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Columbine High School - Littleton, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Columbine High School6201 South Pierce Street
Littleton, CO 80123
(303) 982-44009-12JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic81.35292009
Black, non-Hispanic1.588242009
Asian/Pacific Islander3.764712009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.8823532009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/25/2011parentA great school, where the principle really cares about every student. It has lots of athletics and activities for students and a great staff. Lots of AP and Honor classes.
4/27/2010studentI love being at Columbine. Overall its a very good school. If you need help, Columbine has many teachers who will reach out and if they feel they cannot help they will enlist a peer cunselor or a counselor to do so. If you are struggling in a class, almst every teacher is willing t take time out of their lunch, ff hour, after or before school to help you. While the school is celebreated for its athletics, all groups are recognized. During assemblies, all groups are mentioned and congrdulated for their success. Overall I'm very happy here and their enviroment here is wonderful
12/15/2008studentColumbine was an amazing school. I learned a lot academically as well as socially. Our class was so close, I don't think many people had enemies. I knew almost everyone and felt as though it was because of Columbine's past that the teachers and administrators pushed the class together. I was a student that was involved in sports programs that weren't high on the popularity school but never once felt as though I was given less attention than the football players. The administrators took time out to give a proper congratulations to teams and students that excelled. The assemblies that others are discussing was an assembly to honor state champions as well as give recognition to players that were chosen as nationally great players. They also took the time during assemblies to mention the names of students in plays, debate, choir, and art that excelled.
12/9/2007studentcool school. sports are a big deal here i play allot of them but i still cant wait to graduate! the academic part of school is good to i have learned allot threw out my four years here. Overall it's a great school.
4/18/2007parentCurrently I have two boys in the school, and others already graduated. I have to agree that sports is everything is the school. Teachers have little feedback with parents, even when you email them. Promises given at conferences are not followed though. I would not send them there but they do not want to leave their friends.
10/18/2006former studenti love this school the kids are great and smart to. we are a very sports related school
8/16/2006studentColumbine High School is very sports-biased. I spent almost a full day at an assembly about baseball and got in trouble by a teacher for doodling in my sketch book and not paying attention. If you play sports then this is a good school for you. You'll get all the attention and praise from the staff. I'm in some high classes and was in the school Orchestra for some time and there were no assemblies on how the Marching Band went to the finals or the Color Gaurd. If you're not a jock or cheerleader the staff automatically assumes you're up to no good and treats you like dirt. Bullies are not recognized if you're not part of the 'in' crowd and if you pick on them for picking on you, expect to get community service, suspended or expelled. I'm not happy with Columbine and neither is my family.
6/13/2006parentThis school has a bad history but good overall academics and good subjects to take place in.
6/6/2006parentThis is an excellent educational facility
5/1/2006former studentColumbine is a great school.
1/10/2006former studentAs a 1985 alumn, I've had several years to process my educational environment at Columbine. I remember dances, talent shows, Choir, and Drawing class. I have fond memories of advertising, short hand, science, and government classes. I don't remember many teachers wanting to help, I do remember instructors eating chalk, and others extending their lecture beyond the bell. Homecoming wasn't very prominant but knowing who dated whom, when a person was expecting, and how many days a person cut class without their parents knowing were discussed openly. My father did all he could to gather information about my education, but was stagnated at every turn. I do remember speaking with a counselor the day before I scored higher on my GED than the graduating classes in Colorado. I didn't play on the school sport teams, I wasn't a nerd, and never got into illegal activities/substances. I still proudly attend all reunions.
12/30/2005parentMy son isnt doing very well. Even though there are a lot of extra-curricular activites. The school seems to not be doing its job. Attendence wise is very bad im a little dissapointed. No parent involvment.
10/22/2005parentIn spite of what has occured here, the school has proved to excel.
5/24/2005parentThis is an excellent academic school with great principal and teachers. Parents are supportive of the school and staff.
4/19/2005parentAdequate. Still think jockocracy is a problem, though.
4/13/2005parentGreat school, very helpful faculty.
1/8/2005parentHas some exciting classes and extracurricular activities. Our son and daughter love the school. Haven't met the principal despite complaints I have made to administration.
10/6/2004studentColumbine was a terrible school - very athletically inclined. If the football or soccer team won State, the kids spent the day in assembly. If the drama group or Speech team won State, barely even a mention. Teachers and administrators favor athletes over others, and suspicions of kids run high.
8/25/2003former studentColumbine was a great school with very motivational teachers. In fact, I always make a trip back to see them and always remember the things (not just school stuff, but life stuff) that they taught me.

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