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Grant Elementary School - Santa_Monica, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Grant Elementary School2368 Pearl Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 450-7651K-5Los AngelespublicSanta Monica-Malibu Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
20 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic54.982009
Black, non-Hispanic7.322009
Pacific Islander1.092009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.312009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Alan Friedenberg2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/16/2012parentThis is an excellent school. We moved to the area at the beginning of the year and have two boys there, now in 4th and 1st grades. Diverse student body, in terms of ethnicity, income, and family structure; very active and social parent community (but not in an overbearing way); teachers who don't just dial it in, but pay attention and challenge the kids that need it while supporting the kids who are struggling. The principal is newish (was vice-principal last year), but seems to be doing a good job. She is visibly engaged around the school on a daily basis, open to suggestions, seems to have a good relationship with teachers and pupils alike. Some teachers are better than others, but you get that in any school. Even the not-so-great ones (one of my sons has one this year) are still fine. Good sports, music and arts programs (rescued through the fund-raising efforts of parents). There is a strong emphasis on academic standards, but an even stronger emphasis on developing the whole child, which I think is great. The kids there are confident but respectful. The best sign? I never hear "I don't want to go to school" in the mornings anymore. Go Grant Geckos!
7/10/2012parentExcellent school!!! My daughters Zoe and Zareya Fletcher love it. The teachers are very dedicated to making sure the kids learn and excel at their best. Thumbs up the the staff especially Principal Mr. Friedenberg, Vice Principal Ms.Compton, and fourth grade teachers Ms. Ripley, and Ms.Ware. A lot of good field trips during the school year to keep the kids learning and involved. Always constant communication between the teachers and parents. My daughters are looking forward to returning to Grant for the 5th grade.
9/6/2011parentGrant is the best-kept secret in Santa Monica, Great teachers, great principal, nice kids. My son with school issues has thrived here, with no additional help, when no private school could or was willing to meet his needs. He is flourishing and happy. We feel so lucky!
2/1/2011parentMy son loves it here! No wonder, the campus is beautiful, the teachers are kind and the other children and their families are just wonderful. My son felt safe from the first day and he has so much fun, it is hard to get him off campus after school. But the best about Grant is the neighborhood aspect. All the families know each other from the local parks and many walk together to and from school. Everybody loves to help out, no matter if it is in the class room or with organizing play dates after school. The atmosphere in and around the school is warm and friendly. The education is great too. My son is learning so much in one day, it's hard to believe at times. We also adore the principle, Mr. Friedenberg, he is warm, kind, loves children and is a great leader.
11/1/2010parentexcellent parent involvement, music and arts despite economy, teachers really care about the student learning process, great community.
8/12/2010parentWe only had the chance to do preschool here before we moved out of state. But I always felt like the principal and teachers were awesome. Parents are very involved. Great school!
5/25/2010parentThe Principal makes this school so special. I have never experienced a community that truly takes its lead from the Principal quite like this one does. Mr. Friedenberg is someone who clearly loves what he does. He combines the perfect amount of humor with a serious advocate position for the children and their learning. I have a middle-schooler who was well prepared for his transition and was encouraged to be a student at Grant. I also have a 3rd grader who loves her school and is achieving like crazy. I also love that the community is diverse. It isn't full of a bunch of rich kids. My kids are being well prepared for what the world really looks like out there.
5/8/2010parentGrant is more than a school- it's a community.
2/23/2010parentIt's true there is a lot of parent involvement and if you don't get along with a parent from one of these 'cliques' your son/daughter will be ostracized. Feels like high school all over again. Teacher's are great and this is why we stay here.
2/4/2010parentMy kids couldn't be happier. It's a school that really cares about the success of each student, and they are supportive to the students families and their community as well.
9/17/2009parentIt has a remarkable faculty who are suppoprtive,creative and scholastically excellent.
9/16/2009parentgreat principal; excellent, caring and stimulating teachers;involved parents; a real community school.
5/27/2008parentAs a parent of a kindergartner finishing our first year at Grant, I have been impressed at almost every turn. Great school. Great kids.
12/13/2007parentWe are proud to be Geckos. The building is quite old, but something about it is very special and positive, the light, maybe? the yard is huge and the children have lots of room to be free and play during recess. The teachers are excellent, and it shows on my children who absolutely love learning and have great progress in short amounts of time. Most of the teachers are very focused on litteracy and creative writting, and most of the children come out prepared and ready for middle school. My children never-ever- ask not to go to sschool or complain about their life at Grant. The parents are very involved, and volunteering during school hours or after ios strongly recommended, and in my opinion, such a privilege to make a difference in your kids education. I only have great things to say about it.
