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Bonsall West Elementary School - Oceanside, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Bonsall West Elementary School5050 El Mirlo Drive
Oceanside, CA 92057
(760) 721-8001K-6San DiegopublicBonsall Union Elementary

Class SizeGradeYear
20 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic48.872009
Black, non-Hispanic3.622009
Pacific Islander3.172009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.232009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Jon Ray2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

11/3/2012parentSuper happy with BW. First, principle is super awesome! Second, teachers and staffs are super educated and dedicated. Third, school system, drop off-pick up, award program is super pro. Forth, school environment is super nice and clean. I've seen nothing but goodness at BW. We love our K teacher. She is super good!
8/15/2012otherThis is just a request for my nephew as a student in this school ...Im asking for help to pick him up by your school bus ...his mother have a baby and walk an hour a day to shool just to take Justin Nacional to shool..her husband going to work early morning and she don't have a car to take my nephew to school...can you imagine going to school two hour a day with a littel baby and the raod is up and down ??? Please !!!! Address: 5562 Nanday
3/31/2012parentThis is the best Elementary school around! I cannot express in words how impressed I am with the staff. My daughter is in Miss Bruners kindergarten class this year. She entered kindergarten behind in the social aspects of it, and has just blossemed this year. I LOVE Miss B, she is the best kinder teacher I have ever came across. They are all great. We love Mr. Ray, and appriciate his dedication to the children. I volunteer at kindergarten, and am always so happy when I see how involved the teachers are. Thank you Bonsall West for going above and beyond.
3/30/2012parentWe are a military family and a parents to 4 children, and this is my oldest daughter's 4th elementary school. We have seen what else is out there, and by far, this school rocks it! From the smartboards and technology the students are using daily, to the genuine care from the teachers, to the outstanding principal, this is top quality. We are excited to be at Bonsall West, and even more excited the kids can stay here for a bit. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for top notch academics, a caring staff, and up-to-date technology. My children look forward to going to school each day and have never asked to stay home - even wanting to go when they are sick. Thank you BW for being a greta partner is my children's education.
1/11/2012parentI am a military wife and we move around a lot. This school by far is the best all around! The principal Mr. Ray is so wonderful! More schools should push to have a principal that loves kids and makes them excited about school and learning! I will be very sad when we have to leave! Go to a Morning Sing on Friday 8:00 and you will see for yourself!
5/9/2011parentMy daughter's first year in this school and couldn't be happier. We like that the teachers are involved with the student's academic progress. School ground is beautiful and very clean.. Plenty of great activities year round and many opportunities for parental involvement.
3/3/2011parentI have 4 kids and 3 have already attended. We love the environment and the extra school activities. The teachers are always willing to listen and help our children succeed. The Principle is energetic and the kids just adore him. There is plenty of opportunity for parent involvement and we really love the feeling community at the school.
2/23/2011parentMy children have attended Bonsall West for 2 1/2 years now and we are very pleased with the school. Mr. Ray, the new principal this year is very well liked by both students and parents. He is very approachable and open to new ideas. His Friday moring assemblies promote high morale and unity for the entire school. The teachers we've had have been great. The PTA works really hard to provide more for the children in terms of library books, field trips, classroom grants and more. There is a good after school program. I would encourage more parents to get involved in their child's classrooms and in the PTA to make it an even better school. Overall, very happy.
1/15/2011parentBonsall West is one of the best schools in North County San Diego with a great staff, hard working student body, and a high level of parent support.
10/21/2010parentThis school is FABULOUS! I have 3 children that attend Bonsall West and I can't say enough about how great it is. The teachers are VERY informative and have constant communication with the parents. I feel like I always know what is happening in my childrens' classes. Parents are very involved with school activities and the PTA is wonderful and welcoming. Mr. Ray, the principal, is new to the school this year and totally rocks. If you are new to the area or a parent with questions about the school, call and ask if you can attend the Friday assembly. Within 30 minutes, you can tell this school has positive, engaged teachers, students who care about their education and respect of others and a leader (Mr. Ray) who is positive, energetic and inspiring to all he leads. Bonsall West is the best school my children have ever attended!
8/2/2010parentthe teachers are not that great there are better teachers at my daughters old school and the principal is way out of his league
6/1/2010parentWe have children in K & 1st grade. This is an awesome school! We are so happy to part of this community and school.
5/14/2010parentAsk any parent at Bonsall West and they will agree that this is a great school. Kids in all grades K-6th are challenged to do there best. There are plenty of resources for children who need extra help too. Teachers use the school's website and email to communicate homework assignments and upcoming events, yet they are never too busy to pick up the phone or stop you during pick-up time if they need to tell you something. The PTA is really great. They plan family nights, art contests, variety shows, etc. Lots of parent volunteers, caring teachers and a great principal make this school the success that it is.
1/25/2010parentAmazing school. I have three kids attending: K, 4th, & 6th (yes its actually K-6th not K-5 as of last year). Great teachers who are willing to communicate in person, or e-mail on anything from simple to complicated issues. Education is challenging but not overwhelming. Campus is newer (2005) and it looks beautiful. Good after school program on site through Boys & Girls Club. Before the first bell rings they have 'running club' for 30 minutes where kids can run laps and earn 'foot tokens'...very cool way to encourage exercise. Can't say enough good things about Bonsal West Elementary.
11/15/2008parentBonsall West has the best teachers ever! Each teacher is very supportive of all students, including those needing extra help. This school has been great for my daughter. I would absolutely recommend the 6th grade program here.
9/6/2007parentGreat school for average learners. No gifted and talented program. Not a lot of extra resources for some kids who need help in some subjects.
3/5/2007parentBW is a phenomenal school! The teachers and staff are passionate and dedicated, the parents are highly involved and vital to the school's success, and the principal shows great leadership. PTA is growing with many hardworking parent volunteers and supports the school 110%.
12/11/2006parentAcademic program is excellent. Other than Boys and Girls Club, there are no extracurriculars. I found the PTA to be exclusive.
11/14/2006parentPrincipal has very strong leadership skills. He's a leader that gets things done! My 5th grader's teacher was 'teacher of the year'. Overall, this school is very safe, has involved parents and a great place for a child to learn.
9/1/2006parentThe school year has just begun, and I'm wowed with the staff's ethusiasm and the overall positive energy. The parent involvement is amazing. They have a great PTA - leading the parents and working with the staff to enrich and better the children's school and everyday learning atmosphere. The principal is always all smiles and super helful.

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