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Mckinley Elementary School - Burlingame, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
McKinley Elementary School701 Paloma Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 259-3870K-5San MateopublicBurlingame Elementary

Class SizeGradeYear
22 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic57.652009
Black, non-Hispanic1.782009
Pacific Islander0.712009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.712009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Paula Valerio2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/22/2012parentThis is an excellent school. Our K,1st and 2nd teachers very like a family to the kids. Grades 3-5 get less warm&cuddly and more responsibility, homework, preparation for STAR tests, etc. The principal Ms. Valerio is extremely dedicated - knows every child and every parent. She is the one standing outside at pickup time routing kids to their parents making sure everybody is safe. It's very easy to get a hold of every teacher, the principal and the secretary (that said, try getting Lincoln principal on the phone and good luck with that!). This school is rated 8 out of 10. Lower test scores are simply result of more lower income kids compared to other Burlingame schools. Check out test scores by subgroup - they are pretty much identical across all schools.
1/27/2012parentMcKinley is a phenomenal school with an excellent Principal and staff. With the addition of the new Annex building, the campus is newly landscaped and looking better than ever. In the 5 years my kids have been at McKinley I have never heard of fights breaking out or "random people on the premises" nor are children "bused in" (where would they be bused in from? BSD doesn't even have buses!) There are some very special things about McKinley, the Harvest Festival, father/daughter dance, Founder's Day, our beautiful garden and of course the amazing parent community (I could go on). Go Bulldogs!
11/20/2011parentMcKinley Is an amazing school with an excellent staff. The school has a very diverse population that is just wonderful. The curriculum is challenging and the teachers are very collaborative. They have soccer coaches that come once a week at lunch, The Physical education has implemented a program for recess coaches and this provides the older students a leadership role. Have I mentioned how awesome the parent community is. We are a big family at McKinley.
11/3/2011parentVery bad school which is really a bummer for this area. Nobody cares. There are random people on the premises, multiple cases of kids clothes theft, nobody watches kids, nobody cares about education. I can speak only for K-2, but chaos is there, fights!! and swear words!! and it doesn't seem that things change for older kids. Stay away! Really, it is not worth it.
9/5/2011parentThis school is not what you would expect from a Burlingame school. I would not recommend moving to Burlingame for this school. It lacks good leadership. The focus is not on education. The playground is wild and needs better supervision. Many kids are bused in and that might be one of McKinleys problems. My experience is that problems are covered up rather than addressed. This is very frustating.
5/11/2011parentMcKinley delivers the state mandated basics to the children, but as another reviewer stated, little else is taught. Science, technology and music are weak while the art program is taught by volunteer parents. Kudos to the parents for filling these needs! Also, the Spanish immersion program is like a school within a school with minimal integration between immersion and non-immersion students. It's unfortunate because everybody can benefit socially and culturally from having both curricula at one school. Communication from the school and the teachers is minimal and inconsistent (website and newsletters are often missing important event dates), which makes it difficult for parents to actively stay involved in their children's education and social integration. There is, however, a strong sense of community but that is only the result of an involved and caring group of parents. The teachers are good, but as a whole, the school needs a lot of improvement.
5/1/2011parentParents are really involved, Teachers are really happy to be there and the Kids are having a blast and learning at the same time! My daughter is in kindergarten and loves to go to school everyday!!
4/17/2011parentMcKinley is the ideal school. It has an old fashioned aura, strong family influence and a principal who puts the children above all else. Her leadership is strong and sincere. Her staff and teachers love their jobs. The difference at McKinley is the kids are on the forefront of everyone's mind. EVERYTHING comes back to the well being, academically and otherwise, of each student. What is happening at this school? Learning and loving it! Respect, caring and high standards for ALL.
1/24/2011parentThis school lacks a strong leader and support staff. Communication from school staff is very weak. Academics are moderate and additional school activities and enrichment classes are limited. Moreover, the school campus lacks sufficient playground equipment and is filthy. On a positive note, parent involvement and volunteerism is very strong. Also, the student population is very diverse which lends itself to increased cultural awareness.
10/1/2010parentThis school has an excellent principal and staff. I've never seen a principal who knows every child's name AND knows their parents. The parents are very active and friendly. The teachers are smart, caring and collaborative and i feel like the school as a whole makes a huge effort to communicate with parents regularly. Overall I'd say the the school focus' on the right priority--instilling a love of learning. I'd much rather have my daughter have a great life-long attitude towards studying- rather than drilling for test scores and a dislike for school.
7/7/2010parentThe teachers at McKinley are wonderful! They are very supportive and helpful in finding different programs to enrich my child's educational development.
