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Harvest Preparatory Academy - Yuma, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Harvest Preparatory AcademyP.O. Box 6826
Yuma, AZ 85366
(928) 782-2052K-12Yumacharter 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic9.523812008
Black, non-Hispanic4.23282008

School Head OfficialYear
Deborah Ybarra2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/19/2012parentI am very proud of this school reaching out to the community to mold, mentor and teach children to achieve their dreams no matter how high or hard they might be. The waiting list shows that this is an excellent school with tough academics. I want my children pushed to their limit to always strive for more knowing the sky is the limit for their imagination. No school is perfect but this school immediately addresses every problem that has arisen in our children's lives and we admire that aspect.
7/11/2011otherI must say that the environment is wonderful and students are respectful. On the surface it looks ideal for any parent to enroll their kids; however, it's a facade that falls apart quickly. HPA is run primarily as a business and academic institution secondary. Classroom size is great, but too much emphasis is placed on standardized testing and compromises the "true" curriculum that students should be subjected to. Teacher turn-over speaks for itself and it is admin whose is responsible for this. Many ingredients are there for a very successful school; unfortunately, business mindsets prevail instead of the development of young minds. Extremely sad but true. Students are not held accountable; instead, teachers heads are set on the chopping block when low effort determines low standardized test scores or bad grades. Look, ultimately good parenting will outweigh whatever shortcomings a school has.In this case the only drawback is that if your child is advanced or up to par, he/she will be slowed down by others w/ less responsible parents who don't encourage hard work because no accelerated or honors classes are offered. The one star is for the environment and class sizes.
12/22/2010otherThe school is great, but not so great. Lets say You were in a bus and thought of the school being good. I've seen a lot of cursing in the bus. not only that, but in some cases or more often, The kids won't stop talking. this i is why the teachers had to take away good benefits cause of their nonstop talking.
12/17/2010parentWe tried the school for a couple of years hoping it was better than the local public schools. Constantly had my son coming home saying his teacher said they weren't going to teach history or science because it wasn't on the state test and they even had an assembly telling the kids that if they didn't pass the test they wouldn't be asked back next year. We finished up last school year and pulled him out early into the 2010/11 school year when we came back and noticed that 3/4 of the teachers had quit and they had nothing but out-of-state teachers fresh out of school. Not a good sign!
12/16/2009otherHarvest Preparatory has really changed over the past year. The administration has been really focusing on the needs of the teachers and students. A counselor handles the disipline problems and does a great job. I know for a fact that the AIMS testing has gone up within the whole school. I like the teachers and they are working hard to give these children the education they deserve.
8/28/2009parentWhen I take the time to go to the school to ask a question or discuss an issue, I always come away satisfied that the proper course to solve the problem will be taken. I have two children there now and hope they will want to continueto attend there. There are a couple of teachers who could be a little kinder in their attitudes towards the children but overall I am satisfied.
8/13/2009parentI have all my children attending this school from the grade level of elementary to high school. The year my daughter was entering high school, the thought did occur to enter her in a public high school until......i actually visited one. I am not bashing public high schools, I am just saying it is not for everyone. I am very content with the performance my daughter has shown and there is a more of a 'one on one' with teachers and staff. The safe environment alone is a load off my mind.
8/13/2009parentI wonder what school some of these negative parents have their kids in, because some of these comments are bizarre. The high school has a 99% rating on passing the aims. You don't get that kind of education from packets. They do allow students to do credit recovery with packest from a local certified educational agency to make up credits they didn't acquire from their previous school but that is it. This is an awesome school, with a very safe, supportive enviornment and the teacher turnover is only due to teachers who can't meet their high standards like goals of 90% meets and exceeds on the aims. This school is the school to watch.
10/15/2008studentthis is school is a one of a kind because it helps me and my peers understand the work easier and easier to understand
9/10/2008parentThe school and its leadership provide excellent communication to parents. My questions have always been addressed when I specifically asked to meet with administration. The Jr. High and High Schools provide a viable positive option to other schools that are overcrowded in the area. The faculty is is professional and corteous. Academic rigor is being developed and a priority. My students enjoy their school and thrive within this school community.
