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Edison High School - Stockton, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Edison High School1425 South Center Street
Stockton, CA 95206
(209) 933-74258-12San JoaquinpublicStockton Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic2.752009
Black, non-Hispanic13.972009
Pacific Islander0.272009
Native American or Native Alaskan3.162009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mark Hagemann2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/18/2010othereven thou this school is poor on books and other things requierd to do work in class its a good school . people have graduated with honors and high gpa's i dont really no know why peopl say bad things about this school . i dont see any parents particapating to help the school or their own child!!! some teachers try to help it up to the student if they want to learn . parents should blame themselfs becouse schools are not a day care center!!!!
4/26/2010parentI am an Edison High alumni and two of my children currently attend. This place has not changed since I graduated in 1973. The teacher's don't care and the administrator's are even worse! Both my children are bright and articulate. They also dread Monday when they have to return to school. I am told everyday how they've completed their assignments and don't have anything to do. They have more subs then actual teachers! If it wasn't for the fact that they are both in their senior year I would have pulled them a long time ago. Principle Biederman is a joke, and IMHO is a bit of a racist. Because my son transferred from the bay he was immediately labeled a troublemaker, without just cause.
9/23/2008otherits very dirty it needs to be kept up with but its not all about looks never judge a book by its cover edisons students interact with eachother very well . its a great place to learn
5/19/2008studentI started at Edison my freshman year in high school. I, too, like the previous reviewer, came from a high school in the bay area. It is like night and day. Edison has an extremely poor learning environment: gangs, lack of strong community, few non-scholastic activities, non-existent community role-models. In a nutshell, this high school is a very sad place. Teachers and students that go here do not understand the world outside of their paradigm. The only kids that do well are the ones that come from strong families or environment that foster good values. Don't expect those values to develop here at all.
1/2/2008studentI was a student at this school for my Junior and Senior years; I had just transfered from a school in the bay. When I got to Edison, the first day of school, I was very schoked to see that many of the students did not care for their education, so the teachers did not care to try and teach them either. If one wanted to be around serious students and with teachers who cared, you basically had to be enrolled in AP or Honors classes. Which is what I ended up doing.
10/11/2006studentWell, I am a student at this school. And to tell you the truth, it's fine. Teachers have their job of teaching the students, but if your complaining about 'They don't have books to study with!' It's because (Or most of the time) Or shipment of books from SUSD is late. Or simply, the student hasn't checked out a book. And yes, it their job to get their own book. Some teachers though (Mr. McClimans) Seem to be over worked and do poorly at their job becuase of students that are bad and their parents who don't discipline them.
4/18/2006parentThe counseling office is quite disfunctional, as it does not support the teachers in the classrooms by immediate and accurate placing of students when enrolled. The inadequacy of this department causes a downfall from front office to classroom, where apathy from both students and teachers grow due to lack of support.
2/8/2006former studentThe music program has no support. The district is moving to supporting only one arts magnet in the district, leaving no support for music programs for any other school in the district. The district is... well... Messing up.
2/3/2005parentMy son, who is a freshman, received special permission from the principal to enroll in Edison this year, since we moved and are out of the school's boundaries. Now I'm not so sure I made the right choice in attending Edison. Since my son has a learning disability, he attends some of this classes as special ed. classes. In algebra, he received an 'A', but in Geography an 'F'. Since none of his teachers called me to notify me of his failing, I wasn't aware that he had failed geography until the semester was over. I left several urgent phone messages and an e-mail with his counselor, requesting a conference but received no response. Finally, I left a message with the assistant vice-principal but still nothing, and it is now February! It seems to me that these people are inaccessible and they don't care my son is failing.
6/9/2004former studentEdison is a fine school and deserves the respect of students, teachers and parents. It seems their is lack of pride and support from students and parents--that must change. The parents must take an active role in their childs' education and start pointing the finger at themselves and why their child isn't succeeding as they expect. The kids at edison want to succeed, but they can't do it by themselves. The journey to success starts at home. If you want to see changes you may have to change yourself first. Be active in your childs' life and education. Meet his/her teachers and take an active role in the PTA. Don't complain, take action! Edison is a great school.
2/5/2004otherThe statistics speak for themselves, and pretty much they are low. If this school is supposed to be high in academia it must begin with the students actually caring. Since most don't bother to even take the SATs it shows that there really is not a part on behalf of the students. The school isn't all to blame-the students reflect what the school if students would bring the statistics to a positive number then maybe the incentives would increase and maybe even have a book for all the students (basically..if students dont want to succeed, then why invest money into their future~!)
10/30/2003otherEdison has got to be one of the best schools out of the whole S.J. county. Just because one class doesn't have books doesn't make it a bad school. If you want your kid to be stimulated so badly buy her a math book of her own. Your child's education does not solely depend on the school, it is also your duty as a parent to find some other way for he/she to learn. And if by high school your child can't do the simple arithmetic or geometry without exhausting resources like the internet, he/she has bigger problems than not having a book. Edison has always gotten a bad rap. No matter how great the triumph we overcome, there is always something someone finds wrong with us. And as a graduating senior, who has done well, in this so-called bad school, it is salt in my wound when you say our school has no right to be a school, simply due to the fact that your child doesn't have a text book.
10/29/2003otherWell, I'm a student at this school. So far, it has been an OK experience for me. Some teachers do really care about their students (Mrs. Van Rys) and will really go out of their way to help us. It's them who really do want students to work harder, and ultimately it's them who helps to shape us into better people. Other teachers, well... (I don't think this school should be rated a D- because of book problems.)
10/1/2003otherThis school is not fit to be a school. There are no books for the students to do their work. My child has geometry class and the whole class does not have their books, not even for the classroom. They also don't have books to take home and do their work. How are they supposed to learn? Are they supposed to just stop working their minds when they come home? They need books to work. If I was to rate this whole school I would give it a D-.

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