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Lakeside Farms Elementary School - Lakeside, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Lakeside Farms Elementary School11915 Lakeside Avenue
Lakeside, CA 92040
(619) 390-2646K-5San DiegopublicLakeside Union Elementary School District

Class SizeGradeYear
21 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic74.732009
Black, non-Hispanic1.932009
Pacific Islander0.862009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.932009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Scott Goergens2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

11/1/2012parentThis school acts like there in high school and not about the children eduacation. It seems like it is a popularity contest between staff and parents. They need a crash course on bullying for them as well the parfents of the students as well the students. Very uncalled for if your looking for a great school and about your childs eduacation do not go here. People these days are very onesided and it is about the big picture,.
4/23/2012parent When I first was looking for schools I went to a couple different ones. I met with the princiopal of the school because there the ones who do the hiring and over see the school. I felt it was a great fit. In time I have come to find that this school does not know how to handle small things and make it into big things. Where you feel like you wanna sue the school for there unfair and improper actions. I also will be seeking a new school where my daughter can get a good education and I don't have to worry about if my daughter is going to be properly supervised. When I was on campes last I noticed a young lady getting bullyed and as well the staff did not act right away. The child was very upset about it and was in tears. I felt horrible about it and it broke my heart.
10/20/2011parentI can't imagine what a better school would be ... Lakeside Farms is FABULOUS & my kids love it there! They have the greatest teachers, staff, parents & most of all the Principal that knows every child's name ... his leadership is unlike any other!
7/15/2011parentMy son has gone here,,my neice and nephew have attened and now my daughter is going to start soon,there is not another school i would rather send them to.Mr G is the best principal for this school he has made wonderful changes and this school has been recognized by the state on being a great school.I'm also proud of our community on how we really take part in doing our part on helping out in classrooms and taking an interest on our childrens education.
4/19/2010parentThe school has been great until I enrolled my special needs child. It has been downhill since and I am removing my children in the year to come!!
11/5/2009parentThe best school with the most caring genuine principal and staff!
11/25/2008parentThe principal, Scott Goergens, is what makes this school special. He, himself, has received awards for bring the arts to life here at the school. It is amazing he knows every child's name in every class! I swear he knows all of us parents too! He is in touch. He works for long hours at end and leads by example. His teachers have to practically run to keep up with him. The leaders in the PTA follow suit. My son is in first grade and I was going to send him to Warren Walker but at the last minute decided to send him here. His kindergarden teacher was amazing and his first gread teacher is folowing suit. I am taking that money that I would have spent at a private school and giving him extra circular classes that he loves. If you want to be an involved parent they welcome you!
11/24/2008parentLast year, our Catholic school refused to accept my son for Kindergarden due to his September birthday. Instead of holding him back a year, I decided to send him to Lakeside Farms. It was the best decision I ever made for him. I requested a specific classroom and got it. Scott Goergens, the principal is phoenominal! He takes great pride in his school, knows all students quite well, and never tolerates bullying. My son repeatedly told me how much he liked Lakeside Farms School! His teacher was awesome! My son received some great awards, including the Anderson award. This school treated him quite well. He ended up getting accepted for 1st grade at OLPH, so I started him there. It was tough not to continue his attendance, but my daugher was already attending OLPA. I love this school and I miss it. I highly recommend it.
3/4/2008parentThe school as a whole is absolutely Wonderful. Watching the children grow into happy individuals every year is fantastic. Thank You Lakeside Farms Staff and of Course the outstanding Principal.
1/12/2008parentExcellent School. Small intimate school and class sizes. Like getting a private education in a public school.
5/31/2007parentMy son has received an excellent education at Lakeside Farms. The staff is fantastic. They care about the children and are always available to help. The principle is wonderfully involved and is very fair with everyone. The arts program is exceptional and makes the students very well rounded.
10/4/2006parentWe left this school and went to Washington. LF teachers work with students and parents to challenge and help a child, advancing them to higher academic level. We miss this school.
11/7/2005parentThis school is amazing. The entire staff is dedicated to the highest quality of education available. They have one of the best art programs available including chorus and drama. There is a huge supply of volunteers that support indiviualized reading sessions and numerous other great programs for everyone to enjoy.
8/22/2005parentMy daughter has been a student of Lakeside Farms for 3 years. My son begins kindergarten in the fall. We've been extremely satisfied. Our daughter is gifted and they've been extremely involved and flexible in her education. We've never felt slighted or ignored. The teachers have treated her fairly and with great affection. They've used multiple techniques to accomodate from the standard to the more unusual. They've welcomed our input. I appreciate the many activities available from free afterschool spanish classes (thanks to a willing and wonderful staff) to talent shows, assemblies, field trips, in-class arts lessons in everything from modern dance to mime. I never expected our local school would ever become our first choice in educating out children but it has!
8/14/2005parentMy son and now daughter have gone to the school from kindergarten and 5th grade. Teacher are friendly and interested in helping your student with strong parent support. But is limited to not having the gate program but will help advanced children to higher grades when the achieve academny in their grade level. Willing to work with children with special needs. Has a mininum after school program. The highlight is the Halloween Carvinal which I have attended every year that both my children have been in the school. Teacher are willing to take the extra step to help children inforce leadership qualities in all children. Help with having children in the Dare Progam and Family Sector. Help the older children get ready for the next step in school Middle School.
9/5/2004parentI am not a parent of a child at Lakeside Farms, but do have a grandson who has been there for three years. Our second grandson is about to start there this year. I worked in San Diego Unified School District for 13 years. I must say that I have been quite impressed with Lakeside Farms. The students really do seem to be the priority there. I watch the test scores and am always happy with the totals. Overall, I must say that I am very happy that our grandsons will be attending this 'school of excellance'. I have volunteered there since our older grandson started and have always been impressed with the way students are treated and how well they learn.
5/11/2004parentLakeside Farms is absolutely wonderful! It's a small community school that promotes total parent involvement. I personally have a Kindergartner that attends, but I also have several nieces and nephews that attend as well. I know many of the teachers. The are all very approachable and completely value parental input. You can be sure that if you prefer either an outgoing, high energy teacher or a soft spoken, serious teacher on any grade level they will have just the right teacher for you and your child. I know the office staff on a first name basis. They are the most pleasant, fun-loving people you will ever meet. The principal is the same. She values and considers all parents opinions on every subject. Plus she is very involved in students activities on a daily basis.

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