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Nativity Of Our Lord School - Broomfield, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Nativity of Our Lord School900 W Midway Blvd
Broomfield, CO 80020
(303) 466-4177K-8Broomfieldprivate 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
Asian/Pacific Islander2.061862008
Black, non-Hispanic0.2061862008
White, non-Hispanic90.51552008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Kathy Shadel 2007


7/16/2012otherI'm a current student at Nativity and have been here since kindergarten. I like this school a lot, but admit that some of that is probably because I'm a good student. The teachers are nice (particularly in science and art) and have done a good job. However, I think the class difference is a bit extreme.You are either one of the very rich, or you are not. I also think that some of the parents (particularly those who have many kids attending, make donations or volunteer a lot) have too great a say in what happens there. This can be unfair to some of the middle or lower class families. All in all, I've had a good time there, but if you have a child who needs extra help with school work or you aren't in the greatest financial shape, this probably isn't the school for you.
5/17/2012parentWe had very high hopes for our kids attending this CS but have been extremely disappointed. We, along with a couple other families have decided Nativity is not for our kids. The administration does not handle situations appropriately, nor do they let kids be kids. The parents running the school definitely have a lot of pull with the teachers and administration and are awful to those on the "outside'. I have a smart kid that isn't challenged and has almost been held back to his current grade level rather than pushed to do harder/more difficult work. I had heard a lot of families have left and now I know why!
4/8/2012parentWe only have 1 yr of experience at this school. But, 6 at another CS with our daughter and I went to 3 different catholic schools on 2 different continents. So you can say my assessment of catholic schools come with some valued experience. First impression of Nativity is the quality of the teaching staff. I have never been so impressed with the quality care, structure, and discipline that is forwarded to my child - we enjoyed the last school she was in but the education does not compare. My daughter tells me that Nativity is really hard & strict but she LOVES it - so do I!! Her grades are much better that ever before, and she has always made the honor roll. As far as I can see the Principal is a wonderful disiplanarian & educator, not so good as a business woman trying to keep & grow her private school business. One observation - you would think the first thing you would want to do is personally welcome a new family to your school. The school tries hard to get parents to help out but it seams that only a minor percentage actually care enough to step up to the line to volunteer (sure I want my kid to have a good time. But, I want other parents to do that for me!!) REALLY!!
1/21/2012parentMy two children have been going to Nativity since kindergarten, and they are both very happy here. There is a strong sense of community here and a high degree of parent volunteerism at the school. In my observation, it is the high level of family participation and emphasis on morality as well as academic excellence that makes this school so well-rounded.
1/20/2012parentI have two children at Nativity, one in grade school and one in the middle school. My children are quite happy here and I believe the curriculum to be quite good. The math program is pretty strong and I feel the kids are well prepared for any high school they choose to attend. Of course, the Catholic education is important to us and this is one of Nativity's strengths. There is a real sense of a caring community here and I feel my children are in very good hands. The lunch program is quite good with many healthy options for lunch if they choose to buy it. If only we had more room at this school, as the space is limited. As with many schools, I believe parents who can volunteer their time here will appreciate all that takes place at this school.
1/6/2012parentNativity has been a great experience for our kids and our family. The kids are learning and living their faith. Academically, they are receiving a strong education. My kids are happy to go to, and happy when they come home from, Nativity.
1/5/2012parentI am very happy with what Nativity has provided my children. They have learned love and respect for themselves and each other. THey have learned how to incorporate their spiritual selves into their daily lives. I came on here and saw reviews that were negative, remember the people who post negative are usually few and far in between. I feel like it is the most wonderful place I could send my kids. The experience the staff and love my children are given everyday is nuruturing and positive. A+++
6/14/2011otherI just graduated from Nativity, and I went there from kindergarten all the way through the 8th grade. I did love many assets of Nativity, but as another reviewer said, middle school was kinda downhill. Don't get me wrong, this is a good school, but the teachers did expect more from you than they should have. And yes, they DO check your facebook, as one kid in my class got in trouble for something he posted on it. I did like Nativity for the most part, though, and I say if you can find the money go ahead and try it out. Nativity does try, and yes, even if the figures of authority do think we live in the 1940's they are still very lenient and don't nave nearly as many rules as other private schools. So I say give Nativity a go, if it works for you then you won't be disappointed. :)
10/3/2010otherI went to Nativity from Kindergarden to 8th grade! I loved K-5...but once I became a middle schooler everything went downhill. This happened because of the Principal and the Vice Principal who are not up to date on how to run schools. (they think its the 1940's) The middle school teachers are horrible except only a few teachers. The teachers yell and basically scream at you. Once a month or two I would go home in tears because of how the teachers treated me. They don't let you have a social life (they even check your facebook), they yell and scream, and they don't show you respect. On the good side they prepared me for High School and taught me about Christ on the Catholic Church. So if you are going to send your child to nativity. I would send them only till 5th grade
7/10/2010parentMy daughter has been at Nativity for several years and she is very happy and is thriving at this school. They have high expectations of the students (and this is one reason I like Nativity). My daughter has learned a great deal about religion and responsbility. I highly recommend Nativity!
4/22/2010parentOur son is very behind in math, the kids are not treated with respect at all!!!! Some teachers have been there to long and are mean . We are looking for a new school. Some other parent said it right...if you have a perfect child the school will be fine.
6/21/2009parentNativity is a good school, if you have the right student. The school is far behind in times with differentation. The school lacks the quality support for thoes who need extra help with academics and with slight behavior modifications. My student is two years behind in reading and is now stuck with the continual effort in keeping up with his peers in reading. The curriculum is not researched based and only used based on teachers preference with out data to support the the curriculum. Many of the teachers are great. Most of them are very careing. I do believe that all of them have the students in mind. I feel that the Archdiocese is the ones who need to 'step it Up' in order for the teachers and the principals get what they need to be an very effective school.
6/11/2007parentWe, like many other good families have decided to leave Nativity. We were very disenchanted with the entire experience. The teachers were caring enough (with a few exceptions) but we had concerns our son would be behind in academics. The parents were sharply divided between have and have-nots. The charm of Catholic school no longer exists at Nativity. It's a shame they've forgotten away from what matters in order to pursue their political agenda.
5/11/2007studentThis is the best school ever! I have been going here seen Kingergarden.
5/11/2007studentThis is the best school ever!
3/1/2007parentThis school use to be great. It is going down and needs to evaluate the teachers. We left the school due to lack of education and the lack of integrity of the staff.
7/9/2006parentMy son has been going to this school for three years and I am truly impressed.
2/19/2005studentThis is my first year here and I can say i love it. This is the greatest school i have ever been to. All the teachers and students are so nice and helpful. I will continue to go to this school through 8TH grade I love this school!

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