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Star Rating - 1/20/2018
Broomfield, Colorado is a great place to live if you don’t actually want to live in a real town with character, real shops, restaurants, and a sense of community but prefer only high density housing, overinflated property taxes that are used to support the useless brainless corrupt police force and city officials (Broomfield doesn’t even have its own school district but leaches onto Adams and Boulder county schools, the counties from ‘whence it evolved to make money only’), a ‘town and county’ that thrives on stripping out oil and gas from under the ground of all of its high density housing, that doesn’t see the future or long term health and environmental effects on the area because of the dollar signs over the city officials’ greed tinted glasses, cold and unfriendly neighbors verging on a common theme of ‘borderline personality disorder’, traffic jams (constantly building more and more high density housing but no infrastructure to support it), road rage, Barbie doll wives driving aimlessly around in the SUV’s that ‘hubby bought’ with the breeze flowing unhindered between their ears and snooty entitled children in tow emulating their parents. Go instead to Jefferson County, Boulder County, or anyplace besides Broomfield City and County to live. I mean, only if you desire to truly live vs existing in Broomfield. Well, only if you are a respectable, genuine, giving, neighborly, intelligent, unentitled human being who cares about creating community, giving back to the world around you vs simply taking for yourself. It is a lie when Broomfield advertises ‘Great city to live, work, and play.’ It should be changed to ‘Great place to work in order to exist and rob Peter to pay Paul and that’s all!’
Realist | Broomfield, CO
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I live in an "Over 55 Active Community" that is fantastic...especially if you like living in a gas and oil patch! Broomfield sent out a magazine listing all of the people who are running the town: you would not believe the size of the government bureaucracy... hokey smoke, Bullwinkle! Is this Denver or Broomfield? Going shopping on week-ends is a nightmare with all the traffic and you would be wise to plan getting home from shopping before 2PM on week days. The weather is truly great: almost always sunny and dry. Even if the temp goes up to 92 degrees, you will cool off in the shade. Even 40 degree weather in the winter with the sun is comfortable...low humidity a big plus! And yes, there is no town village area: you'll have to go to Erie, Louisville or Lafayette, all small but all have a little something to offer.
Fred | Broomfield, CO | Report Abuse
- 1/27/2019
Great family place
I’ve lived in Broomfield for almost 25 years. We moved here to raise kids and for the scho...
Emma | Broomfield, CO | No Replies

- 2/7/2014
Its not Colorado, its suburbia anyplace USA
Broomfield has all the advantages of Colorado (or around Denver), things like good weather...
jay | Louisville, CO | 1 Reply

- 5/6/2009
quality of life
it is of high quality to live in this beautiful place...
Bp | Broomfield, CO | No Replies

- 6/16/2008
public transportation sparse
I've lived in Broomfield for about 12 years now. It's a nice place to live, especially if...
Todd | Broomfield, CO | No Replies

- 4/6/2008
Broomfield CO is a terrific place to live; moved h
I disagree with the review from the Alaska native (comparing any urban area or city to Ala...
Mom | Broomfield, CO | No Replies

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