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Bullard Talent Project School - Fresno, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Bullard Talent Project School4950 North Harrison
Fresno, CA 93704
(559) 248-7030K-8FresnopublicFresno Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
26 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic29.032009
Black, non-Hispanic13.062009
Pacific Islander1.112009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.422009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Sue Fuentes2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

7/24/2012parentTerrible experience for my child. Bullying, multiple unaddressed discipline issues, chaos in the classroom. This website says 26 students per teacher? Try 30. This school does have good programs going for it- but those don't make up for the overcrowding, chaos and general disrespect of many students.
2/28/2012parentWe have had a terrible experience at this school. Our child is miserable. He has been beat up on campus, yelled at by teachers and, overall, he has been encouraged to strive for mediocrity because this means the teachers will be required to put in as little effort as possible. We are now faced with the choice of moving him back to his home school (which will be a disruption) or keeping him here and trying to deal with it through meetings with the principal, etc. We would not recommend this school to anyone.
9/7/2011otherI am in forth grade at this awsome school. Been in this school for five years.I have been in a lot of fun stuff . If I go some where else, I will toldaly miss this school. Bullard T.A.L.E.N.T. is my favorite school ever. I want to be in this school forever!
8/22/2011parentThis school is very UNORGINIZED it 1st Denied MY son lunch after I paid one week of lunch on the 1st day of school, it changed its teacher {with due respect of the teacher of the passing of her dad} with out notifying any parents 3rd my son was lost at school for 20 minutes i which he did go to the office and the aminastration told him to go out of the office{{ another parent informed me what was said}} and the the office aminerstartion want to act like they can't take a message... OMG!! this school is off the key by a long shot!!
4/12/2010studentI have attended this school and I was not impressed with the character of the students and their attitudes. It was sad to see their character compared to my current school.
3/14/2010studentWow. What a school! I'm currently in 7th grade and this is my 8th year at this school. I never thought school could be so... well fun! The teachers are amazing and the other students make you feel like you have an extra family. And the smallish sized campus and population of students let you have some space but not be too crowded. So if you asked me what the best middle school in Fresno is, with out even thinking I would say Bullard TALENT!
1/27/2009parentWay to go Talent. Break down the 2008 API's and you will see how high the different groups scores were. Dedicated staff, music, academics and more. Parents are great and involved. California Distinguished school. A+
10/27/2008studentSooooo, Awsome ! love the school the Ihave a great time there.All of my friends love it there as well . so much achtivitise to do .I don't think any body wants to leav until they're in 8th grade.
5/22/2008otherI attended Bullard TALENT for 9 years and I can honestly say I loved every year. The staff is wonderful! It's just a great school.
1/12/2008teacherBullard TALENT keeps its scores up AND provides all sorts of visual and performing arts within their academics. They really deliver!
11/12/2007parentI love this school. This is our son's first year here and I don't think I could have picked a better school for him. I do truly beleive this school cares about their students. The teachers are great and their is a lot of communication demonstrated between parents and teachers. Great school in my book.
6/13/2007parentBullard TALENT has great potential for educating the whole child based on its' emphasis on the arts alongside academics. However, throughout my child's time there, I witnessed inconsistencies that were of concern. Because it is an arts focused school, students who are not fully involved in the arts extracurriculars are subject to having substitutes in their classes throughout the year when teachers are gone for performances. Homework given during this time seems to be 'busy' work if given at all. Overall, it is difficult to execute the level of academic performance needed to prepare for high school because of the performance schedules. Students need to be very self initiated, organized, and diligent. It's difficult for students to get teacher support during performance schedule (which are many). Parent/teacher contact usually does not take place unless requested. Generally teachers do care a lot about the children but are too overburdened to fully support.
3/25/2007parentB.T has a great reputation that I think is getting harder to keep up.I have to say parent involvement is a must even when your child is at recess.
3/21/2007parentMy daughter has been going to Bullard Talent for six years. It was a wonderful school thru most of her elementary years. The school has changed for worse the last two years following the state budget crisis. The elective classes which use to be great are somewhat cheesy now and every class is over crowded and the teachers over stressed. I don't believe the school's environment is as it once was safe and respectful of students as individuals and not just another head count. I can only encourage extensive parent involvement.If your hoping to get your child in a music class,get in line.We tried for six years.
8/20/2006parentThis school has the right approach to teaching and learning: educate the whole child. Throughout their years at B-T, kids can choose from being involved in a variety of sports teams, choirs, dance classes, music classes and drama performances. Since the vision of the school states that 'the arts are academic,' and since it is an Arts Magnet School, there are certainly more arts-related activities than sports. The logical parent sho wants their child to focus on sports obviously would choose a different school. The majority of the staff are excellent, particularly in grades K-7.
8/6/2006parentBullard talent is first rate. In an era when only what's on standardized tests is important, it is a breath of fresh air to see the whole child celebrated in a well-balanced curriculm. Exposure to the visual and performing arts coupled with strong academics gives students the life skills to interact in a diverse world that makes big demands. I have two students at bullard talent, one current and one graduated, and the impact on their life is immeasurable. Bullard talent is the place to be in fresno unified school district for families who are interested in a well-rounded program that prepares students for life in the real world.Kudos tot the staff, students, and community of bullard talent school!
