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Brophy College Preparatory - Phoenix, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Brophy College Preparatory4701 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
(602) 264-52919-12Maricopaprivate 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic77.00792008
Black, non-Hispanic3.543312008
Asian/Pacific Islander4.881892008
Native American or Native Alaskan0.4724412008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Rev. Edward A. Reese2007


9/30/2012studentI am a former student of Brophy. I have since graduated from a top college and am now in medical school. I was in the honors program at Brophy and have since found school easy. For someone who isn t related to a student or at least know a student personally to say otherwise is completely irresponsible and not fair. Brophy has the highest rate of college-bound graduates in the state and is competitive on a national level in that regard. Study and work hard and Harvard/Princeton/Yale are not out of reach. In order to go to an Ivy League from other schools in the state, you really have to stand out. Moreover, Brophy is one of the most tight-knit communities I have ever been involved in and lets face it: when it comes to getting a job (or that internship you really want), it certainly doesn t hurt. I haven t even graduated medical school yet but I know there will be a job waiting for me after residency thanks to the Brophy community and who I now know. There is absolutely no doubt that the academics at Brophy are by far and away the best in the state and no one has higher standards. No public school comes close.
9/15/2012parentNote that I am NOT a Brophy parent, but have several friends who are, of students school at what I feel is a better public school and probably generally agreed to be the best Public High School in Arizona, Desert Vista High School. We considered Brophy, but decided against it for several reasons and feels, for us, our decision for our sons was the right one. Both our sons have and are excelling at DVHS. Brophy didnt work for us 1. the Religion is overbearing 2. The Academics are inferior (in my opinion) to DVHS and 3. Our son now at UA is convinced Brophy kids are lacking. After seeing Brophy boys instate at U of A, most are lacking in college prep/social skills, perhaps it's just the ones that stayed instate are the weaker one, perhaps, but parents considering Brophy would do well to look 4 years ahead and recognize there are better public High Schools with higher standards.
1/30/2012parentBrophy is not a school for kids that want to miss a lot of school...for whatever reason. They have very high standards, and all young men are simply not cut out for it. There are plenty of other schools that will take tuition and let you "graduate"...Brophy is not among them If you want your son to be a "man for others" and to have an outstanding education, Brophy is for you. ....and your son is blessed that you love him that much.
10/25/2011parentBrophy's the best in the state - academics, sports, spirituality, Jesuit-teaching and ideologies - Go for the best and quality education - go Brophy - it's worth it-
9/8/2011studentGoing to Brophy is possibly the best decision I have ever made. The academics are some of the best in the state and Brophy is always a competitive 5A school. However, these are not particularly what I felt made Brophy such an amazing place to go to high school. The brotherhood at Brophy is something that I had never experienced before and most likely will never experience again. Through all the late nights, stress and complaining I would not have it any other way.
8/27/2011parentJust because Brophy says it is a special place does not mean it is! Academics are good with some great teachers and some very poor ones. I expected more from quite a few departments. As long as you play by the rules which can change you are fine . Maybe. Many new to the school struggle to find a place the first year .Principal Ryan is a good man but the Dean is not well liked in his role. We found Brophy impersonal, rigid and arrogant many times during the process. BEWARE. There are other great schools in the Valley.
6/30/2011parentI don't think it gets better. No school is perfect, but I can honestly say that Brophy (in its entirely - staff, teachers, principal, president) is commited to its students.
5/16/2011parentI have one son at Brophy and another one starting next year. I have truly never seen my son happier. Brophy teachers are amazing. Our family makes financial sacrafices to send our boys to Brophy but we would have it no other way. They educate and create balanced yound men that understand their talents and gifts belong to the world. I talk to everyone with a son about considering Brophy for their son. I don't want them to ever graduate. What an amazing school!!!
4/28/2011parentBrophy is somewhat of an elitist school as there are plenty of rich kids that go there--but there are plenty of average kids that attend BCP as well. You do not need to be rich to attend this school. We are middle-class Americans and struggle to pay the tuition but have decided that making certain sacrafices is worth it. Public schools in Phoenix have failed our children. There is discipline, respect and accountability - something most schools could use more of. My son is a senior this year and he loves this school. The teachers are incredible and truly care about each young man that passes through there. They will prepare your son for college, something the Tempe Union High School district did not do for my oldest child. The tablet PC program is awesome. ASU's tech department has been out several times to check out the technology used at Brophy so they must be dong something right. Certainly you'll always have some kids that take advantage of Internet access but untimately they are responsible and will be held accountable. If you are of average income and want the best education possible in Phoenix, I would encourage you to check out Brophy.
