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Eagle Ridge Elementary School - Phoenix, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Eagle Ridge Elementary School19801 North 13th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85024
(602) 449-5700K-6MaricopapublicParadise Valley Unified District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic60.80252008
Black, non-Hispanic5.555562008
American Indian/Alaskan Native1.697532008

Students per TeacherYear


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/3/2012parentThis school is a joke. The principle is a waste of tax dollars. To get a good teacher you need to prepare early. The make your day program is a lazy administrator s way of not dealing with discipline issues. The state scores are low for a reason and its the administration. Like one of the other reviews said we took the principles advice and moved our kids to another school.
8/20/2011parentThis school seems to be well put together on the outside but looks can be deceiving. We had some concerns on the preparedness of our sons classroom so we went to the principal and our concerns were dismissed. The principal told us that we weren't going to discuss our concerns at all. I found this to be very frustrating and simply rude. I requested a meeting to discuss my concerns and she just didn't want to hear them. I don't want to send my children to a school that doesn't hear my concerns as a parent. This is my sons education and I value it deeply. In addition, the curriculum was not up to par for the kindergarten class that our son was in. On the second day of school he was bringing home Sponge bob pictures. I find this very inappropriate! We don't allow our children to watch these kinds of t.v. shows! We surely don't appreciate his teacher allowing him to be exposed to such a vulgar and age inappropriate character. This is misleading to our five year old, as he came home and said that his teacher said Sponge bob was "OK" The rating on the show is Y7 very age inappropriate! We are very disappointed in this school and its administration. District needs to find a new principal!
7/11/2011parentWe love Eagle Ridge! The teachers are amazing and I am constantly amazed at how much both our boys are learning. They do a great job of meeting each students individual learning needs. The make your day program is a good way to teach the kids to take responsibility for their actions and time is also spent each day on giving compliments and praises to each other. The "bucket filler" program encourages kind words and deeds to each other. The principal truely cares about each child and is always available to talk to parents with an appointment. We have been very happy with our choice of schools and are thankful to have picked a school where everyone goes above and beyond what is expected.
5/25/2010parentThis school has some excellent teachers and terrible principal.She is not accepting any parent input and i think that this school will be much better place when she finally retire.
3/10/2010parentThis school is in dire need of a good principle. We finally gave up and took the principles advice and moved our children to another school in the district. The discipline program is a joke and no parent input is wanted or accepted. There are some really good teaschers here but the neighborhood is going down and it because of a horrible, indifferent administrator
2/19/2010parentI love Eagle Ridge! Both of my children have gone here and consistently have had top-notch teachers who are hard-working, caring, and creative. My girls love going to school every day! The principal is very child-centered and genuinely cares for the well being of all the students. Many people complain about the make your day program, but besides taking up a small amount of class time, it teaches the children responsibility and how to resolve problems.
12/30/2009parentMy son is in Kindergarten at this school. His teacher is awesome and he has learned a lot but they really need to work on their make your day program and not hold the kindergarteners to the same standards as 6th graders. Also, the yard duties don't seem to be doing their job. I see a lot of kids getting hit or picked on which goes unnoticed but when that kid defends himself, he gets sent to the office and the PTA doesn't seem to be doing a good job, how they be effective if they only meet once every 4 or 5 months? Maybe once they get rid of the head of the PTA things will be run better.
4/1/2009otherVery good school. Teachers are excellent. My grandson has learned so much in 4 years, I am always impressed by how much they know at his grade level.
9/25/2008parentMy daughters have been attending this school for five years now. Overall I have been happy with the staff and have not had very much interaction with the principal. I would like to see more community involvement, and less focus on the Make your Day program.(My children have always made their day) I just think to much time is spent on this program. Is it necessary to do it every hour???
8/28/2007otherI've had two generations of children go to Eagle Ridge elementary school and I have been very pleased with the administration and the staff. Thank you, Roger Dillman
7/28/2007parentI love Eagle Ridge! Both the teachers and the principle have gone out of their way to help make my children's educational experience the best that it can be! My children will be here for many years to come!
7/9/2007parentER Rocks! I am the parent of a disruptive honor student. Mrs P and every teacher has gone way above an beyond every expectation I ever had. Yes, there have been problems and disagreements, and I havent gotten my way every time, but I am listened too and found an environment where the school and parents work toward a common goal. Eagle Ridge, you are awesome!
