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Rock Ridge Elementary School - Castle_Rock, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Rock Ridge Elementary School400 North Heritage Road
Castle Rock, CO 80104
(303) 387-5150K-6DouglaspublicDouglas County Re 1 School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic86.54822009
Black, non-Hispanic3.299492009
Asian/Pacific Islander2.411172009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.7614212009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/22/2012parentI think the negative reviews on this school are greatly exaggerated. Yes, the communication of the school and teachers could be improved (lots of emails and last minute requests from teachers). However, this is a school where the arts and PE are still available. Spanish is offered for 3rd grade and up. They still take field trips and offer Outdoor Ed. These are all things that better schools have decided to cut. My daughter is now in middle school and is thriving academically. She scored above grade level in reading and math and at grade level for writing. I look forward to sending my 4 year old next year. And there is a new principle, the old one retired at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. Education and academics is very important in our home, we would not send our children to a sub-par school.
9/26/2012parentI am a parent of Rock Ridge and floored by the negative comments regarding the school, and it's leaders!! Rock Ridge is an amazing school with an even more amazing staff... My son has received an outstanding education thus far and the school in it's entirety is 100% GREAT!!! Hats off to the Rock Ridge team for your commitment to our children and for all that you do for them. I feel it is my familys pleasure to be a part of the Rock Ridge community.
7/6/2012parentMy children have received excellent schooling here at Rock Ridge. They have been given an outstanding education thus far and have exceeded my expectations in every way.
7/3/2012parentRock Ridge is not a good school at all. The principal is really hard to deal with and so are the teachers and the office staff. They have a lot of bullying going on at that school. The principal and teachers do nothing about it. I would never recommend this school to anyone! This is a Very Awful school!
7/3/2012parentRRE IS A TERRIBLE SCHOOL WITH TERRIBLE LEADERSHIP. The teachers are awful they don't communicate well with the parents and ignore the bullying that is really going on. The principal is extremely hard to deal with... The principal also ignores the bullying! This is a very disappointing school and I would NEVER recommend this school to anyone!
5/4/2012parentI have a first grader and a pre-schooler who love RRE. The teachers we have had (PreK, Kindie and 1st) have been amazing. I feel like their teachers truly care about their education and truly care for my children! I am absolutely amazed at how much my children have learned! RRE also seems to be a school with very little bullying (if any, I have feet to hear of any). The students learn to help and trust each other even from different grade levels by having older "buddies" who they grow to care about and trust! Parent involvement in the school is phenomenal! Any time I have had a question, comment or concern, I am always able to speak to whom i need and everything is addressed right away! I would recommend Rock Ridge to anyone!
4/10/2012parentMajor lack of communication, slow on stopping the bullying....and not learning enough...3 major parental concerns.....don't have much to top that...try homeschooling or cyber schooling...
2/15/2011parentWe opened enrolled our son and it was the best choice we made. I have never seen a staff so dedicated to its students. The administration has addressed all our concerns and the teachers have helped move my son forward in his education and self esteem. The staff I have had contact with demonstrate many of the IB (primary years) learner profiles as well as the areas of interaction that make learning attainable. I read something about the FORR group spending money on silly activities rather than on good teachers. To be honest, that build community and a sense of responsibility. My family has benefited from all these activities. My son now sees his school as a place to learn but also how socialize and resolve conflict. Also, the parents involved do not make decisions on who RRE hires. That is up to the hiring committee. I work full time, like many parents and I have had many opportunities to get involved in school. To you that are unhappy, I hope you find a school that best fits your needs. That is extremely important. Good luck to you!
2/5/2011parentI am glad I found the postings below. I now know that I am not alone in my experience with Rock Ridge Elementary. I do not want to type out all the problems we have had---and there have been MANY and in just one year. Just know, with the staff and leadership at this school, what they say to you with a smile is not in line with the actions they perform, to include treatment of students. They just do not have the time or the patience for your child if there are learning or behavior issues. My child is not happy. I am not happy. The school has been a huge disappointment---we will not be returning for another year. Be careful in your dealings with this school...
12/15/2010parentI totally agree with the last post, I am having the very same experience. The right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing and so forth. The school is very disorganized and way overcrowded. The student/teacher ratio on is WAY off, it is much higher than 17 or 18 students to a teacher. Unless your child is fine with being on their own to learn, I would not send them to this school. It is very unfortunate that I based enrolling my child totally on the opinion of two other parents and not on the numbers that I saw. Now I have to deal with trying to get my child into a different school and uproot her yet again. My only saving grace is that my child lucked out with getting a good teacher this year, but I don't think I can take my chances next year.
12/11/2010parentI agree with the previous parent post about being "astonished by rave reviews" of Rock Ridge Elementary. He or She was not stretching the truth about the front desk staff being not friendly. WOW, is all I can say. The leadership of the school's priority, in my opinion, is "how can we get this done the easiest way" and that includes academics, special programs, or even fund raising. Does your child have any issues what-so-ever? Do not go to this school, do not. You will find yourself and your helpless child/children in a frustration loop with a staff that points fingers at anyone but themselves. We are taking our children running, not walking, to another school next year.
5/25/2010parentI am really astonished by the rave reviews for Rock Ridge. I have had many issues with most every teacher my children have had. The leaders of this school have in no way been helpful. The front office staff are not friendly. The school is overcrowded. Their PTA is called the Friends of Rock Ridge. They spend money on foolish things like ice cream socials and back to school barbecues, really? How about spending money on hiring better staff and worth while field trips. Honestly, I don't know what they're going for here, they want to known for their IB program and above average academics, but the childrens are the losers here. They are not receiving the education they deserve.
