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Desert Mesa Elementary School - Yuma, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Desert Mesa Elementary School2350 S Avenue 7 1/2 E.
Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 341-9700K-5YumapublicYuma Elementary District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic31.5992008
Black, non-Hispanic2.030462008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
E. Baumgarner2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

6/7/2011parentI was very concerned about my daughter having a tough teacher MALE, but because she was an EL learner we didn't have a choice. My daughter was upset a great deal at the beginning of the school year, I'm sure now, it was because she was being pushed out of her comfort zone, but by the end of the school year she ad grown so much from being an okay student to a great student and from being a child that just went to school to a child that brought her knowledge home to me. THANK YOU MR. CADE FOR BEING SO AWESOME!
1/27/2010parentI have been very disappointed in the school. there were 32 kids my childs 2nd grade class... how can a teacher teach that many young children at a time(not even and aide or a helper)!!!! my child was there 5months and was learning the same thing that was taught in 1st grade.....
9/17/2009parentMy so went there and they had the best teachers I had ever seen!! My son was even skipped up a grade!!
8/12/2009parentIt has been a great opportunity for my children to attend the school. The teachers in past have been great with one of my child. They have been understanding with him. I would to thank all of the teachers that helped me with my child.
4/7/2009parentI have had the pleasure of meeting a new teacher to Desert Mesa, Mr. Cade and he is incredible. He demands excellence from his students regardless of their abilities and that is something we don't find much anymore. Way to go Desert Mesa we need more teachers like this.
11/19/2007parentDesert Mesa is blessed with a staff that truly cares about our children. I think that as parents and a community we need to help out our teachers by volunteering more in the class and being active with assisting them. The class sizes are beyond the teachers control and there are close to 30 kindergartners in each class! They can only do so much with that number of students! Any ideas on how we can reduce the number of kids per class?
11/18/2007parentI don't see how we can rate a school so highly that has no science books! My fifth grader is new to this school, is bored because she gets no science or social studies. Unacceptable, speak out parents!
9/15/2007studentHi my name is Kimberly Elizalde and i love your school! I've been there since kindergarden.
9/13/2006parentComing from another state, I have found Desert Mesa to be lagging behind other states in terms of standards of excellence. If your child speaks Spanish he/she will receive any assistance required. If he/she speaks English, good luch getting accelerated or remedial help with anything.
9/5/2006parentMy children have attended this school since this school first opened. I have nothing but high regard for the teachers and the leadership at this school. Prior to this year I was a volunteer at Desert Mesa on a fairly regular basis and I was treated with the utmost respect by the entire staff. As for the office personnel they have my kudos for the way they handle all situations from the most respectful parents to the down right rude ones. The school resource officer is a constant and welcome presence at the school. I would highly recommend this school to any and every parent who is concerned about their child receiving a quality education.
5/6/2006parentGreat extracurricular activites! My daughter joined in Garden Club this year. She is always excited to go to school and learn.
2/26/2006parentParents are very involved in this school. However, the principle lets the teachers run things and there are a lot of different confusing standards. One teacher even makes her class wear uniforms while no other class does. Because of this lack of leadership at the top, the school is often confused. The front office staff is also very rude. However, because of the quality of the students and parents as compared to the rest of Yuma, this is still a good school.
7/8/2004parentDesert Mesa has provided a safe environment for my kids to learn and has assisted them with improving on their reading skills. All of my children's teachers have been friendly and try to go the extra mile to help my children either reach their grade level requirements or exceed their grade level requirements.
5/1/2004parentMy son is in Mr. Gonzalez first grade class here. He is a very good teacher and the school is very nice.
4/28/2003 My daughter has been attending Desert Mesa school for 5 years, and I am extremely happy with her progress. The teachers, as well as the principal, are very well educated, and most importantly, they care very much about their children. My daughter loves to go to school because her teacher takes time to teach her, and makes it fun at the same time. The principal, Mrs. Baumgarner, knows every single childs name that goes to that school, and can call them by name when she sees them! That, to me, is extremely important to these kids! They are recognized and made to feel important by a woman who loves each and every child, and strives to make their education better. Thank you Desert Mesa, Mrs. Baumgarner and Mrs. Amanda Stoermer for making my child grow into the strong and intelligent woman she will become!!
10/15/2002 I have a child that is a high performing student. We are new to the school this year. I have found it very difficult to find out academic enhancing programs that are available.

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