2/21/2011parentMy son is a freshman this year at Brophy and we drive almost 40 min. each way to get to school. He absolutely loves the school and has never complained about the car time. The academics can be rigorous if that is what you are looking for- my son is taking AP/Honors classes but Brophy is much more than academics. The school truly cares about each boy and they focus their efforts in developoing men with strong character . My kids have been in public school up to this point. Unfortunately, we live in a state that is ranked 49th in the country. I look at the tuition as being the higher taxes that I would have been paying had we still lived out east only its going directly towards education. The other day I said to my son, "Sorry about that, will you forgive me?" His reponse was, "Mom, I am a Jesuit and that is what Jesuits do- yes I will forgive you." That about says it all......
1/9/2011student The tuition is steep I'll admit, but that is not a reason to dislike the school. All teachers are extremely caring and will do everything in their power to help your son be the best that he can. The Tablet PC Program is a way for students to stay organized and on top of all homework. Sending in assignments is as easy as pushing a few buttons. The only time that someone would play games is if they do not care about success. Staying on task and listening is more important than playing a silly game. I apologize for the long review, but I believe it must be said. I would not be as well rounded as a person if I attended a public school. I would give Brophy College Preparatory 6/5 stars if it was possible. Send your son here!
10/9/2010parentMy son got a great education and was happy to be a student there, and has happy memories of his 4 years at Brophy.
10/3/2010studentBrophy is definitely an elitist school. It is pretty easy to get in if you have tons of money. I left Brophy after two years to go to public school and feel more challenged there than Brophy. If you don't happen to be one of the rich kids there, then you won't fit in that well. Truth is, all the kids think their parents will pay for all their stuff, and they can just fool around on the laptop all day. That's another thing, too, the laptop program FAILS! The students just play on them all day and many of the teachers don't punish the student for doing this, especially if the teacher likes the student.
8/25/2010parentTouted as all inclusive school but is very difficult for student of average means. Many excellent teachers have been let go in last few years. Administration is tedious. Tuition is steep.
3/18/2010studentI love brophy because they allow the kids to grow. they have many opportunities for kids to discover who they really are. the extracurricular activities are amazing and student involvement is huge. just check out a brophy football game and you will see why they are considered the best cheering section in the state
9/2/2009studentI loved Brophy! I was in Class of 2009 The good: I got the best education you can get in this city, the school has great teachers that are reasonable, and understanding and actually become your friends. If you are struggling there are many people you can go to for help. I would HIGHLY recommend taking honors classes; the coursework is the same as the non hrns courses without being AP level and you get better teachers. The coursework was very light compared to my grade school, teachers are understanding and will work with you if you need help, they understand that you have football/robotics/job and will work with you so you can achieve a good grade. Freshmen year is made hardest for a reason, the drop rate is high to get rid of lazy misguided students, I have never seen anyone leave because of excessive course load. There's many many clubs on campus, I would recommend the robotics club for anyone's that's looking to go into engineering , I was president synr yr, we had 30 members had over 20K of sponsorship money, engineering mentors and we traveled out of state to Las Vegas for competition, no cost paid by club members. Students range from the typical rich parented white east-sider driving a new BMW bought and insured by mommy-daddy to the poorest poor smart-driven Mexican American living in the south west valley taking the bus to school! I loved the eclectic mix of people! The buildings are mostly new and extremely well designed, and the old ones are nostalgic and cool. Their rooms are up to date, technology filled and awesome! Being in an all boys school there's no drama which is really nice! You get to focus on hanging out with your friends, school and having a really good time! The all girls' school Xavier is only a block away, it's not hard to hang with girls at all! Parking for students is good, you need to carpool one other person and pay ~$25 for a permit. The atmosphere is really relaxed (chill), teachers are not strict, and some will even let you chill on their own classroom couches during class (paying attention of course). I was the last class year without the 'laptops' so I can't vouch for what it's like to have one, but every student now has a swivel touchscreen laptop which they take notes on, have textbooks on and do their homework with. You can goof around on the laptop during class or take notes; the final decision is up to you and the grade you wish to revive. The bad: The management has replaced the school run 'corral' with the horrid Michaels catering service in the 'new' great hall, which serves much, much more expensive, less tasteful and less filling meals. The cost is excessive, around 11k a yr! But there's plenty of financial aid for the family with limited income, single parents and many other reasons. If your parents can't make tuition payments, the schools has a work study program so you can work for your education, it's not that hard to do. Brophy will not turn down a determined student if their parents cannot pay for it!
5/22/2009parentBrophy has been an excellent fit for my son, who is finishing his freshman year. One of the most notable things about this school is it's inclusive environment and service-oriented leadership. There is truly a place for each boy, whether it be speech/debate, community service, the arts, academics, or sports. The students champion each other to be the best, whatever their pursuit. Our son has been academically challenged for the first time at Brophy. And as far as comparing to schools in the east, Brophy grads are routinely accepted into the best universities in the nation. They must be doing something right.
