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Laguna Elementary School - Scottsdale, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Laguna Elementary School10475 E. Lakeview Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
(480) 484-2400K-5MaricopapublicScottsdale Unified District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic86.2022008
Black, non-Hispanic1.706972008

Students per TeacherYear


Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/24/2011parentYou are your child's ONLY advocate! If you choose Laguna, make sure to be on top of everything. Our child had issues with reading early on and our concerns were ignored (oh, she'll catch up) until we voiced our concerns to anyone and everyone who listened! Thank God one of them was a lead LRC teacher and was able to steer us in the right direction and through the backdoor! Thankfully, a new phsychologist will be onboard in 2011/2012 and those poor kids who have fallen through the cracks will be taken care of. In the meantime, be aware of your child's learning, bring issues up because the teachers won't--you are their only advocate!
3/31/2011parentAfter being accepted into the school on open enrollment, I can't imagine why we didn't send our kids here earlier. The style of learning is perfect for our family philosophy on education. Its tough, yet nuturing which is a very difficult balance. They teach kids responsiblity and build character. Families in this district can come from money and tend to have attitudes, but the teachers and leadership are quick to teach and support ALL kids are equal and ALL should be treated with respect. The Principal, Dr. Root, is innovative, common sense smart, experienced and really does a great job of attempting to indivdualize education in a budget crisis environment.
4/24/2010parentExcellent teachers & administrative staff provides a learning environment which enable students to reach their full potential as knowledgeable & enlightened members of our community and country.
4/16/2010parentI specifically moved to the area for Laguna's A+ reputation as my daughter needed extra help her speech articulation and and additional help with special services. In 1st grade, they've forgotten about my daughter's evaluation request, then denying her of speech therapy which sent me on a frantic plea to the school psychologist and anyone else who was willing to listen. By the time they've decided that my daughter qualified for the extra help I requested, it was almost the end of 1st grade. In 2nd grade, due to staff changes, my daughter was overlooked and didn't receive speech therapy for months. If your student is bright and they are very talented and advanced - this is the school for you. This is how they obtain their A+ status while they overlook the children that need their help the most.
12/19/2008parentMy three kids have attended this School. In my experience, everything depends on the kid and the teacher. The experiences of each child have been different, and we believe that this school has high standards and the administration is supportive. For those that critize the Principal, try to run a school and then talk.....She is not perfect that she cares and tries hard. Give the woman a break!!!!
8/5/2008parentI am a very proud Laguna parent. I have a daughter who has already left Laguna having come here from another state. We were shocked to see that she did not recognize the Math being taught in 5th grade and was behind after being in the advanced Math at her preivious school. She is now excelling. Laguna prepared her for the challenge and as a parent am very grateful. Our son, who will be going into third grade has attended Laguna since Kinder. We are thrilled to hear of Laguna's Intel Distinguishing School Award in Science. Their Science Program is wonderful. I have seen the children run to the Science Lab after school looking to make new discoveries with an eagerness to learn more everday. My son loves attending their Science Club. The interest of the parents and the contribution of the staff goes above and beyond.
7/3/2008parentLaguna is the reason why my child is doing so well today. Their special needs program is second to none. Literally. This is an excellent school, excellent teachers and excellent parent involvment.
7/10/2007parentIt is with a measure of sadness that we leave the Laguna family having sent 4 children over 14th years to Laguna. We appreciated the true family like atmosphere fostered by the leadership and teachers alike. My daughter cried when the last principle retired as he was truly a loving educator. School leadership always sets the tone and Dr. Root continues the tradition of great educators and wonderful people at this A+ school.
7/5/2007parentYou will most likely be disappointed as others have. Look at Laguna's withdrawl statistics for some startling facts.
6/16/2007parentOur children attended private school until we toured Laguna. We just finished our first year and it was everything we thought it was going to be and more. The teachers are exceptional and the quality of education is high. The culture of the school is child-centered and very friendly. We felt welcomed into the PTO and immediately found a way to become involved. My son loves the science lab and my daughter performed in two plays as well as orchestra. My husband and I felt welcomed, informed and a participant from the first day. Dr. Root plays with the children and knows most by name. She is always talking with parents or helping teachers. I've never seen her without a smile. Laguna is a great school!
2/15/2007parentI have to agree with previous responses regarding the principal being unapproachable. It's a puzzling stand in a school with such strong parental involvement which is by all accounts necessary to student success. I disagree that the good teachers have left recently. Many of Laguna's superb teachers have been there for many years. Many of the new teachers, like Miss Pirtle, mentioned in another review, are excellent.
1/31/2007parentMy child has attended Laguna for only a short period of time, we are very pleased with the standard of education given, his Grade 3 teacher Miss Pirtle is wonderful, she really cares about her students. The homework is excessive, however this I believe is a positive thing. My overall first impression of Laguna is a good one.