8/4/2008parentWonderful environment due to the foundation built by leaders, teachers, and staff on Jesus Christ who will open the doors to endless opportunities for all the children who strive to please God.
4/17/2008studentI am a former student, who can testify that this school was terrible. The administration was horrible, inconsistent, and unable to provide and solid guidance. Although some teachers did know what they were doing, I felt that I wasted 2 years of my life there, academically speaking.
1/14/2008parentThe School is great because the leadership is great. Beginning with Dr. Ybarra all the way down to the custodial staff, the school sets the example for the child.
1/8/2008parentHPA has grown exponentially in the few years since its founding and there have been some growing pains along the way. There are still some poor areas, but the school has really come far this year in the quality of the teachers and it shows in the test scores. The school is very good at handling problems so long as you speak to the correct people. Don't be afraid to take things directly to the administration! Give HPA another year and it will be one of the best in Yuma.
10/31/2007parentWe enrolled our children at HPA because the school boasted on it's emphasis on core studies and strict discipline. However, this school has proven to be lacking in leadership, teacher quality and discipline. I am very disappointed with the inability of the leadership to provide an environment conducive for learning. I do not recommend this school at all.
10/15/2007parentmy son attended HPA for two yrs . at first I liked as he did he had an awesome teacher always in contact and always making sure the kids tried their best and kept everything neat , which is what u would expect , the second year so far has shown nothing but problems with kids bullying one another not just at school but on the buses too , the teacher turn around is absolutely ridiculous I have never seen anything like it before , also ur child better have a strong bladder because if they need to use the bathroom most likely they wont be able too until the teacher finds itd the right time . I would recommend this school if they can get everything together , that would include the aims test and everything above child came home asking to change schools (crying)
8/23/2007studentHarvest Preparatory is a great school. I have four children attending the school. They love coming school and love their teachers. This year they have started specials. My children are excited about the specials. The adminstration and the teachers care about the education of the students. They will work with the parents and students so the students will reach their potential. I highly reccomend this school.
8/23/2007parentHPA attempts a caring and nurturing environment for its students. Our children have attended this school for a year. The teachers have a true heart for education of children. The administration tries to listen to parents, teachers, and students alike to make the school the best environment possible. I would and have recommended Harvest Preparatory Academy.
8/6/2007staffThe administrators here are more 'business-minded', worrying more about grants and politics; therefore, the focus is not on the students, as it should be. Teacher turnover rate is atrocious. When one 1st grade class has 4 teachers in one school year, that should raise a red flag. Bullying is the #1 problem at this school. There is no consistency at this school and it starts at the top with the administrators. If you want your student to have a good, solid education, this school is definitely not for you!
7/27/2007former studentThe school fails to teach me at a desired level. There was no real guidance in my education and I always seemed to fail even if I did better than most of the other students.
7/19/2007otherI would not recommend sending any student to this school. The administration is horrible and they change their minds about everything. There is no consistency of anything in that school!
4/30/2007parentIf the school was able to keep good teachers, stop little bullies and offer more than the core classes, I would be willing to deal with administration. I am disappointed because the school s standards are high, yet the school does not live up to them, especially inside the classroom. If the teacher does not push for the standards to be follow, administration seems not to do much. There is a high turn around of teachers, and, I was able to establish good communications only with one teacher. In one year, my son switched 5 times between teachers and temp. Parents are encouraged to visit the school and volunteer. Also this year PE and music were not available for 1st grade kids. The after-school program is great! Kids do their homework well done and get time to relax. A new indoor play ground is coming up. I really wanted this school to work for me.
9/18/2006parentMy child has attended Harvest Academy for a couple of years and I find it to be a school that does not live up to its claims. I like that the curriculum focuses on core subjects, and not all the values clarification that is prevalent in most public schools. However, I have consistently seen that there is a lack of classroom management skills across the board. There was a high level of bullying going on and the children were not able to express it to the teachers due to a 'no tattling' rule. Basically, no child can complain to the teacher about anything because it all gets bulked under the 'tattling' category. I removed my child because even after repeated contact with teachers, no real actions were taken to correct problems that had been on going. Harvest is better than some of the local schools but not my choice for sure.
