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Blue Heron Elementary School - Littleton, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Blue Heron Elementary School5987 West Dorado Drive
Littleton, CO 80123
(303) 982-2770PK-6JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic70.26522009
Black, non-Hispanic0.7575762009
Asian/Pacific Islander14.01522009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

1/15/2011parentBlue Heron has a great preschool with wonderful staff who really care about the kids! The teachers emphasize good manners and expect the kids to learn how to do things for themselves: zipping coats, cleaning messes, etc. There is a focus on literacy and the teachers require that the kids pay attention. Bad behavior is not tolerated. The kids have fun and especially love center time!
5/12/2010parentAwesome teachers who really care about the children
5/1/2010otherThe school creates and supports a strong teacher, student, parent relationship.
4/29/2010parentIt is a wonderful school with supportive staff and parent community. It is a great place for our children to be!
4/29/2010parentI love working with the amazing kiddos and parents!
4/29/2010teacherThe staff is so dedicated to helping ALL children and we have wonderful, supportive parents!!
4/28/2010parentThe staff all love our children!! We are a close knit school, and the staff are all wonderful!!
4/23/2010parentWhat a great school! I put 3 kids through Blue Heron, and they all LOVED it! I would most definitely recommend Blue Heron to anyone looking for a great school in Littleton. I always found the staff to be helpful, friendly, and willing to spend extra time with me or my kids. Great job Blue Heron!
4/21/2010parentProgressive school where students love to learn & the teachers are dedicated professionals that love their job
4/16/2010otherMy nephew and niece attend(ed) Blue Herron since the school opened. My sister-in-law is also a teacher there. I see how involved she and the other staff are and how concerned they are for the children.
3/18/2010parentI completely agree with the comments about the cliques, negativity and attitudes toward the families who don't live in Grant Ranch and do not have a lot of money. One of my children will graduate from 6th grade this year and I have another in 3rd. I loved Mr. Melina as principal, not to impressed with the current principal. He does seem to favor the wealthier families who Moms can stay home and be invloved in everything. Not so much for the parents that have to work. My kids have had good and bad teachers. I have nothing great to say about this school but nothing horrible. However, my opinions weigh further to the negative side. I am seriously considering moving my 3rd grader the a different school.
9/10/2008parentMy child has been attending Blue Heron for the last 2 years. I agree with another parent's comments regarding cliques--the parents are not very friendly unless you're in their group and these negative attitudes carry on to their children and the children only play and interact with children of their parents friends. 80% of the parents are not friendly and act like they are better than everyone--except their friends--of course. I have been impressed with the teachers thus far but not the principal. He seems to only care about the 'chosen ones' --the parents who run the school. I do love the school--the education my child is receiving but there are a lot of negatives. I was reluctent to move into Grant Ranch and although I have met a number of friendly people, most are uppity and are very friendly.
8/25/2008otherthis school is run like a tight ship. It is a happy, safe, and productive place.
12/21/2006parentMy children have been going to this school for several years. I am impressed by the school for its academic aspect, but am unimpressed by the school showing any improvement with diversity, or for the children that may lack some part of the social aspect, due to financial status. I don't know if this is caused by the surrounding area having less financial difficulties, or because certian morals have been left out of curriculum.
6/12/2006parentThe culture and atmosphere of this beautiful school is disappointing. There is a lot of cliques and negative attitudes of the students and the parents. Hopefully the new principle will be able to balance the strong negative influence of a few with the positive influence of the teachers and parents who want to create a nurturing, postive, healthy learning environment.
4/23/2006parentThis school is excellent for a public school education. Children come first. Teachers take special interest in individual children. Physical fitness is very important as well as making a child feel special.
1/17/2006parentRudy Melena, as principal of Blue Heron, has been with the school since before it was even built. From the very beginning, he assembled a great team of teachers and has been exceptional in working with the parents and the community. Blue Heron has added new and interesting extracurricular activities each year. With the diversity of free and low cost programs available at the school, Blue Heron students have the opportunity to join in a wide variety of programs while staying in the safe environment of the school. Parents are more involved with the school and programs at Blue Heron than at any other school I have been involved with. I think Blue Heron is one of the finest elementary schools in the state.
1/6/2006parentWe were very impressed at the two visits we had when we chose the school. However we have not seen all that we were promised about differenciated learning an meetint students needs at the top of the class. Extracurricular activites have been great. We have not seen the level of parent involvement that was talked about.
4/19/2005parentThis is our first year at Blue Heron but, I have been so impressed with the commitment of the staff especially the principal. Understanding that impressions and the rating of the year is based on the one teacher that we have experienced it has been outstanding. If the rest of the teachers are this fabulous, I couldn't ask for more. There is heavy parent involvement but, it seems to be the same parents that are involved. The extra festivals and activities have been first rate.

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