8/21/2006parentLaguna is run by Dr Katie Root who's policy is basically, her way or the highway. Most of the really good teachers have left in recent years. Information regarding students is often hidden from parents, available only to staff. If you are looking for a school and care about your children, Laguna should be your Last choice. This school is not at all representative of the fine quality of most other Scottsdale schools.
6/30/2006parentThe staff and principal at Laguna are first rate. Most teachers challenge their students and many allow for individual and creative learning. Parents are very involved and supportive both financially and academically. Science, technology and music are very strong. The kids take pride in their school and show many outstanding character traits.
3/27/2006parentI found this school to be very welcoming to my daughter. We moved from another state and it was very comforting to see how much the teachers and Laguna front office cared about her adjustment. The ALC program is excellent.
3/26/2006parentThe K-3 falls short because by the time child reaches 5th, they are thrown in to middle school preparation. The younger kids are not challenged and not completely prepared for 4th and 5th. K-3 should be more difficult.
2/5/2006parentGreat elementary school. The teachers are great with the children and the principal really cares about the students.
8/20/2005parentSeveral of my children have attended Laguna and experiences vary depending on the teacher from the miserable to the divine. My biggest issue is the lack of approachability of the principal. [Her] reflexive response to any parent who approaches her is negative and generally unpleasant. One can generally expect her to be unresponsive to any perceived criticism and to treat any concern as a threat to be deflected with a lecture on policy. Her major priority seems to be to defend her personal kingdom and ensure her iron-clad policies are upheld regardless of the best interests of the students and their families. She serves as an obstruction to the best needs of the students and then repaints the parking lot to ensure that she and her office staff have reserved spots. It's a far cry from the days of our previous principal, Dr. Powell.
7/13/2005parentParents are very involved in this schools PTO. The PTO funds several programs at the school.
7/7/2005parentLaguna is an excellent school for any child to grow and learn and make friends. My daughter graduated from Laguna two years ago and still keeps in touch with her teachers via email. She has grown so much. Her teachers took out quality time with her to help her learn how to study and it has helped her so much in middle school. My son is now attending Laguna and they have helped him pinpoint special ares that he needs to work on and areas where he excels in. In both situations they have taken him out of the classroom to enhance his abilities. I love the staff at Laguna!
5/31/2005parentLaguna is a wonderful school with helpful staff and excellent teachers. There are all different activities for children and parents to get involved in.
5/13/2005parentLaguna has an excellent prgram. We have a computer lab with teacher, Art Masterpiece and several other extra programs. The teachers are caring, educating and interested in my child's success.
5/12/2005parentMy daughter is in Ms. Ericson's kindergarten class and all I can say is, we will be so sad to leave when the school year ends. She has been a wonderful teacher, very hands on and approachable. She definitely made this first year in school very easy. Because of her excellent teaching and patience, my daughter enjoys going to school everyday and is very excited to move into first grade at Laguna. I wouldn't leave this school for anything!!
1/20/2005parentI attended the Open House for new parents and was impressed with the Principal, Dr. Root.
10/20/2004parentI was disappointed with the leadership of laguna. The school's report card and status was clearly more important than each child individually. If a child was unable to keep up, they were considered 'special ed,' a problem child, and left behind. It was also stated to me by the principal that if i didn't like it, i could take my child elsewhere. Excessive homework packets of no less than an hour or more were sent home each night. I felt like i was teaching my children myself. At no time was any extra effort made by the school or teachers to help the children understand or learn in class. Too much emphasis on fundraising also.
8/11/2004parentWe were very disappointed in Laguna after experiencing what our child went through at a private school and another highly rated Scottsdale school. It doesn't seem organized for facilitating learning. Too much emphasis on fund raising.
4/27/2004parentLaguna promotes a safe and stimulating learning environment.
2/20/2004parentI've been impressed by the quality of education at Laguna, from the emphasis on students meeting academic standards and learning basic skills to the level of teacher / parent communication and student services. For families new to the area Laguna is supportive of students making the transition to a new school community.
5/6/2003 Both of my children attended Laguna and loved it. After they graduated, not only were they prepared for the next step into Middle School, but the wonderful memories of attending this wonderful school will always be with them. Dr. Powell had a lot to do with it... he is absolutely the most wonderful Principal a school could ask for.... He is retiring this year, but I'm sure his legacy will continue for years to come. Laguna truly is an A+ school! Mrs. L
5/1/2003 Our son has been in the Laguna PANDA preschool for 2 years. We love the staff, and the program, and will be sorry to leave. Alex has been well prepared and is looking forward to starting kindergarten in August. Unfortunately, Laguna is not in the district we live. It will be hard to find a school that meets the standards of Laguna. Laguna is A+, and deserves to be!
4/15/2003 My 3 kids loved going to Laguna. We were there for 6 years and recently moved to another state. I didn't realize how great Laguna was until I moved away. We all miss the high quality education and the family feeling of the staff and teachers!
3/27/2003  For an excellent public school experience for your kids, you can not do any better than Laguna. I have had grades 1-5 and 1-3 experience with my kids.
10/15/2002 Makes new students feel very welcome!

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