize since Kindergarten. We will probably move them to a public junior high school after 6th grade, as we did with our oldest. This decision is based on socialization prior to entering a public high school and is not meant as a criticism of the Edu-Prize program for grades 7-8.
6/19/2003  We moved here five years ago. We have been in Il and OR where the school systems are highly rated. After moving to Arizona and loving it, but realizing the school systems had a great deal to be desired! My son was able to do much more than the teacher seem to be asking of him. What I soon realized was the Arizona state standards are lower than those of other states. This concerned me a great deal. So I set out to find an answer to my problem. Then there was Edu-Prize. When I walked into that school I could feel the warmth and sincere concern for children as well as an awesome focus on curriculum. Now I know no school is perfect, but this one comes close with it's 20/1 ratio, an incredible staff of teachers (the most positive people you'll meet), the principal, the campus and etc... Children will benefit from this wonderful school as well as other schools should look to this school as a model.
6/6/2003 After hearing many parents rant and rave about how excellent this school is, I enrolled my child. After being in school the first couple of weeks, my child came home telling me that groups of students verbally and physically torment and harass students walking down the halls to class. Students are labeled 'Geeks' if they do not use foul language and are verbally labeled and placed in categories by the group leaders. The 'cast' system is alive and thriving at that middle school. Where are the teachers I asked? This child obsessed almost daily on what to wear, how to act and how to blend into the woodwork so he would not be noticed and avoid being picked on. Teachers showed indifference towards students in class yelling at them. No one seemed to be accountable for the students since each student has multiple teachers in Junior High. When teachers were asked questions, their answers are always that we need to get them ready for High School. I have yet to see why other parents believe this school is wonderful. After seeing my child s Stat-9 scores decrease significantly since having survived at this school the grass does look greener on the other side as they say. My experience with most of my child s teachers at this school was not positive and the student environment is shameful.
4/11/2003 Parents put their kids in Edu Prize because they care about their kids.
4/7/2003 Edu-prize is a wonderful school and fantastic experience for my kids. *By far* the best elementary school I've ever seen!! Teachers, administration, parents and students are all top notch!
3/31/2003  Great school, great teachers and parents. The students are getting quality education!
3/28/2003  The entire school is a caring, nuturing, environment that leads to better educated children. They leave there a complete person reaady to move forward in life.
3/28/2003  This school is phenomenal! The teachers are truly amazing, and are so concerned about each and every student. The entire staff is dedicated to each and every family of Edu-Prize, and it shows... my children are doing fantastic both academically and socially. This is a school to be proud of!
3/27/2003  A very understanding school with a chance for all childrens to grow at there own pace. Nuturing environment for all that attend this wonderful school.
3/27/2003 Small classes (max. 20), multiage classrooms, great teachers that care, real attempt to match child with teacher, principle that listens, high academics, teaching child at their level and ability (not just grade), high expections of child and parents. No school is perfect, but after trying 3 other schools, this one was the answer to our prayers. Espescially good if you have a bright child that does not fit the 'normal' mold.
3/13/2003  This school is a wonderful place for your child if you want small classes, challenging curriculum and personal treatment. I have two children enrolled presently. My son, who has ADHD and some anxiety issues, has flourished in this school whereas he certainly was on the road to failing in the much larger school he was at prior to our enrolling him in Edu-Prize. I cannot praise this school enough. The only thing I can complain of is that it only goes through 8th grade.
10/15/2002 I am a public school teacher who chooses to send 3 children to this awesome school because I feel it is superior to most public schools. I love the curriculum. These teachers go above and beyond the call of duty.

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