5/29/2006parentOur son attended B.T. from kindergarden through 8th grade. We can not give the school enough credit for giving him skills that will serve him the rest of his life. He received a strong music education (both vocal and instrumental); a wonderful basic foundation in visual arts; and most of all he has learned confidence and self-assurrance. The teachers are hard-working and supportive.
5/9/2006former studentI went to Bullard Talent from K-7th grade. For a long time I thought it was a great school.I loved the plays, art class, and music classes. But once I got into Middle School all of that changed. I wanted to do choir and sports, but that want possible. I feel B.T. is a great school for elementary kids, but Middle-School is a bore.
4/25/2006former studentAs a former student, Bullard Talent gave me a great education. I was challenged, exposed to an array of educational experiences beyond reading and math, and had teachers that influenced my decision to today become a teacher. My weekly Spanish teacher fostered my love of the Spanish language and today am fluent because of the interest she sparked in me when i was young. Art, music, drama, great field trips, science experiments, sports.... i feel very lucky to have attended such a well-rounded school with such dedicated and enthusiastic teachers. Parents are very involved in the classrooms as well.
3/7/2006studentGreat school. I went there for 9 years!
3/1/2006parentMy child went to Bullard Talent for 4 years, and had many good experiences. Unfortunately this changed. If you are on the principal's Good List, then all is well. Yes, there are many wonderful classes in art, music, and drama, and many fine teachers. But the campus itself is not a healthy environment.
1/31/2006parentWonderful music and art programs.
9/15/2005parentMy daughter has been attending Bullard Talent since she was in first grade,she is now in fifth.The school's many musical programs are one of a kind.The school is much more like a private institution than a free public school.The teachers are top notch, skilled, disciplined and creative.We have a great principle who also is a mother with children attending the school.The only negative comment I can make about Bullard Talent is the lack of support and recognition of athletics, which is vital with society's lack of activity in children.I would like my daughter to go on to high school and attempt to get a scholarship to a universtity.Unfortunately,the school's soccer teams are not allowed to play on the field without being charged a significant fee. Currently many of the grades soccer teams utilize a nearby school's fields for practice.Having field day might be a way to encourage physical activity with rewards.
6/25/2005parentI have two boys attending Bullard Talent,12 and 7. I rate the school overall A+. The principle is super organized and on top of all current events that affect our children. K-8 is excellent I think its great to keep the older kids connected to the younger ones(a real hometown feeling school)Much parent involvement and strong PTA. Teaching of the arts(dance music choir and drama)is as important as acedemics.High quality instruction in all classes!My 12 year old has been excelling in academics,music,playing percussion and guitar. My 7 year old is excelling academically as well and was able to learn about the cello in a strings class this year as well as singing and art. If your childs interest is mostly athletics this may not be the choice for you. Otherwise A+. Last note, we love our teachers!They are passionate about teaching and children.
6/21/2005parentBullard Talent is a K-8 grade school. I feel the Junior High students should be more of a role model to the elementary students. Their use of foul language is very innapropriate to the underclassman at the school. This school is a school of the arts and I feel these students should take pride in their school. The students at Bullard Talent are not disciplined enough. They run through the hallways, graffiti in the bathrooms, foul language and all the while there is no supervision from the staff at the school. The principal is nowhere to be found. I would like to see more involvement on her part with the students. Junior High students should be separated from the elementary school students. Also, the kids aren't allowed enough time to eat lunch and at the lunch recess there is not enough supervision on the playground.
4/25/2005parentThe level of all schools is Fresno County is sadly disappointing. My son is in second grade and has been through three teachers in his class at Bullard TALENT this year. It is impossible to get any learnig done when the students are being upset so often by changes in the classroom. I am very sad to say that, while Bullard TALENT is the best public school in Fresno, it still doesn't cut the mustard. I hope to move.
4/23/2005parentOverall, an ideal balance of academic and arts...the makings for a well rounded and socially adjusted student.
2/16/2005parentBoth my son & daughter went K thru 8 in this school, and now my granddaughter attends. This school is great for kids who have parents that like to get involved - and they have a huge number of parents involved in this school! My one complaint is that there tends to be favorites, 'stars', in this school of the performing arts who repeatedly get the lead roles in plays, etc. Still, the opportunity is there if this is what the child really likes to do. Many of the teachers are top notch - but not all. My granddaughter's fifth grade teacher this year is too rigid and stern.
11/4/2004parentThis is a great school, well balanced curriculum mix with the arts. Would highly recommend if you can get your child involved.
4/23/2004parentBullard Talent is a wonderful school. The teachers are firm, fair, and honestly care about their students.
8/26/2003parentI currently have 3 students at Bullard Talent & I love this school! They have so many diverse opportunities for students. From dance, to choirs, to bands, to percussion & so on, this school has options above the regular schools! I would recommend this school to anyone!
6/27/2003 This School i rank a 10. They work with there students to get the best preformance out of them. Most students at this school work hard for there grades. My daughter has been there since kindergarten. I recommend this school to anyone that wants the best for their student. The arts play an important part in our community and in our students. I'm very proud to be a parent of a student there. Keep up the good work and good luck to our students this fall.

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