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Coronado High School - Scottsdale, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Coronado High School7501 E. Virginia Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
(480) 484-68009-12MaricopapublicScottsdale Unified District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic47.04532008
Black, non-Hispanic5.141982008
American Indian/Alaskan Native4.911742008

Students per TeacherYear


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/17/2012parentAttending parent night should have been an indicator of why this school is doing so poorly considering it's extensive makeover and proclamation that this is a school in "Scottsdale". There were more staff than parents there so no wonder the staff aren't as invested as they should be. The sense I received from being on campus is that the staff are collecting a paycheck. The front office frowns and grumbles and my assessment is they avoid eye contact, for fear they might engage someone that wants them to work. I have given all of my child's teachers my e-mail address, practically begged them to call me if they see any troubling signs. So how can my child sit in a class everyday and do nothing and not a single e-mail. Skilled professionals. A great environment for success. I don't think so. I know test results aren't everything, but take a look folks. There are many schools with far tougher socioeconomic challenges that have excelled in spite of those challenges. It's a C rated school for a reason.
12/8/2011parentArizona doesn't have much to offer in its secondary educational facilities & Coronado takes 1st prize on being the most atrocious High Schools in the Scottsdale Unified School district. The teachers don't care much about the students education which in turn doesn't motivate the students in their academics. The cirriculum obviously needs to be revised when a teacher has over half of the class fail the subject. This is just one example of many complaints, but I don't just blame these neglegence on this educational facility, I also blame it on the community for not putting more emphasis on bettering their children's education!
8/16/2010parentHave you ever seen the movie The Pregnancy Pact if not I would highly suggest watching it before thinking about enrolling your student here. I would love to share my whole review but it seems there is a limited about of space.
6/15/2010parentCoronado H.S. is one of the best schools in the district. I am very pleased with my child's performance. I can see that the teachers strive to push my student to full potential. Every week, I hear my son coming home from school telling me that he loves the school. I highly recommend this school to anyone!
8/31/2009parentGreat school, staff and neighborhood values! Like an extended family. (If you didn't like this school, more is amiss than just the school)
8/30/2009studentExcellent school and staff. I'm really satisfied with the school. Go Dons!
11/21/2006parentCoronado is an excellent school. The teachers work hard to educate and provide for their students in the best way that they possibly can with what little the Scottsdale School District provides them with. The Office Staff, Principal, and Teachers do an excellent job. The Scottsdale School District Administrators need to recognise this and allow more funds for Coronado and increase the pay for these teachers so they will stay with our school. Good teachers and faculty are hard to come by, don't wait to acknowledge this until you lose them and it's too late.
5/28/2006former studentQuality of academic groups = acceptable Arts = Limited Parent Involvement = little
5/20/2006parentThe worst school of schools.
2/2/2004parentExcellent art and history programs. The school needs to promote itself more. I am a very satisfied parent.
8/2/2003former studentI'm a former Coronado student. I graduated in 2000, and from my 4 years there I know that it is a great school, the teachers are very friendly and personable. They aren't just teachers, they're also there when you need someone to talk to. Coronado is a school I would gladly send my own kids to one day.
7/5/2003  In general my daughter is happy at coronado. The art teacher, Mrs. Blum is the best. The dress code needs inforcing, as does the walkmans and food in class. The new principal is better than the last, even if he rides his Harley in the gym. The attendence staff are very rude and should not be working with the public.

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