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Sunrise Middle School - Scottsdale, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Sunrise Middle School4960 East Acoma Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
(602) 449-61007-8MaricopapublicParadise Valley Unified District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic81.60292008
Black, non-Hispanic2.367942008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Gregory Martin2009


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/4/2011otherI am a student in the gifted Digital Learning Center at Sunrise and all the teachers (except for Mr. Graham, Mrs. Binder, Ms. Leland, and Mrs. Grobmeier) know nothing but what is in the book which is fine for students in standard classes but for gifted education students it is not okay. All in all it is 5 out of 5 for the Gifted teachers and -10 out of 5 for the standard teachers.
5/26/2011parentThree great 5-star teachers: B. of 7th grade digital learning center; G. of algebra; B. of gifted English. The rest we encountered were rule-obssessed mind-numbing mediocrities that seemed satisfied to teach to a low-normal level, pretty much just going through the motions. 7th grade DLC was the saving grace, but 8th grade DLC was a disappointing flop. A credential to teach gifted children was demonstrated to be no indication of competence at doing so. Our child encountered no bullying (other than occassional mild bluster from one clownishly dressed adult of probable diminished capacity charged with keeping order). The campus appeared peaceful and largely lawful, unsurprising given its location, although there was at least on burglary of DLC equipment.
2/24/2011parentOur family is very happy with Sunrise. Our child enjoys going to school. The teachers are supportive, experienced, and caring. It is a safe school with an excellent learning environment. No bulleying is allowed. Conficts are resolved in a timely manner.
8/18/2010parentWe had the unfortunate experience to attend this school where drugs (spice, marijuana, scripts) are rampant, and teachers just don't care, along with the office staff and principal and Vice Principal. Bottom line if you want your child to succeed, academically, and socially, and expect teachers to teach, and office staff to do their job, the principals not to hide in their offices or turn blind eyes to just about everything unless it benefits them, then RUN, don't walk to another school!
12/6/2009studentI am a current 7th grader at Sunrise Middle School and I absolutely believe the majority of the teachers at this public school are horrible teachers. The majority of the teachers teach from their teaching manual, they don't know anything about the subject. All the knowledge they have on the topic is straight from the book. A common answer I receive if I ask a question that they don't know is 'It's not written in the book so you have to look it up yourself.' which is a very common reply students get. They get irritated quickly and frustrated, and they do not have tolerance for us students. We also et detention for the most unreasonable reasons like 'speed walking', 'stepping on the grass' (the grass is in the court yard where tables are located) and 'standing up when not called upon'. This is not a school I wish to attend.
4/26/2009student i have learned absolutely nothing. The same in my english class. And im in honors english?! There is more bookwork and no discussion on any of the topics we learn about. Basically all they care about is preparing us for stupid little aims so the popo and Prez do not find out how bad the some of the teachers just really are.Mrs.Grobmeir is a good math teacher,she really gets it to the point without using the whip like in the good ol days.But!The social studies teacher Mrs.Routier is the best social studies teacher in the world.The principal dresses with swagger style. I feel like im standing next to a pimp. I do not eat the food because a. im afraid the barbeque sandwich will hunt me in the potty.Schools good, needs improvement.Like thats going to happen in this bad economy. Bah humbug!
2/12/2009parentpoor poor teachers poor quality of admin is there a rating sunrise can get that's lower thatn poor? if so that is what it has earned
3/2/2008parentI have had two children at Sunrise. My daughter is now in 8th grade. I think for the most part the school has done a wonderful job of preparing her for the future. We were particularly happy with Mr. Jones and Mrs. Binder, who always seemed to go out of their way for the kids.
1/3/2008parentThis school is the best.They do not just focus on AIM'S they prepare you for real life situations.
1/2/2008parentThe school only focusses on getting the students to pass AIMS. They do not look at the individual student and look to meet their needs.
12/9/2007parentthis school is the best school you will ever daughter has sooooooooo many friends,and loves all of her teachers.the teachers are the best.choose this school and your child will have a great 2 years..GO SUNRISE
11/19/2007parentThis is not a very good school and my son is struggling.
10/12/2007parentSo bad! Sorry we chose this school. Poor teaching, horrible administration. No effort made by teachers and staff to encourage student to succeed and forget excelling.
10/2/2007parenti think this school is awsome. my child has learnd so much and her reading leavel has gone up tromendously. i cant think of another school that is so invalved in my childs learning process.sunrise is great.
5/9/2007parentWe have been very unhappy with Sunrise Middle. In the two years my child has gone there many of the teachers have gone from educating students to filling time in the classroom. The administration's attitude appears to be one of 'parents butt out'. This might have been a good school at one time it is not now.
11/29/2005parentMy son is a 7th grade student at Sunrise Middle School. Prior to the school year, he was extremely nervous about entering middle school. I am happy to report that, thanks to the staff at Sunrise, he is loving school -- something that he has not felt prior to this. I am extremely impressed with the knowledge, curriculum, and instruction that each of his teachers provides; each office staff member that I have interacted with has been extremely helpful and friendly; and I received prompt and useful information on two occasions when I needed advice from the principal and assistant principal. In addition, my son's advisor has provided invaluable information in helping my son select his classes. If I have one complaint it is that we only have two years to be part of the Sunrise community.
11/10/2005parentThe views of the administration are everything that is wrong with public schools. This school is not interested in enriching students lives and having a well rounded curriculm. By far one of the worst schools I have ever seen.
10/16/2005parentThe school speaks a good line. However, as long as a child is performing/behaving in class, they are slow to address areas of concern. Communicating with the teachers is at best slow and at times unresponsive. Academically, they are very focused on the required standardized tests skills. Thinking throug a problem is not valued unless it follows the standardized method 'taught.' For a top school in the district, this school is very disappointing to a child that wants to learn and be challenged.
3/30/2003  This school has really helped my child accelerate in differnt subjects where she wasn't doing very well. This is one of the best schools you could put your kids in.
3/30/2003  This is a great school. Ever since my daughter has gone to school here she has been doing better then she ever has before. She comes home from school Happy and likes her teachers

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