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Stott Elementary School - Arvada, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Stott Elementary School6600 Yank Way
Arvada, CO 80004
(303) 982-2638PK-6JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic79.62382009
Black, non-Hispanic2.507842009
Asian/Pacific Islander3.448282009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.253922009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

7/23/2012parentWe love Stott. My son is going into 1st grade this year and we had an excellent experience with Kindergarten. The new principal is positive and friendly. The teachers my son had were wonderful and the staff is always friendly and helpful.
4/20/2012parentMy child has attended Stott for the past 3 years and is currently completing the 2nd grade. The new principal and staff of teachers and faculty are amazing. From Kindergarten forward, my child has been challenged and has excelled with the guidance of her outstanding teachers. My child attended the 2009-2010 Kindergarten class and there is a lot of misinformation in the previous reviews. Her grade did have 54 students, but there was one full time teacher, one half-day teacher, and three teacher aids beginning from the FIRST week of school. Her grade is the largest grade moving through Stott and the staff has always been adjusted to guarantee that the class sizes are appropriate and similar to the class sizes in surrounding schools in Arvada. In fact, most class sizes at Stott are either at the typical size or a smaller size than surrounding neighborhood schools. The Kindergarten curriculum was challenging and appropriate for ensuring that students were ready to move on to the next grade. Her first grade teacher was amazing and gave her the confidence and knowledge necessary to become an excellent student for the rest of her education.
2/19/2012parentWe have had a great experience at Stott! The new principal is amazing! She is very involved, super approachable and just a wonderful addition to our school. I have met some fantastic parents who are involved in making our school a great place to be. My children are thriving educationally and are enjoying their learning environment.
1/25/2012parentMy child attended kindergarten at Stott for the 2011-2012 school year. I disagree with the previous reviews. Stott has a two kindergarten teachers and two classroom aides. Class size was 24 students in each class. The teachers did an amazing job of helping my student learn to read and write in addition to learning how to 'do school'. My child loved kindergarten and still loves school now. The teachers kept me well informed of my child's progress throughout the year. The class has many opportunities for children to work at their level, allowing for advanced learners to be challenged as well as students getting extra help. I love the use of technology and the computer programs available at school as well as home use. I think the kindergarten program gave my child an excellent foundation. All of the staff at Stott are friendly and helpful. Stott also has a fabulous new principal this year. I would recommend Stott as a school home!
6/24/2010parentMy child attended the Kindergarten class for the 2009-2010 year. First I will say we moved him from all day to half day because he wasn't getting anymore from being there all day and now have moved him to another school for 1st grade! I agree completely with the last review of the Kindergarten class. At start there were 54 students, 1 teacher, 1 student teacher, and 3 aids. Later in the year the Student teacher became the teacher over the half day students and they lost an aid. I think the biggest problems Stott has are 1. The class size is to big 2. There is very little parent involvement 3. There is very little Principal involvement. Do your homework on the schools you are thinking of putting your children at, don't make the same mistake I did.
5/2/2010parentI'm disappointed with their Kindergarten. The children are becoming confused with far too advanced ciriculum i.e. nouns, verbs, sentence structure, puncuation; too much too soon! Also, they lack art, science, and gym. In fact, if a child is not focusing they are held in from recess.this being completely okay with the Principal. Seems to me that the first lady would not appove of this as, our children are now obese with a lack of excersise. It is important for children mentally, physically and socially to go outside. Whatever happened to children just being children?
8/12/2008parentKindergarten is great! The first grade teachers also seem to be on-top of everything. Sott offers after school supplement for kids to hang out in the building. The extracirricular activites are offered through the park district (Apex Center) or several private business in the area like the YMCA. The Apex Center is great and they have several facilities for a multitude of interests for ALL ages. Also children can join clubs like girl or boy scouts and go to the library.
7/28/2008parentOh thats not true the 2nd grade teachers are great and Mr. Jenkins 4th grade teacher is excellent!!
3/27/2008parentStott is an excellent school with excellent teachers. Ver academiccally orientated. They do everything they can to help each student.
4/9/2007parentI believe that the lack extracurricular physical activities has greatly damaged the children and there learning achievements. My child's frustration with math and other areas, is partially contributed to the very large class size. Since there is very limited assistance for the teacher's, my child pays the price in education.
11/5/2005staffStott Elementary has a brand new principal with great vision and experience with the Jefferson County assessment office. Instructions is centered around student achievement.
8/20/2005parentStott Elementary has a very solid community involvement. For the most part the teachers are great except for grades 2 and 4. It has a small school feel and kids are held accountable in accademic and behavior infractions.
5/19/2004parentA community involved school. Teachers take an active interest in all the kids. The principal is a fantastic leader. The building/grounds are a bit dated, but the PTA is working to improve them! CSAP scores are rising fast!

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