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Martin Luther King Jr Middle School - Oceanside, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Martin Luther King Jr Middle School1290 Ivey Ranch Road
Oceanside, CA 92057
(760) 967-11226-8San DiegopublicOceanside Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic33.472009
Black, non-Hispanic8.912009
Pacific Islander3.12009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.592009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Bob Rowe2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/3/2011parentFantastic group of teachers. The administration is the best in the district. We will miss Bob Rowe, but he has done a wonderful job making this the best middle school in Oceanside.
10/24/2010parentSo relieved that this school is in Oceanside! Principal Rowe and the staff have created an uplifting and challenging academic environment for the students. Test scores are going up up! The atmosphere is upbeat and impressive every time I'm there. Its a melting pot of kids and that has been great proof that its the administration, the students, and the parents that make a great school! Keep up the good work MLK!
10/12/2010otherThe teaching staff at King Middle School is outstanding.
9/27/2010parentSo far so good with the teachers, my son was shuffled around because the classes were over crowded but thats okay. The security however is another thing they need to lay off of the poor attitudes.
9/13/2010parentWhat a great school! My son has excelled in academic and social interactions. They highly welcome parent involvement. Mr. Rowe and his staff are nothing short of awesome! My family will miss them when my son goes off to high school next year.
7/20/2010parentMLKing and the Oceanside School District is poorly managed and top heavy with highly paid administrators. The middle schools received the highest level of staff cuts and class sizes will now average 40 to a classroom. The school board cut aide time and gave out hundreds of pink slips. Don't be fooled by online reveiws. The district has now cut all bussing for all students except special needs. This district is going down hill fast.
1/21/2010parentMLK is a fantastic school. Principal Rowe and his staff have done a great job in bringing up grades, as well as test scores. All kids get a double block of English and those weak in Math get double blocked also. Students have to maintain above a 2.0 GPA or go to Saturday school. It is harder to fail at MLK than to succeed. Most certainly, the support system is there to ensure kids are doing what they are supposed to. Parents can check on their kid's grades and homework daily through the school loop system. Annette Tucker
1/14/2010studentI love mlk!!!!! It is the best school in California!!!! I love all the teachers and i love mr. rowe the principle. He is dedicated to our school and he belives in working hard and playing hard!!! I LOVE MLK!!!!!
5/25/2009parentMy son went to school at MLK his first year of jr. high but I had to pull him out early due to bullying issues. Administrators failed to work with us, instead chose to ignore the problem. We are much happier at Jefferson. The staff there is fantastic, proactive instead of covering up problems.
5/3/2009parentWe are thrilled with the choice to send our kids to MLK! Lincoln was an option, but we could not ignore all the negative feedback, so we chose MLK. Principal Rowe is outstanding and such a motivating factor. The teachers are upbeat, engaging, and fair. So refreshing to see it be 'cool' to be an excellent student. MLK is a school to be very proud of!
3/26/2009studentI go to this school and it is a great school. I say its a great school because my grades have been doing better than my elementary school grade! That's why I think this is a great school.
2/9/2009studentthis school rocks! its a really fun place ro learn, and the teachers are great... Mr. Rowe, the principal, is the best... he truley devotes his pride and love to our school! GO MLK LIONS!
12/5/2008studentThis is my 3rd year at Martin Luther KIng Jr. Middle School and i have just 1 word to describe it ,phenomenal! I was assigned to go to Jefferson Middle School but my mother switched me last minute. I came into 6th grade not knowing anyone, but the atmostphere and all of the teachers amd students helped me ajust perfectly! There are so many things about KING MS that I love. If I had to pick one thing, it would be that care and dedication that ALL of the teachers have. To them your not just another student, they bond with you and by the end of the year, you feel like they made a differnce in your life, and they think that you made a difference in theirs. Thank you Mr.Rowe and the teachers that have definatly changed the way I feel about school!
11/28/2008parentI'm very happy with the discipline and leadership that Mr. Rowe is providing for the King students.