9/19/2006parentMy granddaughter has been attending EagleRidge since Kindergarten and she is now in 2nd grade. I think the teachers are doing a great job and the help in the cafeteria and office answer all my questions and make my feel welcome. Pat
9/18/2006parentI am so impressed with Eagle Ridge Elementary. Their kindergarten is wonderful. I am very pleased at the level of attention and instruction my son receives. The class stresses personal responsibility, making good choices and a formal self-evaluation system ('Making Your Day'). These concepts so vital to children's success in later grades. In addition, there are arts, music, computer and PE classes for my son to enjoy. There is a full time nurse and a full time social worker on staff - Very impressive. I know this is not the case at every school. We requested a voucher to send my son out of district and I am so glad we did. I highly recommend this school.
5/16/2006parentMy son has attended the last 3 years, beginning with Kindergarten. I am not impressed with the 'Make Your Day' program. Way too much time spent on 'points' and 'concerns' rather than focusing on class. Mascot program is super! My son loves it.
5/16/2006parentAbsolutely fantastic school, great teachers.
3/2/2006parentNice school. Not happy with the make your day program /very little community involvement.
9/16/2005parentMy Son has been attending Eagle Ridge for 3 years. This has been a wonderful experience for the entire family. My son has grown and matured so much. I have recieved a lot of communication from the teachers and have been kept abreast of the progress that my son has been making. I have only had positive experiences at Eagle Ridge. I do choose to supplement the education at home. My son and I read together and I give him additional homework daily. I have coordinated this with his teacher so I know what they are learning that week and can support that at home.
7/29/2005parentEagle Ridge gave my son a great early start to his academic success. His kindergarten and first grade teachers were very focused on reading and comprehension and math/problem solving skills. He was at the top of his class. But, we were not very impressed with his second grade experience. More time was spent on discipline and there was not enough emphasis on academics as his previous years. I feel that this past year has caused my son's progress to falter and more could have been done to keep the kids on track.
6/24/2005parentI believe that Eagle Ridge Elementary School is an outstanding school. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and creative with the content needed to be taught. I believe that my children were very prepared for their middle school experience because of these outstanding teachers. My children love coming to school and come home with such interesting facts and knowledge. I often find myself learning such wonderful facts and information. We, as parents, are continuously informed as to upcoming events and meetings as well. There are a multitude of activities for my child to attend throughout the year as well. I love this school.
6/8/2005parentMy 2 children attend this school and enjoy it. The teachers, are great!
4/25/2005parentGreat School, love the staff.
6/6/2004parentEnough cannot be said in regards to the professional caring nature of the teachers at Eagle Ridge. Our family still has issue with the 'Make Your Day' disciplinary policy. 'MYD' is too rigid and focuses on bad behaviors. A child who does well on all levels consistently (behavior and academically) gets to hear his deficits possibly on a daily basis. The kids need to hear how wonderful they are versus normal character flaws. I cannot help but wonder how much research was done regarding this policy and child development. How does a child not see themselves as getting punished when they are told they must choose step? Parental input with teachers helped somewhat but bringing it up to Mrs. P. felt like talking to a brick wall. I only wish that my input with the principle would have had some type of creedence.
5/18/2004former studentGreat school..lots happening...Make your Day discipline program different...nice facility...great front office staff...friendly teachers...A+ school
4/7/2004parentEssentially average. They teach-to-the-test, not a lot of room for creative thinking (that's partly Arizona's fault, though some schools can manage both). The 'Make Your Day' puts too much pressure on younger students to take responsibility for their actions even when they are provoked by others. Chances are that my son will attend another school next year. If there is a choice for you and your student, I would go elsewhere.
1/8/2004parentI feel this is an decent school (at least for this state). However, I also feel that the Make Your Day program is a waste. My son is in the 2nd grade and has so far never not made his dayIf the parent does not want to be involved it is useless. The Mascot after-school program here is Top Notch! They have lots of extra-curricular activites at the school-however most are not suited for working parents since they usually right after school; the Mascot program makes up for it.
