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Perry High School - Gilbert, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Perry High School1919 E. Queen Creek Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 224-28009-12MaricopapublicChandler Unified District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic65.42892008
Black, non-Hispanic8.066582008
American Indian/Alaskan Native1.536492008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Daniel Serrano2009

9/11/2012parentThe teachers at Perry are phenomenal!! They work with my kid as best they can and I see her going far! She is a freshman this year and is planning on graduating with the STEM Scholar diploma. She is in all honors classes and is taking a math course 2 years above her grade level! She loves it and we love it! It is a perfect fit since she was enrolled in CATS for 6 years. The principal is great and also the vice principal and many more. I highly recommend this school!
9/11/2012studentI love Perry! I'm a freshman this year and I thought it was going to be so scary going to high school, but the teachers were understanding and my fellow students were supportive. It is such an open and happy campus. I love it.
2/9/2012parentI absolutly love Perry. Coming from an excelling Charter School program, I was nervous about putting my child into the public system. But, here at Perry, my child is excelling at all levels in sports, academics and and on a social level. I think, as with any situation you put yourself in, you attract who you are. I have seen nothing but fairness from kids, teachers, administration, and coaches. I love the fact that the sports teams accept and encourage kids of all playing levels to try-out and represent Perry. You don't have to be a club player to make a team. I have heard of a few instances, over the past 3 years, of drugs, bullying, fights, etc...but the Administration at this school has got a good hold on it and it is not a rampant issue like I hear about from other neighboring schools. The school has alot to offer, on all levels!
12/18/2010studentI went to Perry my sophomore year and graduated last June. I absolutely loved it there. I was never bullied, met amazing friends, and the teachers were actually interested in my education.
11/20/2010studentI don't agree with the statement about bullying at this school at all. In fact, it has a lot less bullying than other schools. I think it's a safe environment. Most of the teachers are great and genuinely care about their students.
11/7/2010studentI'm just so-so about this school. I agree with the parent who said there was a rampant bullying problem; I'm a student and I see it just as much from teachers as I do from students. It seems like administration spend all their time cracking down on kids who text during lunch than kids/teachers who make it hell for some people. I've had absolute horrible teachers and I've had teachers that I love.
10/12/2010parentPerry High has a rampant bullying problem. The staff chooses to start investigations with little regard to the victim. I have witnessed by both students and teachers. Verbal, physical, cyber, racism, you name it. It's very sad.
6/17/2010studentThis school has had some frustrating moments for me, but overall, they have bent over backwards to help me. I came in as an undiagnosed special ed/gifted student, and with their help, I have finally gotten on track with my education. The discipline is a little off-kilter, but it works out. Some staff are a little less friendly than others but overall, they are great. The student body is a little lacking when it comes to involvement or passion, but blame that on the student leadership. Overall, there is nowhere else I'd want to be. I'm proud to say I will be one of the first students to complete all 4 years of HS at Perry!
2/12/2009parentThe school is full of the newest equipment, and top of the line dedicated teachers, as well as a fun, safe, and focused environment that allows students to express themselves and learn freely. The entire staff is devoted to excellence in academics, as well as sports and extra-curicular activities.
2/8/2009parentbest school by far new clean a nice fresh start
10/17/2008studentThis school is absolutely amazing!! i love all my teachers and my great friends i have met here!!

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