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Quail Lake Environmental Charter School - Clovis, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Quail Lake Environmental Charter School4087 North Quail Lake Drive
Clovis, CA 93611
(559) 524-6720K-8FresnocharterSanger Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
24 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic55.042009
Black, non-Hispanic1.552009
Pacific Islander0.582009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.392009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Bradley Huebert2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/16/2012otherI am an 8th grade student at Quail Lake Environmental Charter School. I have been at QL all my life, and -- sadly -- this is my last year at the school I have grown to love. I began in kindergarten as an ADHD student. I was loud and obnoxious. I was a very hards student, and, at another school, I would have been labeled as a disabled learner. I was not labeled that at QL. Just the opposite. I was given work that would hold my attention and get me to grasp the concepts that I was suppose to be learning. From kindergarten up, I have been improving. This school has given me the tools to learn at the advanced level and I would have it no other way. I go to this school for academics, not for friends. I am not saying I don't have friends either. If I was asked to rate my school those stars above this review would not even cut it. This school is a blessing for any child that has exceptional gifts and for any child that is ambitious but needs help reaching goals. I would recommend this school to someone who plans to send their child to a #1 college. I esteem my school and am proud to go there. To be a Falcon is to be a privilage.
4/24/2010parentDevoted, caring teachers, administrators who prioritize kids' needs, and an overall district-wide devotion to quality education make this K-8 school the best in the area in my opinion.
3/30/2010parentThe schools API scores are great, what you need to realize is that the school wants only the high achievers. My child was at Quail Lake from 1st until 7th grade and we struggled every year with learning issues. When I would ask for help and/or perhaps testing to determine if there was a learning disability we were told that our child was 'average', that they could not tell us how to go about having her tested and that our child would not qualify anyway. Although we liked the size of the school, the quality of education is questionable. It is a school padded with 'high functioning' kids and every year several leave who just can't get the extra help they need! Note: Invervention classes are held at the gradeschool level very close to STAR testing so that scores can be as high as possible for API.
3/22/2010parentMy son's been at Quail Lake since kinder and is now in Third grade. We both absolutely love it!! The teachers give the students so much 1 on 1 time, small class sizes, great kids and parents...We wouldnt have it any other way!!!
10/21/2009parentMy daughter started kindergarten at Quail lake this year. I am so impressed with this school. The prinicipal is highly available and I constantly see him walking around the school and talking to the kids, in their classes, and on campus. He is very friendly and approachable. I love the calls we receive reminding us about early release days, and other important information. The parent involvement in this school is fantastic!! I have never seen so many parents willing to volunteer in their child's class or help the school in so many ways. My daughter's teacher is excellent. She is so welcoming and friendly with the kids. You can tell that she really loves her job and wants to be at school with them. The things that my daughter has learned in such a short period of time is just amazing! We are so happy with this school!
9/13/2009parentGreat school. Excellent staff and an amazing community. I have 3 children that attend this school and all of them have been challenged to excell.
9/12/2009parentQuail Lake has been a perfect fit for our family. Even though I teach there, all three of my children attend and are doing great. One of the neatest thing about our school is most definitely the parent involvement and the close knit community. The staff is very cohesive. I believe the middle school program to be an excellent one. In fact, feedback from parents in the past have often stated how relieved they were that QL jr. high teachers prepared them so well for high school. Either way, all of the teachers are willing to work with parents so that the experience is positive. I encourage anyone who is sitting down with 4 hours of homework at any school to talk to the child's teachers!
9/11/2009parentThis is was a great school for K-6. 7th and 8th grade is a different story. The homework is extremely excessive. My son works on his homework & studying for a minimum of 4 hours a night! This is too much pressure! Both my kids now hate school. The latest principal doesn't return phone calls or respond to e-mails. The students and parents at Quail Lake are great and my kids have made wonderful friends.
4/6/2009parentits not good on training students for the state test and not giving them more recess time like fancher creek and freedom they get 1 hour or more .
9/14/2008parentThe teachers and staff are great! My son loves school because the staff makes learning fun!
9/10/2008parentI'm a parent who finally has all my children at Quail Lake and I couldn't be happier. This school sets the standard for the region and district and has the BEST parental involvement that I have EVER seen. The teachers are all committed to the success of the students' academic careers, and the parents are equally as involved with their students' academic success... Which is probably why we are seeing such wonderful test results. They care about the kids, their safety, their academic success, and the kids seem to really love it too. I can't say enough about how wonderful this school is, and I do not take their enrollment and attendance at the school for granted.
5/27/2008parentThis is a very good school. The principal is very forthright and honest and willing to tackle tough problems and complaining parents. This is a school of choice and I love that uniforms are required. They are not as strict on uniforms as the private school we came from so we feel like we have a lot of freedom. Teachers, staff, and parents are great to work with. The campus is BEAUTIFUL and the kids really take pride in it.
3/13/2008studentI am a student & i think the academics and stuff are really good, compared to other sanger schools. However, i think the school is way too small to be k-8; it is quickly overcrowding. Being an older student at the school and personally thinking the dress code is unfair, would not recommend this school for 7-8 grade kids. Anyone else younger than that should be grateful to be at the school.
2/26/2008parentMy son has attend at Quail lake since Kindergarten . The teachers and principal are Great! I can't keep my son on track without them. Its good to see all the parents getting involve. It makes me want to volunteer more , My son is in 2nd grade and reads at a 4th grade level and he can stops reading
8/30/2006parentMy son attended the excellent Kindergarten program last year and is back for First Grade this year. This school is of the highest quality both in academics and social skills. The teachers really care for our children; and even though we lost a terrific principal over the Summer, we look forward what our new principal has to offer our school. My son has thrived at this school and he loves it.
2/15/2006parentMy daughter attends Kindergarten at Quail Lake. I am absolutely thrilled with everything about it from the teachers to the principal. This school provides children with a very rich learning environment along with strong values. I feel very lucky to have her attending such a reputable school.
8/20/2005parentQuail Lake Charter School has surpassed my expectations, and seems to be improving with each passing year. My experiences with the teachers, principal and other staff has been very satisfying and my child is learning and being challenged in exactly the way I would expect him to be. I love the small-school atmosphere and the level of caring. The parental involvement is absolutely amazing. I believe this is an exceptional school, and if the children attending take advantage of what is being offered to them then they will definitely have much success in high school and beyond.
4/27/2005parentThe kindergarten program is outstanding. There is a lot of parental involvement. The teachers are experienced and patient. The upper grades however appear to be suffering from growing pains. If you have a young child just beginning school I would recommend this school but for older children in particular the 7th grade area I would think twice and do some research.
8/16/2004parentThis school has an excellent kindergarten program that sets a strong and thorough foundation for future education experience. Very high family involvement in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Energetic principal and great teaching staff.
8/13/2004parentMy two kids went to this school last year. I was very impressed. The kinder class could not of been more impressive, and the fourth grade class met my expectations. The overall experance for my kids was fantastic. With the large ammount of parent involvment, the extracurricular activities, and small class size this school will most likely surpass your expectations.

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