12/12/2003parentWhen my family moved to Arizona in 1987 we chose Eagle Ridge Elementary school for our children and we were not disappointed then, and we are not disappointed now that our granddaughter currently attends 2nd grade at Eagle Ridge. There have been changes over the years but the current principal, Mrs. Parese, is one of the best that I have encountered. The teachers my granddaughter had in first grade (Mrs. Caruso)and now second grade (Mrs. Turner), are certainly what we expect for our children. We are very happy that we placed our children and our granddaughter at Eagle Ridge. The only area that I am disappointed in, is the extra curricular programs. However, the 'make your day' program has shown to be a positive way to teach responsibility to our children. It probably wouldn't be necessary if more children were taught responsibility at home but Eagle Ridge does a fine job as a proxy in that area. I would like to give my thanks to Mrs. Parese and her team of teachers and staff.
8/19/2003parentEagleridge is a decent school with decent teachers. The principle is below par, she talks a lot about this and that but her actions always prove she is a lot of talk. The Make Your Day program does not work and the teachers do not follow the program as stated with all of rules such as mass punishment is prohibited but which does happen and needed to retain control of the class. Issues and concerns is still a tattle tale session which does nothing to stop bullying. My children have requested a step-4 when they feel falsely accused, which is part of the choices of Make your day but the last 2 times they were told there offence did qualify for that. The program discourages a child s right to due process. The administration likes the MYD because they do not have to deal with the discipline or the parents until the parent pushes the issue. But I guess the MYD program saves the district money since vice principles are no longer needed for discipline issues.
8/16/2003parentThe Make Your Day program really needs to go away! No I am not a parent of a disruptive children (honor roll children). The teachers really do an excellent job with what they have to work with . The Make Your Day program is made to deal with behavior problems it does not reward the children who really are good. It just does not work the way it was meant to. In summary, Great Teachers, better discipline policy that really does celebrate the student.
5/31/2003 I have 2 children at Eagle Ridge, and throughout the years I have found the teachers to be absolutely fantastic!They are devoted to their profession and always go the extra mile to help my kids. I think Make Your Day helps those students who are trying to learn- its the parents of disruptive children who don't like the program. Safety on campus could be improved, by making the campus less accessible, but the overall quality of Eagle Ridge is terrific!
5/8/2003 I am a parent of a current 2nd grader at Eagle Ridge, and I would say the teachers here are nothing but A+. The office staff is always helpful and friendly. We have never had a problem with the make you day program. Our family loves Eagle Ridge.
5/7/2003 We have decided to remove our children from Eagle Ridge next year. The principal is old with old ideas and she doesnt listen to parental concerns, the Make your Program does not work and with budget cuts the class sizes will just increase more next year.
4/26/2003 I chose to enroll my children in Eagle Ridge over all others in PVUSD. There were many reasons for that decision. The staff is amazing! Active learning happens everywhere on campus. The principal is always available and is very supportive of parents. After-school programs offer students a variety of positive opportunities to learn new skills and participate in fun activities. Eagle Ridge is a wonderful community school!
4/5/2003 I wish there was a better forum for parents to express their concerns. I have repeatedly tried to do this via the current protocol. I am made to feel as an ignorant person who does not know 'really what is going on'. Make your Day is another problem with too much focus on behavior and lessened focus on learning.
3/28/2003  Eagle Ridge has always been a positive experience for my children and myself. All schools have their problems, but at least ER is ready to tackle the problems and work them out in the way that benefits everyone. I appreciate all they do for our family.
3/27/2003  I am not happy with this school at all!I find the 'make my day' program rigid. This school has safety issues as well! The gates that access a playground to the right of the school and left as well as a gate left open should be locked when not in use. There should also not be a road that travels right through a playground (with gates open) for the safety of the children anyone could drive through that playground! I am not happy with this school and the principal can show me statistics but we all know how that works.
3/27/2003  I like the school and the teaching staff. I feel they do a wonderful job of teaching my son. However, I find the Make Your Day program to be a complete waste of time. Overall, it sounds like it should be wonderful as it teaches kids to take responsibility for their actions. However, its just another way to dumb down discipline so that teachers and the principal don't have to be in charge of it.
3/13/2003  I dislike the Make Your Day program intensely.
10/15/2002 The ""Mascot Club"" program offered as an after school program here is fantastic.

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