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Edwin Rhodes Elementary School - Chino, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Edwin Rhodes Elementary School6655 Schaefer Avenue
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 364-0683K-6San BernardinopublicChino Valley Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
23 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic25.812009
Black, non-Hispanic2.922009
Pacific Islander0.162009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.162009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Adam Bailey2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/24/2011parentI have a nine year old and a six year old at Rhodes. Eventhough I had just transfered my children to this school on January of 2011. Everybody was really nice to me and my children, making it a lot easier for my children to adapt. I am very greatful for "Rhodes" because it's a safe environment . I'm looking forward to this coming school year. Gooo Rhodes!
1/16/2011parentMy son has been attending Rhodes since 2009 as a kindergartener and he is currently in 1st grade. We both love the teachers, the students, and the other moms. I feel very comfortable with his safety and education. Any problems I have had in the past, has been taken care of in a timely manner and been resolved. Although they have had different principals in the past few years, they've always shown care and concern for my son, as well as the other students. My son has improved his reading, writing, math, etc. skills. His teacher always has time to talk to me regarding my son's education, and gave me advice of what to do to help him advance. I am truly happy that my son is able to attend Rhodes and I know he will be receiving the best education in town!
10/30/2010parentThe staff is WONDERFUL! From the Principal to the teachers, office staff, and PEP club (our version of the PTA) everyone truly cares about your child and helping to give them every ounce of support they need to learn. The school spirit is incredible and parents are willing to help everywhere you turn from fundraising to classroom time. It truly is a community school.
8/24/2010parentLove this school!! Great staff!! I really love how they encourage parent involvement! We are looking forward to starting a great new school year with Rhodes!
7/14/2010parentI was highly disappointed after all of the "hype" I heard about the school.They had three different principals last year. They had a real "it's our way or the highway" attitude towards parent concerns and complaints. Hope things are better after the new principal starts next year.
5/7/2010parentRhodes rules!!! They have the best kids, teachers and staff!
5/3/2010parentEverything, and more that you could ask for in a school! Feels more like a private school than public. Great collegiate theme & school spirit!
5/1/2010parentEverything, and more that you could ask for in a school! Feels more like a private school than public. Great collegiate theme & school spirit!
4/30/2010parentEdwin Rhodes Elementary School in Chino, CA is the best performing school #1 in the San Bernardino County
4/30/2010parentEverything they are the best school ever they have good programs.
4/30/2010parentGreat programs and a fabulous staff, we are also very fortunate to have an amazing group of parents!
4/30/2010parentkids are great and so are the teachers and the ladies at the office are awesome.
4/29/2010parentThe teacher are very commited and there are great parent volunteers. This combination coupled with the school's philosophy is what makes Rhodes an excellent environment for any child to learn and excel in.
4/29/2010teacherOur staff uses Multiple Intel. to do lesson plans & for students to prove mastery of state standards.
4/28/2010parentI love the teachers. Our school is geared towards college awareness and I love that. It is very clean and the kids enjoy there time there, while learning so much
4/28/2010parentThey have a high expectation level of achievement for the students, which the students really love. The school has an amazingly positive structure and the teachers surpass any school that I know of.
4/28/2010parentIts a very good school, its college themed and I fill it motivates children to continue learning so they want to keep on going. The children have pride in everything they do!!
4/28/2010parentThe staff at Rhodes genuinely care about the success of the students. My daughter has an outstanding teacher (Mrs. Carthan - yeah!!!!). Rhodes is much deserving of this award.
4/28/2010parentThis school is alive and their magnet program is awsome. Modivation after modivation and and great achivements are recognized. It's a wonderful active school and We are proud to be a part of it!!!! Go Rhodes!!!!
4/28/2010parentThey have a great staff. Kids love this school. the exercise in the morning, the do TKD, art, music, very holistic approach to education!
4/27/2010parentThis is a great school with a lot of extra curricular activities and academic programs. My child is a GATE student and the school really challenges her potentials
4/27/2010parentRhodes makes learning fresh and fun. I love that the staff goes above and beyond their normal duties. It's like having a second family. We all come together as a community to make our school excel everyone's expectations. I thank God for a school like Rhodes!
4/27/2010parentThe school has great teachers that care about their students. There is a team feeling at the school between parents, students, teachers and staff.
4/27/2010parentThe teachers, th curriculum the approach. Everything is designed around the students excellence. Rhodes assumes all students are capable of excelling so they create an atmosphere where students can do just that.
