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Littleton, Colorado Reviews

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Nice for families, if you can afford it - 3/16/2021
I grew up here in the 1970s and 80s, when it was indisputably the best suburb of Denver. The city was close, but horseback riding and hunting were even closer, and of course the mountains are right there. The park system was and still is amazing, and the town is riven by creeks that we kids explored and took advantage of. I still visit to walk the river and highline canal. The demographics were mixed, and class consciousness was very low. People complain about lack of "diversity" there a lot now, but "white" is a recent invention, and if you count diversity of cultures not just melanin (Irish, Italian, German, Spanish, Protestant, Mormon, Catholic, rich, poor, etc etc) there was and is a ton of diversity. In many ways its shocking how stable Littleton has remained and how much the same it appears - how many places in history have looked this much the same for so many decades, free from war, violence, or economic devastation? At the same time, the cute older small town I lived in has Read More

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Littleton, home of the homeless riff-raff - 12/31/2019
I've lived in Littleton for 30 years. The city council idiots are bringing in street people/voters. Littleton WAS the south metro posh Cherry Creek area. No more. The safe family oriented town of Littleton has given way to bringing in homeless riff-raff tent city democratic voters. City Council provides drug taking kiosks, churches provide free food, and places provide free bedding. Can you say, 'hello Los Angeles!' I saw the EXACT same pattern occur 30 years ago when living in Los Angeles/Santa Monica. Next, A LOT of Calif moved to Denver metro. Now they are making it into another Los Angeles. Their poor bleeding hearts love to bring in homeless people to feed & vote. Now the civility of Littleton is waning and will not return until it hits bottom. In the mean time your taxes MUST increase to pay for the homeless riff-raff and increasing policemen, who do NOTHING for you to keep you safe from the homeless. I-have-seen-it. This is a typical trend. Now you know. Now you've been Read More

Awful place - 5/11/2019
Lived here for 14 yrs and it totally sucks. Overcrowded, traffic is awful, rude and unfriendly people and prices are getting worse.

I'm outta here Read More

geese - 6/15/2017
Constructive review : If new to the area make sure you have a salary equivalent to 35 an hr . 70 to 75 K a year any less and your quality of life will be diminished . Love the Read More

Lot for a little - 1/17/2016
Ho hum city charging high prices for everything with little return. Could partly be this bad economy. Too much traffic Read More

Littleton is Denver's BEST Suburb! - 12/28/2014
Combine milder weather in the winter, one of the best schools systems in the state, acres of open space and parks, hiking and biking trails, plus close proximity to the city's Light Rail System, and there is NO better quality of life in the Denver Metro area than Littleton, CO.

I've lived and worked in Littleton for the past 25 years (born and raised south of Denver in a small town called Pueblo, CO), and I can truly say I wouldn't live anywhere else.

I read one of the negative reviews on this site and thought, where does this guy live?? Maybe he lives in Aurora and doesn't know it (sorry, Aurora).

Julie MontgomeryRead More

Wonderful Place to Live - 5/27/2010
This is a wonderful city to live in! Great amenities, very little driving, good job market (as good as anywhere), great place to raise kids, not a transient Read More

Growing up in Littleton, CO!!!!! - 12/14/2009
I am one of many "Natives" who were born and raised in Colorado, but for whatever reason went to different areas of the U.S. to settle down, Marry and raise our Families. But there is something about Colorado and for me that is Littleton that I never seem to get out of my mind or memory.
I was actually raised in South Denver, but my family had a chance to move "further South" in 1960, to Littleton. Much to the chagrin of my parents friends. "Why are you moving out there?" "All they have "out there" are Jack Rabbits and rattle snakes". Yes there were wide open spaces, Jack Rabbits (I never saw any Rattle Snakes!), but there was a new neighborhood rising up known as Southglen. Downtown Littleton was about 4 miles to the West.
The Downtown area of Littleton has changed little in 49 years! The only thing about downtown that has changed is the RTD Light Rail running from Mineral Ave. to the South to LoDo and the Colorado Rockies Stadium to the North. During Western Welcome Week Read More

Denver Metro Area - 5/20/2009
I've lived here almost all my life having grown up in the mountains west of Littleton. At various times, I've lived in Golden, Arvada, Northglenn, Aurora and lately Centennial. Denver is a great place to live if you don't mind the winters. The winters offer a number of snow activities: skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, etc. The summers are moderate. Bike trails are numerous and outdoor activities overflow. The growing season is a little short for my gardens. For an all around, 4 seasons place, it's great. It has it's surprises. Fronts move through here like Montezuma's Revenge. You can be skiing in your bikini one day and wrapped all the way from your eyebrows down to your muk luks the next. Weather can be finicky. If the cold bothers you, it's not a great place to be as the winters can be brutal on some Read More

Littleton, Colorado - 12/8/2008
Littleton, Colorado is small community. I live in an unincorporated part of Littleton and I enjoy it because of the low tax rate, however it is growing rapidly in population. I am very close to several lakes, 5 minutes from the mountains, and I have immediate access to all amenities. Thank Read More

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