3/19/2009parentBrophy is... well, okay. There is nothing too great. Yeah, the kids get laptops, but only for freshman and sophomore year! Many of the kids there think life is one big joke and their parents will pay for everything. However, the school is definitely better than Notre Dame, which it should be because NDP is a joke.
2/15/2009parentBrophy has a lot to offer students ranging from academics to sports and other extracurricular activities. Student and parent involvment in the school is outstanding. The Jesuit priests and some teachers are comparable to college level instructors. Some of the teachers/priests take interest in their students and are available when students have questions/problems. Numerous excellent priests, teachers and coaches have left the school in the past few years. School Administration leaves a lot to be desired. The cost to attend Brophy is not worth dealing with the administrators and poor teachers that do exist.
10/26/2008parentIt's an amazing school that offers outstanding academics, incomparable athletics, and above all rounds your son into a good, smart, kind individual
9/7/2008parentThis is a good school, but it in no way compares to the academics offered in the top-notch schools back east. It's strength is addressing the spiritual needs of the boys, and teaching them the value of service to the community with that spirituality in mind. This is its true gift to the community.
6/18/2008parentBrophy is easily one of the top schools in the country- and an outstanding Jesuit exercise! The science department is second to none. The curriculum is extremely well-developed and integrated. My son has excelled under the guidance and dedication of the incredibly talented staff.
4/10/2008parentBrophy is a top notch college prep sch.ool. My son, has had the best high school experience there. They are doing an excellent job in preparing him for college
2/19/2008studentI have to say that Brophy is an excellent school for those interested in anything ranging from fine arts to sports. I myself am a freshman and am on the varsity lacrosse team . Brophy won sate last year and I hope to be part of the glory this year. Brophys teachers are dedicated individuals who have devoted thier time to teaching and to the Jesuits.
2/20/2007parentBrophy has been a true blessing for my son (and my husband, an alumn). From the exceptional teachers who truly cares about not only the student but the young man within, to the staff who often times will talk to them to catch up on their interests or progress at school. I don't believe this would be possible if the school had both genders attending because everything here is directed toward 'boys' succeeding. These boys are often times in the classrooms during breaks, lunch and after school having real life conversations with these teachers who become their mentors. The education, sports programs and clubs are top-notch here, many nationally ranked, but more importantly, these boys come out as young men with a social conscience ready for what lies ahead.
1/16/2007studentGreat school. Because it is an all boys school, there is very little competition. You'll see freshman hanging out with freshman who you would never think possible. Same with upperclassmen and lower-classmen. They all get along.
5/2/2006studentQuailty school but difficule to get into education. Produces well rounded young men with an emphasis on service and spirtuality.
4/22/2006parentAcademic programs are excellent. Basic, AP and honors classes area available. Access to teachers is excellent. Teachers are available before and after classes for any questions or problems. A friend had very serious surgery and was unable to attend class for over six months. Faculty members were at his home every evening to assist him with his studies. He graduated with his class. There were several teachers who were instramental in motivating my sons. My older son participated in theater and graduated in 2002 and will graduated from LMU this year. He said that college was relatively easy because of Brophy. The music program is excellent. My younger son was in the band for four years. The sports are first rate, and there are more than enough extracurricular activities. Parents are very involved. Three major buildings have been completed in the last four years. Checkout for more details.
3/29/2006parentBrophy Prep was an enormous disappointment. The parental involvement in the school regarding fund raising, is superb. Some teachers are excellent and concerned about the student's overall welfare. The priests serving as instructors are always available to students. Father Fist, no longer at Brophy, had a genuine interest in his students. Overall my son learned eveything Brophy had to offer at All Saint's Episcopal Day School.
11/10/2005studentThe school is great. The teachers really care about the students. They offer a wide variety of honors and AP classes. Very good education
4/16/2005parentBrophy is a great school, to say the least. The $8,000+ we spend for our boy is worth it.
1/15/2005studentBrophy has molded me into the man he is today. Not only do i excel in academics but also spirituality and good will.
1/14/2005parentBrophy was a great decision for our son. He simply thrived during his 4 years there. Highly reccomended!
8/26/2003former studentI owe my success to Brophy and its staff!!!
8/18/2003parentMy Son is a junior at Brophy this year. He has attended private schools all his life and Brophy is definitely preparing him to flourish in any college he chooses to attend. If your Son can attend and graduate from Brophy he will be in a group of students, which over 98% go on to earn at least a four-year college degree. After attaining a 91% of national average on the PSAT test in sophomore year we have received mail from nearly every worthwhile college in the nation. Also the absence of the fairer sex in the classroom has provided a beneficial learning experience. I have heard this sentiment from parents of students who attend the sister school Xavier College Preparatory.

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