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Calle Mayor Middle School - Torrance, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Calle Mayor Middle School4800 Calle Mayor
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 533-45486-8Los AngelespublicTorrance Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
25 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic45.72009
Black, non-Hispanic3.072009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.742009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Chris Sheck2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

7/12/2012parentCalle Mayor Middle School has effected my student in many wonderful ways. A point of time my son was failing in math, so i changed the school to Calle his grades impoved from and D to and high B
6/1/2012parentMy childs love this school. Finally I feel real american education. We came from LA District. Now we are in heaven. Good kids, good teachers, good administration.
9/15/2011otherI loveee this school and miss it sooo much! My new school is horrible and i miss calle!!!:( its a great atmosphere and it feels like one biig the teachers are amazing! kids are some of the nicest in middle school... no bullying whatsoever!
3/24/2010studentI am student going to calle mayor and i am in the sixth grade. I know all of the teachers very well though. Though the princable dislikes some kids and spoils others. I really admire the english teachers for taking time out of their lunch to help the advanced writers. It is a writing club fir those who excced in thatsubject. Some teachers don't disipline the kids and and just punish kids at random times by giving the lunch detentions. Some of the teachers are excellent and help the students with kindness. Over all it is a very wonderful school in deed.
2/7/2010parentThis school is great. My daughter absolutely LOVES this school.
10/7/2009parentTeachers are very dedicated and passinate about their students education!
9/7/2009parentMy son is in 8th grade this year and i love this school they always get in touch with me when i need something i love this school with me sending my younger son hear to. Thanks to all the great teachers at the school and in the office for make our stay hear so great.
9/2/2009parentafter my son finished seaside elementary, a lot of the mothers were going to home school or send there kids to private school rather than send them to Calle Moyor middle school. I thought they were nuts. but this school proved me wrong. this is a one size fits all school. if your child does not fit the size, too bad. staff does not care and will do nothing to help your child out. they won't even return emails or phone calls. my youngest son will be going to private school no matter what the cost after the experience I had here. do your child a favor and do not send him to this disaster.
6/10/2009studentcalle is a great school. i am a current 8th grader at calle and have attended for all three years. the teachers are great and they actually talk to each other. the principal is strict but fair and knows many of the students by name. there are many activities to participate in.
1/26/2009parentCalle Mayor is a great school thats is set on having their students suscced. And that is very important!
11/16/2008studenti went there a couple of years ago, i had the time of my life. many clubs to join. i was in at least eight. best school ever. teacher reallly do put in the effort to each students. if something is wrong there always there to help.
11/15/2008otherThe maintenance level is bad, like all Torrance schools. But this is a great institution!
5/23/2008studentcalle mayor is a wonderful schhhol. filled with freindly faces everywhere. i went there for 7th grade and i had the best time ever. i liked my teachers and all my freinds.
4/15/2008parentVery poor school. Moving our child to private school because of the lack of caring and teaching ability of the teachers and principal at this school. I was warned about this school by other parents so I guess it is my fault for sending our child there.
9/6/2006parentJust had a son graduate and could not have been happier with experience. Zero drugs, Zero fighting and everyone got along regardless of race. Lots of fun activities held at lunch by the teaching and PTA staff. My son felt safe and happy to go to school daily and that is #1 in my book. Teaching staff, although not perfect, was effective based on star testing results. If you are involved with your child's school and know their friends you will have a successful 3 years and these years build the foundation for high school.
6/30/2005parentNot very keen on students' academic and moral discipline. Too free to do anything, no rules set or enforced. Principal seem to have philosophy of let kids do what they want w/o restrictions.
2/20/2004parentMr. Jackson is a very kid focused administrator and knows most of the student's names and spends a great deal of time in the halls observing conduct and staying in tune with his school. The teaching staff is energetic and passionate about teaching middle school students. It is a good school, just wish the facilities were nicer, including a gym, auditorium and grounds equipment.

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