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Reviews for Stockton  based on 38 Reviews

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Screw Stockton. - 10/31/2020
Since living here, i have been subjected to several hate crimes, and for NO REASON.
spent week at french camp county hospital, after being beaten in a coma by group of 3 people.
Got pushed over while carrying boxes into fedex.
Got cussed out at usps...and called a white ass cracker.
Crime rates are trash here, murder rate is one of worst in country, cant wait to move, this place is pure garbage. Terrible place if you have kids.Read More

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Stockton - Good if you live in the right area - 6/9/2020
I’ve lived in Stockton, CA for 10 of the last 11 years. I’ve lived in Sacramento, Vacaville, Los Angeles and Monterey in California. I’ve also lived in Duluth, Minnesota and Richmond, Virginia. So this all goes in to my views of Stockton, CA. The best thing about Stockton is the climate, which counts for a great deal to me. It isn’t as great as the CA coast - but for the interior of California - it is one of the best. It does get toasty in the summer - but almost always once the sun goes down , you can open up your windows and the cool breeze from the Bay Area cools it down - you don’t have to run A/C all night like in the Midwest, south , east coast of the US in the summer.
The best place to live in Stockton is the northern and western part of the city (or with in 4 miles of eight mile road) - it is generally quiet and a good place for families - crime is low and houses are nice.
There isn’t a great deal of choices for night life - better to go for a short drive to Read More

Absolutely horrible place to raise a family - 2/12/2020
I have lived in Stockton for most my adult life. It is a HORRIBLE place to raise your kids. The crime is so bad that people don't walk around the neighborhoods. The town is over run with homeless people, gang members, and drug dealers. I am counting the days till we move out of this town. Read More

Some people will love it, others will hate it - 1/30/2020
I personally think the pros outweigh the cons, but the cons are really really bad. Almost every highway overpass has a homeless shantytown under it and you're likely to hear cop sirens at least once if you go near them. The drivers are downright dangerous and ignore pedestrians. Jobs are really hard to find within the city unless you're willing to make the long commute to the bay or Sacramento and there clearly aren't enough social services provided here to prevent homelessness and poverty from skyrocketing, which they are despite the relatively low cost of living. In some neighbourhoods many houses have boarded up windows and foreclosure signs and empty buildings give the eeriest feeling. Some neighbourhoods look like they're in a state of anarchy because of the crime rates and lack of law enforcement. If you can survive all that stuff, you'll find that the city has some amazing parks and trails as well as a huge variety of shopping and dining options. You can buy designer clothes Read More

Stockton is home - 10/30/2019
I moved to Stockton from Lodi. I love it. The people are nice, we moved from a "BORING" tract home in Lodi to a beautiful 100 year old home near the University of the Pacific. We love the variety of restaurants, the minor league baseball team The Ports. The UoP Tigers. We could not afford our home in Palo Alto or Sacramento. But we have a charmed life in Stockton. It is like any large city. I grew up in Los Angeles and it was the same, you had Hancock Park and Los Feliz and you had Compton and Rampart. You just have to know how to navigate a city. We are Read More

Not Surprised Mother Fers - 10/28/2019
Developers are going all in on Stockton lately and home prices are rising there for a reason as a result. Still quite a shady and corrupt city council as is their history but the Police Department is run by a progressive chief that has the crime going in the right direction, but still not enough as Stockton is still quite violent. Education is growing in the city but still lagging behind due to the crime problems. Just an unfortunate culture of familial criminality that gets passed on generation to generation that is tough to combat no matter who's running the city. But there is slow, steady progress starting to spring up in Stockton. Read More

Stockton is a dump - 9/28/2019
I lived here for college, over a 6 year period. There was no redeeming qualities to this city, except the the low cost of living compared to most cities in CA. The air quality is atrocious, mostly due to agricultural, which gets trapped in the central valley because of adjacent mountains. This contributes to the area having an unpleasant odor, which is aggravated in the summer by blazing heat, which is frequently over 100 degrees.. the winters are, cold, dreary and not comfortable, but it does not snow. The crime rate is high and, for the most part, the quality of the townspeople is low. There's minimal career/professional opportunities outside of trucking and agriculture. Almost everyone that attends the University here leaves for greener pastures. There's minimal recreation outlets, unless you leave the city;however there are some worthwhile places within an hour or two driving, such as Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Napa, the CA Central Coast and the SF Bay Area...the University of the Read More

I like it - 9/3/2017
Honestly, I like Stockton. Majority of people I've run into have been super sweet. I dropped some money in a store & the woman behind me let me know I dropped it. Nice selection of stores. Unemployment's high but the colleges seem nice. Everybody has a dog here & those dogs are like their kids, I love it. Another bonus is you're 60 miles from The Bay, like you're literately close to the mountains, city & beach. Read More

High crime and unemployment - 4/21/2017
STOCKTON,CA. is a city with a high crime and unemployment rate with a very large homeless population. This city is unsafe and is not kept up to clean standards due to it being a poor city compare to other existing local surrounding cities such as: Lathrop, Manteca, Tracy, Read More

I love Stockton - 9/14/2011
Stockton has 300000 people- are they all stupid ,Stockton is not a bad place to live believe me I lived here all my life, It is a California city after all and not the American south as portrayed by the Read More

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