4/18/2010parentThe teachers, principal and staff are highly dedicated to providing the best possible learning experience and curriculum with care and devotion.
4/16/2010otherThe best school ever! It's a little overpopulated, but once Sage Canyon Elementary pops up, it'll bring down that a little bit. Also they should move the sixth graders to Mesa permanently, instead of bringing them back and fourth all day.
4/14/2010parentcaring, concerned, the most amazing principal in ever sence of the word. dedicated to each child
4/14/2010parentTeachers are involved and care about students overall well being and education.
9/27/2009parentI just moved to Castle Rock - specifically for the schools here. My child is in Kinder and I am thrilled with her teacher and her class. So far, I have absolutely no issues with this school, the teaching or the teachers. My child loves it and is always thrilled to go to school!
8/10/2009parentI have 2 children at RR in 2nd and 5th grade my children have problems with learning especially reading and RR has done miricales for them they have both been on ILP's every year including last year which has helped them get up to grade level and when they fall behind thier teachers always take notice and get them on track with extra help before and after school. My daughter has a learnig disability that they found and are helping her to learn with her disability. Our family has also had some huge family tragidies over the last 3 years and the school has been there for not only the kids but the whole family through all of it. I think the IB program they have started is wonderful both my kids have begun to learn spanish amoung other things I was never taught in school. And,the principal is amazing!
4/15/2009parentI have two kids attending Rock Ridge. Although I haven't been thrilled with every teacher they have had, I've always been able to air my concerns and work on a solution with the teachers. One of my kids is very bright and his teachers have gone out of their way to make sure he is challenged. The principal at Rock Ridge gives much of his power away to the teachers to ensure they have what they need to do their jobs and the focus is always on the kids. I would encourage anyone who has a problem with Rock Ridge to volunteer on the SAC committee. You'll get the background knowledge you need to understand how the school works and it's the best place to influence future decisions for the school. As for the overcrowding, there's not much you can do about that until more schools are built.
3/4/2009parentWe are not impressed with Rock Ridge. The school is overcrowded, which makes attending activities a nightmare. I have had issues with two teachers and the principal and vice principal were of absolutely no help. There are a couple of good teachers. The staff is not very friendly, anytime I need to talk to them, I feel as if I am bothering them. Three more years and we are out of there.
2/20/2009parentWe recently moved to the RR area. On the surface, the school, faculty and parents appear to be very involved and dedicated. Over time though, I have come to find that there is too much focus on frivolous things and not enough focus on academics.....there seems to be a lot of social activities. (wonder where this money would be better spent). RR has recently implemented the IB program, HOWEVER, I think this is going to prove to be a huge mistake. My child(ren) can no longer recieve ILP services, cannot memorize times-tables and at mid-5th grade level, still do not know how to property prepare a writing piece....and meanwhile are earning A's and B's. Seems to me there needs to be more focus on the basic academic fundamentals rather than social activities and the school's 'status' as an IB school.
3/23/2008teacherI was a teacher at Rock Ridge Elementary for five years. All of the staff, from adminstration down to part-time instructional assistants and nutrition services are 100% dedicated to helping all children that attend Rock Ridge. Staff go out of their way to dedicate their off time to the school, learning programs, and community events. The school's motto, 'Every child, every day.' is the cornerstone of instruction and relationship development at Rock Ridge. With the initiation of gaining IB International Baccalaureate status, Rock Ridge will continue to be a school that meets all children's needs with the utmost integrity and highest level of instruction. In my experience, Rock Ridge is not only the best elementary school in Douglas County, it surpasses any of the elementary schools that I have taught in throughout the country. Rock Ridge is a very special place.
12/13/2007parentWe have been very pleased with the administration and teachers at Rock Ridge. they have provided our daughters with an excellent learning environment.
11/11/2007parentMy son started aug 07, 2nd grade, with a new teacher who is awesome! i volunteer - which there are plenty of- and am able to see the action firsthand. My son is excelling in his subjects (his scores were ave. And below ave. In a few subjects in 1st grade). The concern for the kids safety is none like i've ever seen. I have been very impressed with everything at this school.
2/20/2007parentWe started at Rock Ridge in January of 2006. We had just moved from California and my boys, ages 6 and 8, were entering school mid year. The teachers met with them before school started and made them feel very comfortable. I had more conversations with the principal at this school within the first week, than I had with our principal in California the 2 years we had been there. The staff is very friendly and the teachers have been wonderful so far. The communication between the teachers and parents is great. I do have one thing to add about the principal. Rock Ridge elementary does not tolerate any bullying. We had a problem with bullies on the bus and for a week straight the principal took the bus home with the kids to handle the situation. I was rather impressed, and the bullies stopped. This made a huge impact.
1/30/2007parentWe haven't been terribly impressed by the leadership (principal) or quality of teachers at RockRidge. No child left behind is an echo in the distance. Be cautious and don't be misled by the staff at RockRidge. If this district and especially this school gives you their word it may only be good until you leave the room.
1/4/2007parentI have 2 students in Rock Ridge. I think Rock Ridge is a very good school. The administration is wonderful and puts kids 1st. We love Rock Ridge!
9/29/2005parentI've been very pleased with my son's involvement with Rock Ridge preschool so far this year. He's an introverted child, and his teachers have made a special effort to get to know him and make him feel comfortable and welcome with his first experience with formal 'school'. He's talking more than ever, and doesn't seem to be as shy as he once was.
3/9/2005parentI haven't been terribly impressed with Rock Ridge Elementary. My child had never had learning issues until he came to Rock Ridge. His teacher was very harsh with him, ignoring the fact that he has a hearing impairment. The school is too crowded and the big, family activities are frustrating because you can barely walk with all the people in the building. Needless to say, we are moving to a different school district.

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