11/24/2008parentThe principal and teachers are wonderful. My daughter now does her homework without me nagging because she doesn't want to go to detention. Mr Rowe is just what this school (and every school for that matter) needs. He makes sure everyone follows the rules or faces the consequences. The kids like and respect him. He really enforces his 'work hard, play hard' motto.
10/1/2008parentIt's a great School, my son love it. The school accomodate the level of math of numerous high level students (9th grade math for 7 th or 8 th grader)
9/29/2008teacherthis is a great school. i've been only teaching at this school for only 4 weeks and i am already loving it. i am the spanish teacher and i love all the kids this is one of the best schools i've taught spanish.
9/7/2008studentI love this school so much! I'm an 8th grade student here and even though many people say it's horrible I have no clue why! It has some great teachers whom are not only goos at teaching but are friendly and easy to talk to which makes class more interesting. Go Mr. Tellez!
9/6/2008parentWhen my son was accepted to MLK, I was thrilled and scared at the same time. There were problems with bullying and gangs for a long time. Then Bob Rowe came and I didn't know what to expect. He has done an outstanding job and has gotten MLK on the radar for excellence. Kudos to Mr. Rowe and the faculty and staff for breaking the 800 API mark. Kudos to all of students for their hard work!
7/26/2008parentThis is the age when your child will be test their environment. My son attended all 3 years here and academically he did very well. This school will inform you of attendance and a recorded message of assignments or tests they need to do by the teachers. I highly recommend this school. There are alot of cliques here so be aware of your childs friends and get to know the parents. you should have no problems.
1/17/2008parentMY son started MLK in the 7th grade when we moved to oceanside he was a struggling student. We had tried the Sylvan Learning Center in his 3rd and 4th grade years (with some great results) but could not afford the fees past the 4th grade. MLK has brought my son to life. He has now been on the honor roll and is on the wrestling team. I love the automtic phone calls. I work long hours and they really help keep me informed. Thanks to all the staff at the school. Great job!
12/26/2007parentIts the best middle school in the district! its a fantastic school
11/1/2007parentExcellent School! Our daughter, an 8th grader, has excelled over the past couple years. She's more open and outgoing. We believe that not only the teachers of the required courses, but of cross country/track/orchestra, have truly been a blessing. Ms Knapp, Ms Esposito, we love you! MLK is very clean and a school that anyone could be proud of.
9/13/2007staffKings ASB is the best leadership I have ever seen.
9/5/2007parentMy experience so far of this school has been amazing! My son a new 6th grader, has just been recently given an IEP. The staff has been extermely supportive and has done everything in their power to communicate and find the best solution for my sons needs. Even though this is a public school, I feel that we have recieved private school attention and services. Very well organized. Thank you for everything!
9/1/2007teacherMLK is a safe and caring environment where the primary focus is inproved student learning. You can't get much better than that!
11/20/2006studentI am proud to say that I was a Martin Luther King jr. student. It was a great experience. I had all those electives and I also had AVID, which is wonderful, I had no problems with the electives, they were interesting. There are several activities like sport and help. Teachers will help students who ask for it and try to also help those who are struggling. I believe that the parent involvement is small and if some parents have concerns or problems they should be active in their student's school by helping out any way they can or just by keeping up with their child's progress. Those parents should also encourage others to get involved too.
9/10/2006former studentI graduated from MLK just last year, I thought it was a OK school. I also thought that there should be more electives to choose from, all the 8th graders had to take computer which was OK but some people wanted to take art. the quality of academic programs were great but some teachers looked as if they didn't care about the students education.
7/29/2006former studentI graduated from MLK just this year. Well, for all three years I've been here... it was an uneased experience. Discipline at the school is intolerable and not well organized. The teaching needs to improve, teachers have been overwhelmed by class sizes and lack of discipline to the students. Wasn't very happy with elective choices.
7/28/2006parentThis is a wonderful school where teachers genuinely care about the students and work with them during their challenging middle years. What most don't understand is that middle school kids are so different from elementary and highschool kids. They are making a difficult transition and this school makes sure that these kids take center stage instead of being caught in the middle. Way to go King! I am very pleased!