4/27/2010parentI live in Oklahoma. I have access to everything the school is doing by the web site. The web site posts pictures of activities that all the children are involved in and makes it easy to see a grandchild evolving through learning at an excellent school with an above and beyond curriculum. When I am in California, I visit the school each time. I am so amazed at how the teachers are passing information and learning to the children through many different channels. It makes me want to go back to school and have an education, while enjoying learning. The children are all engaged in the classrooms
4/27/2010parentRemarkable school offering challenging curriculum to students combined with creative and fun activities the we all love! Faculty goes above and beyond expectation.
4/27/2010parentI love Edwin Rhodes Elementary School. The teachers are fantastic as well and the admistrative staff. The school is in immaculate condition at all times. The ciriculum is challenging and fun, the school is innovative in it's thinking in terms of giving the kids a well rounded education. My son loves his school and his teacher!
4/27/2010parentMy kids have been to so many different school, but Rhodes is best school among all.
4/27/2010parentIt's the best school. The curriculum is great, teachers have a good focus and the parent participation is high!
4/27/2010parentAs a parent and an employee of Rhodes and having been there since it opened I feel qualified to say that I have never seen a more dedicated staff or group of parents. The overall collegieate theme of the school is an incredible way to promote children going to college after high school. I have been truly blessed to be a part of this incredible school.
4/27/2010parentVery enthusiastic teachers and a wonderful GATE magnet program.
4/27/2010parentThe academic challenges, curriculum, & goals the teachers provide for the students. This school really recognizes the students on their achievements! Rhodes Elementary is a great school.
4/26/2010parentThey use multiple intelligences to teach different types of learner. They incorporate theater and music in the curriculum. They listen to different types of music during lunch. They have the library open for kids to read at lunchtime- they also have a game room for them to play pingpong and board games at lunch. They have 'grad classes' where different people come and teach them various things from karate, ceramics, Indian dancing, juggling, CSI stuff, drawing, and singing- at the end they have a performance day where they can show what they learned. The kids get 'scholarships' when teachers 'catch' them doing good things- walking instead of running in certain areas, being good at the Monday morning assembly, throwing trash away, helping collect balls after recess. Every Monday morning they have a school assembly to bring all students together as a community and have the announcements (not over the intercom) which instill a sense of belonging together. Each classroom is a University and the mascot is a rolled up diploma called 'Rhodie'. In Feb. a dinner banquet (or dessert first occasion if budget is tight) and medals are given - gold, silver and bronze depending on how each child scored on the test. The Scholars walk down a red carpet, in a spotlight while their name is read. Visit our school website to see pictures of the whole array of extras our teachers and staff have for the kids- yearly links to pictures are on the left side of the home page. The PEP Club is the PTA- everything is collegiate, so the kids have early exposure to higher education. They bring in pompons to the Monday morning meetings and sing the school song. This school does more than just teach the kids, they instill a sense of community and a love of learning and a desire for higher education. It is truly amazing and the kids Llove their school! Please visit the website to get an idea of how different this school is. We currently have the highest score in the county. However, due to budget cuts it is getting harder and harder to continue many of these programs, and the level of programs and opportunities for these kids is going down. The money would go a long way to helping continue the success!
4/26/2010parentRhodes is such an awesome school! The teachers, staff and parents are so dedicated to helping these kids get the best education possible...they make learning so much fun!
4/26/2010parentLove It! My kids are very fortunate to attend a school with such dedicated teachers!! Aside from an A+ education, they get to participate in fun and exciting activities that broaden their minds and keep them excited about learning.
9/21/2009parentThe whole staff work their hardest and dedicate their time and energy to make the school environment THE BEST!! My children are enjoying their school life as well as trying to do their best. They are encouraged to join so many fun activities and they are so motivated to do well academically as well. As parents we support our school 200%!!
9/19/2009parentRhodes Elementary has the best teachers, staff, children and parents around. My child has become an awesome student thanks to Rhodes. He loves going to school every day.
9/18/2009parentWell for starters, we have the highest API score of 965 in the entire San Bernardino County, in fact we're the hightest in 8 California counties!! How's that for a great school!?! We also have a University theme throughout our entire school, each calssroom is a university, our principal is our chancellor, V.P.- our Dean, Library is the Bookery, MPR is the Student Union, etc.... I have had a student at Rhodes since day one and absolutely Love it!!!
9/18/2009parentI don't want my kid to ever leave! They do such a wonderful job preparing the kids for high school! Jr. High too, but High School should be a breeze!
9/17/2009parentThey are committed to the success of every student.
9/17/2009parentEdwin Rhodes is the best. Students work hard and love to go there thats why we are #1 in the county. Way to go Scholars!
9/17/2009otherEdwin Rhodes Elementary School provides a safe environment with caring / nurturing faculty and staff.
9/17/2009parentWell I tell you it's the beast group of teachers and kids you can have and bring to a school. Monday assembly is the best start of the week they really pep you up and get the week started up with a blast... Best school in the area and region... Go Scholars!!!!