6/10/2010parentWe are ending another great year at McKinley. In addition, we will see a new eight (8) classroom building starting construction this summer, which will be ready for students in 2011-2012. Burlingame schools are seeing a huge growth in student enrollment and Mckinley is seeing a growth due to the growing Spanish Immersion program.
3/10/2010parentAfter reviewing this school online,,I have to conclude that in comparison to other elementary schools in the vicinity, it has the lowest API score. Even the middle and high school have higher school. So, why are the kids not trained/taught to score better on the test? I do not mean to be rude, but this school is surrounded by many public schools scoring high on the API. So, what does it lacks to excel?
10/7/2009parentLove the small community feel of this school! My son is in first grade and is so happy to go to school each day. He loves the teachers and the principal. I feel so lucky that we are part of the Mckinley family.
9/16/2009parentI won the lottery, literally, with this school. We moved to Burlingame and bought a house in the Lincoln school area. The lower ranking at McKinley worried us at first. We go there for the Spanish Immersion Program- there is a lottery to get in. What I have learned since is that this is a WONDERFUL school- the Principal knows every child and parent personally and greets them each morning. The teachers are exceptional- both in the immersion and non-immersion program. My daughter had Maestra Carreira and she is absolutely perfect in every way. She is dedicated, loves the kids and loves what she does. We are Spanish speakers at home and we wanted them to be raised fully bilingual and biliterate as we were. I really feel like I won the jackpot with this school. I am so truly thankful! Immersion or no immersion, the teachers are ALL great.
10/23/2008parentI think this school is great, coming from a city close to sf i thought it would be a primarily caucasion school with snobby parents,BUT it is very diverse,there is alot of latino's,asians,ect. there still are the SNOBBY,RICH parents,but you will find the others who are very friendly and make it a habit to make you and your family feel comfortable. It is a very small school, so the children get help when needed and dont get shafted.The principal is great,she know's all the kids by first name, and is very friendly.I would definatly look into McKinley if you plan on going to school in Burlingame.
8/31/2006parentI have lived in Burlingame my entire adult life and have two kids at McKinley. McKinley is a great school with caring parents and a fantastic principal and staff.
8/31/2006parentWe have been at McKinley for 3 years now, and it has been a great experience for my child. He has some special needs as far as learning, the school has taken the time and the resources to make sure he succeeds. Our new Principal, Paula Valerio, is wonderful. The kids think very highly of her, and she takes the time to get to know each and every one of them. There is also a strong Parent Community which encourages participation in all school events which help benefit the school.
8/24/2006parentQuality of academic program is average. Teachers are working hard and doing well. However some students' behaviors are disaster, such as no courtesy, no respect and aggression. These students' academic levels are not high and may influence your children badly. Since the principal often shouts to them hysterically, the other students become to be nervous. Her talks often differ what she said before with regarding important issues. Stay away from the McKinley elementary if possible.
5/23/2006parentThis is a wonderful school with parents and teachers who care
10/13/2005parentMcKinley Elementary has been a wonderful experience for both of our children. We have a 1st and 4th grader, and the one on one attention they recieve is amazing. The school warm and inviting. Our family has lived in Washington, Oregon, and California. The public schools in this area are rated way above the other schools in our book. School can definetly be a challenge, and the way the staff, parents, and community support the children makes the whole experience so memorable and beneficial. BCE has helped tremendously with their generous donations to the Burlingame school district. With out BCE, PTA, and community our students would not be able th have PE, music, librarian, and much more. Paula Valerio is our new Principal this year, and she is doinf a fantastic job. The children love her!
5/17/2005parentFrom what I can see this school is great, and I love how deverse it is. The kids can appreciate different ethnic backrounds. And that is very cool.
3/15/2005parentI like this school, it lives up to the concept of 'It takes a village to raise a child.' All the parents watch out for all the kids and really help each other out. The school also has a great deal of diversity, but really uses it to its advantage. There has been some turn over in principals, but the current one is very good.
2/2/2005parentMy child has attended this school from kindergarten through 4th grade. I have never been happy with either the academic quality or the social environment at Mckinley and am looking now for private school options. I find Mckinley has serious problems with a mean-spirited and punitive approach to education in general. They are so pre-occupied with test scores over true learning, they seem to engender a sense of desperation and even hysteria in the parental community as well as the classroom. I find many of the more experienced teachers worn out and short tempered and the very new ones (of which there always seem to be too many), particularly unprepared, disorganized and overwhelmed. Much lip-service is paid in this school community to working with parents and to respecting 'alternate learning styles'. But in reality, everyone works to maintain the 'status quo' while they 'yes' you to death, hoping you'll go away.

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