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Normandy Elementary School - Littleton, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Normandy Elementary School6750 South Kendall Boulevard
Littleton, CO 80128
(303) 982-4766K-6JeffersonpublicJeffco Public Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic87.9242009
Black, non-Hispanic0.5427412009
Asian/Pacific Islander5.156042009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.271372009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/28/2012parentThis school may rank high in the grades but they are slipping. The previous reviews are correct but it all changed in the 2011-2012 school year. Many parents have noted this and are having trouble getting the teachers to pull together for education. They are too focused on technology at need to get back to the books and follow through with teaching the kids on forever skills and not just teach them to memorize the material for the day. Stear clear of any of the advanced classes because the children are not taught how math works and how reading complrehsion is more important than reaching the AR point goal.
10/12/2010parentThe staff is very caring and the curriculum challenges each student at their learning ability.
1/27/2010parentWe open enrolled at Normandy because they follow a Core Knowledge sequenced curriculum with Saxon Math. I would choose it again. The school has active involvement by parents and that involvement is welcome. Homework is reasonable. Classroom technology is appropriate if not impressive. Classwork is focused and in upper grades recess is reduced to one--which I personally feel our society forgets children need breaks to maintain a good mental focus. The principal does focus on producing student achievers and high scores for the school. She runs a well organized and behaved school--it does not always feel warm and fuzzy. No school is perfect but I'm highly satisfied with Normandy.
10/22/2009parentThey care about their kids in every way!
10/7/2009parentThe students and parents are friendly and kind to each other. The teachers work hard to instill knowledge, and motivate kids to be learners, but also help kids grow.
10/4/2009parentNormandy is a wonderful school. The administrators, faculty and staff really care about the students and provide a great learning environment. The parents also really step up and get involved.
9/30/2009parentThe teachers make the big difference.
9/28/2009otherNormandy Elementary is an excellent of what an elementary school should be: loving, caring, individually helps each child to learn and grow, instills healthy values, encourages individuality and creativity and most of all the kids love going to school and learning.
9/28/2009parentWe're really happy with the education our daughter is getting at Normandy. Great teachers. Great students and parents.
9/28/2009parentNumber 1 school in the area. Love the stafff and teachers!!!
9/27/2009parentcore knowledge, great teachers, great community
9/27/2009parentNormandy is constantly reviewing their curriculum and policies to try and do the best for our kids.
9/27/2009parentHas a great Core Knowledge program, has had consistent Excellent performance rating on CSAPs, and the faculty/staff are great!
9/20/2009parentIt's one of the top schools in Denver. The staff is great and proactive. The parents are involved in lots of activities. They have great school programs that parents volunteer their time for such as science and art clubs as well as fun activities such as movie nights, lego clubs, stackers clubs etc. Families from all over the state try to get their children into this school. My son and I are very happy there.
9/16/2009parentmy son is just starting kindergarten. he loves it and they are already working hard with him on his writing skills, reading skills and even tools for him to use in learning correct pronunciation of sounds.
8/26/2009parentThis school is amazing. We love Normandy Elementary. The teachers are amazing, the curriculum is amazing, and the students that go to this school are amazing. In this articulation area it is the best school around. This school gets them ready for learning in/for the future, and teaches them how to be respectful, responsible, and safe. My kids love going here. I've been to the other elementary schools in this area, there is just no comparison. As said below, some schools are just not for everyone.
1/27/2009parentI would agree with the last review. I had almost the same experience. All the school cares about is its test scores! If your child needs help they want you to send them to another school.
1/26/2009parentWe had a very poor experience here; hopefully it was the exception and not the rule. The class size was large with a sizable number of poorly behaved children. If your child is patient, quiet, and polite they might get ignored while teachers deal with the other kids. The school focuses on the test scores at the expense of teaching. Our child's performance and self esteem plummeted during their time at Normandy. The school refused to test for learning disability and told us our child was not very bright. We payed for private testing which revealed our child to be in the 150 IQ range but with severe dyslexia. The school refused to do anything until they could test; which they wanted to delay for 6 months. That was the final straw and I'm sure they were thrilled to protect the scores by getting rid of us.
4/3/2007parentI had two daughters that attended this school since 1997. The previous principal was terrific. However, with the change of administration came a huge change in the overall leadership of the school. The core knowledge curriculum, that the previous principal installed, is fantastic and the teacher's ability to teach this curriculum is amazing. I only hope that the test scores remain high during this administration.
2/1/2006parentNormandy has great parent to teacher involvement. I like the fact that it has a full day kindergarton program.
1/16/2006parentNormandy Elementary school is an outstanding school. They have an incredibly strong curriculum, staff and administration. They have a very strong PTO/CDM and parent involvement. They follow the Core Knowledge curriculum - and excellent back to basics program with sequential learning each year. The school's dress code and discipline code are strictly enforced. It is a jewell in the rough.
9/16/2004parentI have been impressed with the education that two of my children have received at Normandy. The core knowledge curriculum has been impressive and I am amazed at the liberal arts knowledge my children have. Both the math program and the phonics program have fit my daughter's learning style and she has excelled. I have appreciated the education they received in the primary grades. I felt that at the intermediate level there was not as much interest in accomodating different learning needs. It has been a good experience, though.

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