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Palmcroft Elementary School - Yuma, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Palmcroft Elementary School901 Palmcroft Drive
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 344-2113K-5YumapublicYuma Elementary District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic35.15982008
Black, non-Hispanic3.348552008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Patrick Koppinger2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/2/2012parentMy family and I just transferred out here and am NOT AT ALL pleased. My son complains everyday how the homework is TOO easy for the lesson he's "learning" now is what he already learned in Kindergarden. And at other times, he cries about not knowing the assignment which makes me believe the teachers are not doing the just that they are just assigning homework without going over the lessons. At his previous school, they were just learning about Geometric Shapes and being able to tell time right before our move and does not complain about not knowing what he's suppose to do. The school security looks awful and at times I worryabout my child running out of the school perimeter or worst some stranger come on location and taking any child they see wondering around alone without any supervision and or security in place.
10/9/2010otherThe teachers really do a great job with all the kids in spite of the crowding.
7/14/2010parentI enrolled my son in this school for 2 days, then pulled him out and homeschooled him. Upon enrollment I witnessed teachers screaming in the face of 1st graders, kids running all over the office while their teacher talked on her cell phone. The first day of school, the teacher actually physically wrestled my son into his chair, and when I went to check on him at lunch, he was in the middle of an asthma attack that no one noticed. He threw up, and I took him home, no one noticed he was missing..WOW! Horrible school! My oldest daughter went for 3 years about 6 years ago, and we liked it just fine, but it has since went downhill.
3/20/2010parentI believe the involvement of the Principal is a key factor why kids and parents like this school, Mr. K care about the kids and I have never seen such a great Principal involvement, not like Valley Horizon, the principals in the past could not even hold a meeting for parents to here, Valley Horizon does not even compare to the principal at at Palm Croft. Keep up the great work and control of the kids with all the involvement.
3/17/2010parentTo 'I do not believe'! It's not just Palmcroft, but all schools that are facing this. The budgets have been cut so much that the classrooms are now over crowed and there is no money for Full Day Kinder. What Palmcroft is asking is what the state has recommended. As a parent who had children go to Palmcroft from 1988 until 2009 I know the staff, teachers, and Principal are all working hard to do the best possible can not criticize them for what this miserable economy has brought with it...Blame Bush and Obama both! palmcroft is an excellent school! Signed Bill Wachunas
3/16/2010parentI do not believe that this school lives up to any other state expectations. Now they are considering cutting the Kindergarten program to have days or making parents pay tuition. This is unacceptable to me as I believe that children should receive the best education possible. I am from Massachusetts and this school is so far behind what the children are learning there. I am afraid of what will happen when I move back to Massachusetts I believe that they will end up being left back in order to catch up.
9/16/2009otherThe school works very hard for its students and truly believes in their students. The principal is a man of principle and integrity and urges the same of his teachers and staff. Wants the best for the school and strives to work at getting just that, the best.
12/14/2008otherI have worked at almost all the schools in Yuma, and so far I find Palmcroft school the highest level of teaching, parent involvement, and they have a Principal that is always there. He knows the childrens names, and always makes time to talk to parents, teachers, and children no matter what it may be about. I find it refreshing that the principal is out daily inter acting with teachers, students, and parents throughout the day. I find the curriculmn in each class outstanding and well organized. The staff is very caring and safety always comes first. Sometimes I think they should use this school as a guide line to teacher other schools how to act, teach, show respect to staff, teachers, and students. This is an outstanding school with fantastic teachers and staff.
6/12/2008parentThe Principal is totally involved; he knows every child by name and personality. If you involve yourself in your childs personality and teacher choice, your child will have an awsome expericence here.
6/9/2008parentI had my resevations about this school when I went to enroll my son there. I had heard MANY bad things but I enjoyed my experience with this school and my son did so well there! He was actually excited to go everyday. If your child is starting kindergarden I would suggest asking for Mrs. Gauna. I absolutely loved her!! My son went from not knowing jack to being at the top of his class. She worked well with him and I worked with him at home and it paid off. He finished the year off with all A's and 1 B. Thanks Mrs. Gauna and Palmcroft!!
2/20/2008parentPalmcroft is an outstanding school. Both of my children have attended Palmcroft the past five years. I am very pleased with their education. The Reading First Program has been great and the teachers work very hard to maintain high expectations for all the students. My children have had success with all their teachers. The PTO needs help and parents need to be more involved in education at this site. However, the principal and his staff are extremely caring and make every effort to work with parents and children.