7/10/2006studentI am a student at King and I am proud of it. Teachers are very friendly to the parents and to the students. There are afterschool activities such as; soccer, basketball, track, cross country (not sure if track and cross country are the same), an after school program that helps them with homework, etc. There isn't much parent involvement besides the PTSO. Safety is excellent in this school. Discipline well that's another story,the same students get into trouble. Overall in my opinion this is the best Middle School in Oceanside, CA. P.S. The electives in King are; Guitar (started in 2004-2005), Band, Orchestra, AVID (Prepares you for College, Advancement Via Individual Determination), Art, Computers, TA (Teacher Assistant), Drama, Chorus, and ELD (English Language Development). Next year they will have 1-3 more
4/19/2006parentThis is a wonderful school. They do however need to work on keeping the 6th graders seperate from the other grades.
2/2/2006parentMy son attended this school and I was so disappointed in the attitude of some teachers. They seemed to be so overwhelmed with the amount of students that they could not give any individual time and attention to those that were struggling. I tried to no avail to get some type of help for my son in math.
7/9/2005parentMy son just graduated from King. I was very happy with the education that he received. He was involved in the GATE program all three years at King and I thought the majority of his teachers were exceptional. There were some safety issues his last year at King but he was never involved because he didn't hang out with the crowd that was causing all the problems. The principal at this school needs to be on site and out on campus every day. My only complaint is that more art and music classes should be offered in this district and class sizes should be reduced. Schools should heed the research that shows that kids involved in art and music do better in all academic areas.
6/21/2005parentThis school has high academic quality and a great teaching staff, however discipline seems to be inconsistent.
3/13/2005studentThis school is great. The Principal and Vice Principal are awesome and know when to punish the students and when to recognize them for their good behavior. The school has so many different Ethnic types which is a great experience and to be friends with all different is great to me. -7th Grade Student at King-
6/25/2004parentMy child just graduated from MLK 8th grade with the following: 2.0GPA both years 7 and 8th. No goodwill toward students- total disregard for students feelings at all times. Crowded classes - 45 to a class. Can't see the board no showers/P.E. was a joke. Teachers frustrated and looking for the bad element vs good kids. School menu, a joke with no adequate full-balanced meals. $40K a year to a dietsian. Who can only order pizza, hot dogs and junk food. No buses for students. I would never put my child in that school if I knew all the above. Check it out home schooling or Lincoln is better. What a waste of my childs education. And two years for that matter. High costs for terrible assemblies.
5/4/2004parentMLK is like most schools. It has it's good and bad points. Not enough money, which means less computers, not enough staff and extra activities.. But, there is oppurtunity there and as parents the more involved we are the more likely our child will succeed. I like the idea of the assignment books the kids use and the homework hotline. Afterschool math tutoring is great. MLK offers a lot, your child just has to take a pro-active attitude and do his/her part. They get out of school what they put in.
5/3/2004parentThis school is good. The teachers are really interested in the students that are interested in learning. The student will do better when the parents are involved with what their students are learning.
2/23/2004teacherThis is a horrible school! Kids arnt getting a good education. Everyday you see kids ditching school, getting in fights, and showing affection toward each other, that should never be allowed at school. I am very dissapointed in this school, I really thought they could do better. I personally think they need a new principle, I think the current one is doing a very bad job.
2/6/2004parentThis is the greatest school ever, I'm proud to say my child goes here. There are activities such as AVID that help college bound students help get to college and teaches them study skills. There are great things for kids who get like 3.45 or higher, such as Trips to Disneyland, SixFlags, Water parks, Knotts ect. This encourges many kids included my child to want to get higher grades. King Middle School best school you could send your kids too.
1/18/2004studentThey have a very mixed up schedule, they don't even say the pledge of alliegence every day, they don't have lockers, and they only have three electives: art, tech ed, and computers you don't even get to go through all three of them a year!

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