6/25/2007parentI am sad to leave Grant because it is by far the best elementary school: parent participation, fundraiser, great caring parents who run the PTA & Booster Club which give back to Grant 100%. The teachers are top of the line, the office staff & nurse are kind and helpful. The principal is superb and runs the school with his magic wand. Things happen for the kids at this school and this is what counts at the end of the day. Great music program, after school activities and the carnivals/fiesta are so much fun. This school encourages family activities and fun. The communication between parents and teachers are wonderful. The smart boards and COW (computers on wheels) were a great addition. I can go on forever with praise. I am proud my kids were Geckos. Ms. Hoffman, Ms. Takashima, Ms. Smith & Ms. Croft are among our personal favorites.
2/20/2007parentAs a mother of a kindergartner, I can only say that I am thrilled with Grant. I researched schools and realized that we belonged to a bad school... The vice principal was very encouraging and supportive to go to the district office to push the issue to get him through the choice program. He got in! The principal is great, very visible and the kids love him. Our teacher Ms Chamel is very sweet with the kids and encourage parent involvement in the classroom. The class has fun with music, sport, art, ceramic, and dance. At the lunch break there are extra parents on the playground and a guy supervising soccer, a safe and fun environment.
7/23/2006parentGrant is an excellent school! The amount of parental involvment and care is like no other school! The teachers are among the best, they care about your student and you. The office staff very nice and helpful. The PTA is constantly upgrading the school. Diversity is truly seen here, people from all backgrounds and races uniting for their kids. Great afterschool programs. I am a parent of two and I am on the PTA, we love this school. You would truly be luck to have your child go to Grant!
6/8/2006parentIt is the level of parental involvement that really makes Grant a great school. There are lots of fabulous activities for the kids, and many exciting projects during the year. But the fundraising is consant and can get obnoxious.
6/8/2006parentOur son was in preschool at Grant in 2004-2005. He enjoyed it, and we found the facilities to be very good. The class was a lot of fun for the kids, although I wouldn't have minded seeing a little more structured time, and more reading of books would be welcome. However, both of those were present, and the teacher was very warm, welcoming, and good with the kids. I'd recommend Grant Preschool to other parents.
4/18/2006parentOverall, Grant Elementary is a great school and with caring teachers and an almost overwhelming variety of extra-curricular activities, although most after-school classes have a substantial fee to attend. My only concern is inadequate supervision on the big playground where different grade levels interact. There are some bullying issues of older students picking on Kindergarten or 1st graders, which the Principal refuses to address, citing a lack of funding for yard supervisors (currently they only have 2 people for 200 students, plus the occassional parent volunteer). The parents of the community are very involved and giving of their time and money, participating in fundraisers which is how Grant is able to provide a well-rounded curriculum despite the Governor's dismal budget cuts.
3/9/2006administratorGrant is a better overall when compared to other public schools. There is a music program , extracurricular activities and so on. The quality of the academic programs is good overall. However, they do not provide sufficient assistance to children who need additional help.
1/31/2006parentGrant Elementary is a school with a well rounded academic program and very competent teachers. Extracurricular activities could be of higher quantity, but teachers make up for it in quality. The level of parent involvement is similar to other public schools, in the sense that some parents are more engaged than others.
9/8/2005parentThis school is a great example of what the real world consists of. Huge parental involvement. Very nuturing and challeging. I love the after school enrichment programs.
7/26/2005parentGreat school. Very well kept. Dedicated teachers & staff.
5/1/2005former studentThe teachers are excellent and the education is well-rounded.
1/18/2005parentGreat academic programs, wonderfull extracurricular programs, high volume parent involvment.
11/24/2004parentGrant is great. The principal seems smart, and experienced and has a good sense of humor. He also sees the pitfalls of the current testing craze and tries to work with the system (and around it) in constructive ways. The teachers seem quite devoted and the parent body is pretty involved. The campus is quaint (circa 1940) although, like most public schools these days, it could use some work. The children do seem to enjoy being there and the education is quite decent. In general Grant offers a really nice and diverse mix of students, parents, teachers and administrators.
11/3/2004parentSchool provides minimal GATE experiences, but principal and faculty strive for maximum student and parent involvement. Excellent first grade teachers (Sanders especially, but all excel) as well as some outstanding upper grade 4th 5th teachers.
8/9/2004parentThis is one if the best schools in Santa Monica but there are several flaws. There is no parking at or around the school since its in a permit only area. If you park in the lot that the office staff parks in they will scream and have a hissy fit about it. The school seems to play favorites to those who donate money. One of the nurse's there is very rude and uncomfortable so beware . The teachers are really nice and only a few rank poorly. They have fixed this school up and have great enrichment classes afterschool. The office staff is nice and very helpful. The school is clean and they offer a nice salad bar for lunchtime. They have carnivals and family events which is great. You wont get much cultural diversity there but the families are very warm and respectful to each other. Grant's Grade:B-
9/23/2003parentwe love grant kids loved this school. i loved it! i only wish to say hello to mrs. adams 3rd grade teacher!

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