10/29/2008parentI love it, both my 1st grader and former 6th grader sister (last year) improved amazingly in every aspect of their education. My little sis is a 4.0 scholar now in 7th grade and even though my son's first language is Spanish he is now fluent on Enlish and read, writes perfecly. I LOVE THIS SHCOOL....(PERIOD)
10/25/2008parentThis school is the best! since it first opened to this day! It is still on my top list!
10/13/2008studentThis is the greatest school eva! Teachers- great, enthusiastic, and able to teach something without dragging on endlessly. Also caring (one of the 6th grade teachers for 2007-2008). I was there since 2nd and I loved the entire time! Plus it supports me in Junior High with Academics. Go Rhodes!
10/7/2008parentWonderful school! best school! great teachers! so far feel no other school could catch it! principal ms.Roche is great! this school management is very well! love it!
8/14/2008parentI have been invovled with the school since it opened in 2003..My son was the first to go there and is still there..My daughter is attending there now and they could not be prouder of there school.. They love Rhodes just as i do,They have the best Proffesors and the Best Chanchellor of all time..This is the best school in the chino district!!!Congratulations to Rhodes...
5/31/2008parentMy child attends Rhodes, and I have been an active member in this school for five years. The collegiate theme, along with their belief that all children are gifted, is unique and engaging. isirefreshinencouraging encouraging the students
2/29/2008parentMy children have been at Rhodes since it opened and each year the school takes large steps further in its advancement. My children are proud of their school and their acheivement. The parents turn out to support the school and the teachers and administrators step-up to the expectations we as parents expect for our children. Great School!
2/1/2008otherI am not a parent of any of the children at Rhodes but I am a substitute for the Chino District and have had the opportunity to sub at Rhodes. I was blown away by the expectations at this school. The staff is amazing there and the students are so determined to do well! If I had children, I'd enroll them at Rhodes in a heart beat! ~Substitute teacher~
7/10/2006parentI am grateful every single day that my children have an opportunity to attend Rhodes Elementary. The teachers are very dedicated and invested in every aspect of making the classroom and school great. Our kids get to experience things like gardening, dance team, track, plays and productions. Every year the kids get a week of enrichment classes offered on subjects like France, the rainforest, animation or flag twirling. The kids love this and the classes open up their world beyond the standard curriculum. Our Principal is a wonderful leader, sets high standards for staff, student and parent involvement. Her expectations are clear and the staff, students and parent community rise to meet them. We also have very dedicated and involved parents. It is nice to be involved and do your part to make school great for the kids when the leadership is solid and the goals clear.
4/26/2006parentThis school is top notch. Teachers have very savvy teaching techniques. Parent participation is extraordinary.
4/25/2005parentSchool opened Sep 2003 and is still evolving. Excellent, enthusiastic teaching staff makes extra effort to offer enrichment opportunities (dance, drama, gardening, etc.) and attend campus events on their own time (parent meetings, family nights, etc.). Extracurriculars include band (5th/6th), choir (5th), noon league sports (4th/5th/6th), Chess Masters, Chinese school, Art Masters, music classes, student government. Parent involvement is mediocre (low meeting turnout, limited support of fundraising, hard to get room parents). Academic focus is on state standards and improving test scores. Discipline emphasizes respect for self, others, property. School is home to district's GATE magnet program; however, magnet program curriculum does not differ appreciably from regular curriculum and there is no program-wide focus or philosophy.
3/31/2005parentMy husband and I are very happy with Rhodes Elementary. This is the second year the school has been opened and it just keeps getting better! The parents are awesome, the staff is the hardest working group I have seen, and the Principal has her heart in everythiung thing she does!
9/16/2004parentIt is hard to believe this is a PUBLIC school! The teachers, principal, and staff are all dedicated to helping our children excel. The school is geared for higher educational achievements and our students are the benefactors. Finally there is a school that really believes in teaching our children not just going through the motions.
7/27/2004parentRhodes Elementary has a wonderful program for students of all academic levels. The teachers are very dedicated and work very hard to endure the best education that is available.
5/28/2004parentRhodes Elementary is a wonderful school based on a collegiate theme. The classrooms are named after colleges, teachers are called professors and the principal dean. All GATE classes were transferred to Rhodes. The principal has a lot of energy and is completely involved with her teachers and students. They stress academics, have quarterly awards, and have many extracurricular activities. The students are well behaved and the teachers are excellent. I would recommend this school to everyone. I talked to many parents who told me that since transferring to this school their child has done a complete turnaround. I have done my homework, and this is the best elementary school in Chino and any of the surrounding cities.

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