2/2/2006parentHarvest Prep has been an excellent choice for our family. It has all the things a parent could hope for.
9/29/2005parentHPA is a great school for your K-6 grade, but when it comes to middle school and high school it lacks the availability of qualified teachers. It seems to me that the teachers at this school don't seem to teach anymore. They give busy work and expect the students to work on their own, when it is test time, students don't know much. The ratio of students who are trouble makers is also very high, which brings peer presure and vandalism to a very high risk. The high school is very limited as far as what your student is going to be taught. Students are currently being taught by independent study packets, and have so many study hall periods that basically end up giving them free time for about 3 hrs a day. I recommend that you send your middle school and high school children to another school.
8/21/2005parentMy two children attend HPA. My oldest came here 3 years ago and stayed. At her former school she was receiving D's and F's and the teacher said that she was not wanting to participate. She also had problem s with students and their behavioral problems. The school did nothing about these issues. At HPA disipline is enforced and the kids feel safer. She is also now an A/B students and participating in sports and extra curricular activites. I believe Mr. Martin, former principal, did a wonderful job establishing the structure of HPA. I have been here through the changes and I will continue to support the school. I believe the teachers care about our children and the staff knows all the kids by name. HPA is where my children will continue attending and their learning will continue to soar.
7/26/2005parentI was highly disappointed with this school. My daughter attended the first grade and transferred to another school and she was so far behind, she had no clue of what was going on in the new school. I think the pace of learning should be more indepth and this school needs to step it up to be in tune with it's reputation.
6/8/2005parentMy son has been enrolled at HPA for three years. His academic progress has been highly noticeable. He was able to read and write at the 3rd grade level by the second semester of 2nd grade. He is taught according to his ability and the teachers accomodate him individually. This school has undergone many changes during its growth. Commitment from teachers to their students is remarkable. My familoy would reccomend this school to any parent that desires a solid literacy program and a disciplined educational atmosphere fo their child.
9/29/2004parentBefore my son went to Public School/HLS Crane. His Teacher had no clue who he was. Everything that he had learned before he forgot. I visited Harvest Prep and knew this was the place for my son to regain his knowledge and support our belief in Christ. It was the Old School Era I had grown up in and more. The learning standards were higher than our Public Schools in the area. My son had a rough start but soon found that his Teacher was his friend and the children also. He was coming home talking of Art and Countries that I knew little about and his math and spelling became better than his older brother. I never want to take him away from all he has gained.
8/7/2004parentOur son has been enrolled in HPA since it began. It was a blessing, and still is. HPA is structured on good principles, high values and a desire to help children to succeed. There could not be a better place to send your child to. They are surrounded with loving and caring people, and your child's education and value teaching are of the utmost importance and propriety at HPA. We are believing for a permanent structure soon, but even though the school has had to relocate twice, they have kept all of their standards in tact, no child has been overlooked.
6/3/2004teacherThis is a wonderful school this is consistently improving all aspects of student education. There is parent involvement if only the parents of these children were willing to get involved in their child's education. The teacher quality is by far the most outstanding here in Yuma. They are dedicated to the education of every child, especially those at the middle school level.
5/14/2004parentI think HPA school is very good, my daughter attends here and her grades are excellent....The teachers are very nice and so is the director and principal. I am very pleased with Harvest Prep...
3/14/2004parentMy child attended this school when he was first entering Kindergarten. We absolutely loved his teacher, she was wonderful, but the school was a joke. No leadership skills whatsoever.... the worst part was that they proclaimed to be 'christian based'. There was no christian behaviors that I witnessed coming from the leadership of that school. I would never recommend this school to anyone.
9/9/2003parentThere are a few superior teachers at this school but the leadership in the school is not worth it at all.

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