8/29/2007parentFour stars for this school especially Mrs. Etherton room #104 kindergarden. My son absolutely loves even doing his homework because of them all.... Don't stop keeping up the excellent work... The o-n-l-y complaint I would ever have at Palmcroft would be lack of a suitable playgroundnd, how old is the playground there. Isn't great for a k student at all.. Maybe have jumpers for them =) I would consider providing them.
6/22/2007otherGreat staff and employees there deserve the four stars i give them all!
5/30/2007parentI just enrolled my son in The Palmcroft Elementary School, which is in an excellent location. The teachers are strict but still remains friendly. The only improvement the school needs is a bigger playground(when was the playground last re-made?) for recess especially for kindergarden. They should add jumpers! Come on now, recess is only 15 minutes to 30 minutes - last time I remember when attending. correct? Overall, Palmcroft is greatest!
5/30/2007parentMy son has been at Palmcroft for 3 years and each year has had an exceptional experience. The Principle is hands-on and knows the children by name; because he takes the time to get to know them and involves himself with them each year. The teachers are dedicated and work together as grade level teams. The office staff and cafeteria staff are awesome! Whether a school is 'performing' or not, the ultimate responsibility for a childs education lies with the parents. Get to know the teachers and the expected level of work. Choose the teacher who best fits your childs learning style. Parents who find assignments 'vague' are not asking for clarification. Palmcroft is a 'performing' and outstanding school in the district. As a parent, I am actively involved in the expectations and benchmarks; therefore the teachers and staff have never let me down! Kudos to Palmcroft!
5/24/2007parentExcellent location for a school, excellent teachers, excellent service to children . The people and parents complaining about themselves is excellent!
4/23/2007parentMy daughter started this school in Feb. This is by far the worst school I have seen throughout our moves as a military family. The is no communication with teachers and homework is a single sheet of vague assignments. I will definitely place my child in a different school for next year.
2/26/2007parentMy son just started here about two weeks ago and I am not impressed with this school so far. We just moved here from New York and the schools there are excellent. My son barely comes home with homework and what homework he does come home with is remidial.I will give this school till the end of the year to see if things will change. I am in the process of looking for a better school for him to attend next year.
9/20/2006parentPalmcroft school is a small community with a representation of military families, as well as migrant families. There is diversity represented. All three of my children have attended this primary school. My youngest is a fifth grader this year. Her teacher has many years of experience under her belt. In fact she was my second daughters teacher in the fifth grade as well. My daughter was well prepared for sixth grade at the middle school when she left. The office staff is great. The school secretary has oodles of years there, and is as sweet and caring as can be. The receptionist is bilingual which makes for easy communication with Spanish speaking families. The principal is genuinely caring. The nurse is great!
6/24/2005parentPalmcroft school is a performing school with teachers who teach from research based methods. Student data is well organized and is used to drive the instruction. Curriculum is taught in an explicit and systematic way which spirals skills and cements chidren's learning. Children are offered the specia area's of music, art, p.e. and library for 40 minutes per day. They are academically sound as well as well-rounded when they leave Palmcroft school. Parent involvement is not very high at Palmcroft in the classrom but there is tremendous academic support at home. Most children come from families where both parents work and are unable to come into the classroom to volunteer. However, reading and homework have an 80% success rate at Palmcroft. Palmcroft also has an excellent after-school program to enrich the high academic achievers and remediate the students with academic needs. Every child's individual needs are met at Palmcroft school.
1/10/2005parentIn my opinion, the teachers are ok but not impressive,I don't believe my children are getting as much of an academic education as I'd like. I will be looking into them going to a different school next year.
12/5/2004parentMy daughter has gone here for 3 years now, I loved this school the last 2. This year however, we are having problems with the teacher and I have contacted the principal 3 times to get things settled and all I get is his secretary, I have left 3 phone messages and 1 written and still have not heard back It has been 2 months. This is a great school if you happen to have no problems arrise. I have loved all the teachers and staff up until this year. However I can say that the playground monitors need to pay attention. Everytime I am there in the mornings during recess there are rocks being thrown and a teacher looking the other way, or fights will break out and no one will break it up!

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