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Roxborough Intermediate School - Littleton, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Roxborough Intermediate School7370 Village Circle East
Littleton, CO 80125
(303) 387-60053-6DouglaspublicDouglas County Re 1 School District

11/18/2011parentI am grateful that my children attend this school! The teachers are amazing, it has a strong leadership team, and the parent involvement is outstanding. My children are being challenged in their studies due to ability grouping. The gifted and talented program is wonderful. Not every school is going to be a perfect fit for every family, but for our family this school is a perfect fit! My kids love their specials rotation - which includes music, art, p.e., technology and science. The after school enrichment activities are plentiful.
11/18/2011parentIf you ask the Middle School Teachers about how Roxborough kids perform they would answer 'superior.' Our daughter who was on Independent Learning Programs (school tutoring) throughout Rox Elementary was just awarded the #1 student in her pod (out of 120 students) Everyday Math is difficult for most parents to understand because it is not rote memorization as we were taught. Instead, to keep up with 21st century learning and competing globally in the future, it teaches algebraic thinking which allows students to understand multiple problem-solving approaches. A propulsion engineer from Lockheed Martin who volunteers weekly at RXI says 'Everyday Math is very important for kids who want to be engineers or scientists because it promotes critical thinking'. Yes, the class sizes average 26 or 28 depending on the grade and that is why we are thankful for SmartBoards, speaker technology and ability grouping in every room to help manage it. Roxborough is one of the few elementary schools with a full-time Science teacher and band/orchestra in 4th, 5th and 6th. As well as Robotics, Chess League, Talent Show, DI, yoga, Science Fair and more. We LOVE our school!
11/16/2011parentThis school has alot to be desired. Overcrowded classrooms, LOTS of bullying, a recent departure of good teachers...seeing that the conditions at this school are only getting worse. The school promotes curriculums that ultimately hinder the students when they move onto other schools (Everyday Math for instance). And...the school doesn't teach or require learning cursive - which is mandatory at other schools, which puts the kids behind even more when they move onto other schools. The community likes to put on a facade that this school and the area are superior - when in reality this school lacks a clear direction or hope for the future students.
5/12/2010parentThe school is the center of this community. The staff is like a family and decisions are made for what is best for kids.
4/27/2010parentThe school offers new programs, 'Every Day Math' and reading and writing programs, science projects and other contests for students. There is a big parents involvements.
4/24/2010parentTeachers and staff work hard for every child to succeed! Great community support!
4/24/2010parentGreat community, teachers that care about the students, hard working staff, always pushing to improve.
4/23/2010parentGREAT school!! Best elementary school I've seen in years.
4/22/2010parentMy son spent his entire elementary school experience at Roxborough Elementary and I am a strong believer in their programs and teachers. He had reading problems in 4th grade, struggled until he had special assistance from the school - now he is a freshmen at Valor High School making a 3.7 GPA. Needless to say his early learning, especially reading, really has helped him achieve the goals he has set for himself. Roxborough is a great community with now, two great schools. Love the teachers. Love the program.
4/21/2010parentI am amazed by the Parent Teacher Involvement Committee. Every school should have the support that is given by this commitee.
4/21/2010parentThe parental involvment level has got to be one of the best in the State!
4/21/2010parentRoxborough schools really pull the community together. They offer a lot of activities for the whole community.
4/21/2010otherI attend my nephews activities and meet their teachers and they all are so interested in each of the kids lives.
4/21/2010parentThe location is convienient to our location, and the teachers approach the teachings with professionalism and enthusiasim, and the emails to teachers are responded in a timely manner.
4/21/2010parentI love this school because the teachers and all the staff really take a personal interest in the students.
4/20/2010otherRoxborough has an incredible staff and is extremely community oriented. They have a different feel than most schools in their very large district-- it almost seems like it is an old fashioned school because of the tight relationships between the staff and the families who trust Roxborough with their kids.
4/20/2010parentHas great building great education greates teacher secure place i love it.
4/20/2010parentThe Teachers and school staff really care about our kids. The parental and PTIC involvement at Roxborough Intermediate one of the best in the state!
4/20/2010parentI love the staff, The students love it..We have the PTIC.
4/20/2010otherMy granddaughter attends this school. She is doing so well and enjoys all the programs that are supported by the parents and volunteers.
4/20/2010parentThe Parent involvement at Roxborough is unmatched by any other school.
4/20/2010parentI love the teachers and administration. They care so much about our kids, in and out of school.
4/20/2010parentIt is a respectful learning environment. Kids and teachers love being there!
4/20/2010parentWe've had three boys who have either gone through or are going through Roxborough Intermediate. Our oldest left two years ago for middle school, and was just named the 'Student of the Year' for his school. This reflects well on all his teachers throughout his elementary and intermediate school years in Roxborough.
4/20/2010otherThe staff and parents are extremely dedicated to the students, and go beyond the call of duty to provide opportunities for students to learn in creative and unique ways. They are involved in many philanthropic endeavors and teach the students the importance of giving back to our community. The support of the parents and staff is outstanding, and should provide an example to other schools.
4/20/2010parentRoxborough has consistently exceeded my expectations! The teachers and faculty are professional, caring and dedicated to providing a quality education to each and every student.
4/20/2010parentTeachers are great, other staff all put the needs of our children first. Great community school!
4/20/2010otherAll staff, students, and stakeholders at Roxborough are BDC.....Best in Douglas County!!
4/20/2010parentI love Roxborough because of the close net community and the school is an important aspect of this community. The classes are taught by educated, energetic and wonderful teachers. the school is watched over by an amazing staff and I never have to worry about my children when they are in such capable hands. The rattlers have great pride in the school and community as a whole.
4/20/2010parentMy children were lucky enough to spend most of their elementary school years at Roxborough before moving to Virginia a few years ago! What a great school - we miss it!
4/20/2010parentThis school has been a wonderful asset to my son's education. The teachers are just wonderful. They are caring, thoughtful and there to support our kids.
4/20/2010parentRoxborough has fantastic teachers, fantastic staff, and an amazing PTIC organization.
4/20/2010parentWe have great teachers in our school! They care about all their students and take pride in what they do.
4/20/2010parentGreat school put the kids first. I feel safe with my kids at Roxborough.
4/19/2010parentWe have a real sense of family and the community is wonderful!
4/19/2010teacherThe school has high expectations of students and staff and is continually dedicated to making sure each child reaches their potential. The staff if knowlegable and friendly. It is the best school.
4/19/2010parentIt is a wonderful school with supportive parents, teachers and great students!
4/19/2010parentI've lived in Roxborough my entire life and have had the pleasure of not only going to Roxborough Elementary School, but also working for the school. There's no place better for kids and families! Great community and school!
4/19/2010parentGreat teachers, administrators, parents and of course students!
4/19/2010parentRoxborough has a wonderful feeling of community. Parents, teachers and administrators all work together in the best interests of the children.
4/19/2010otherRoxborough Intermediate has a wonderful staff and administrators that care about their students!
4/18/2010otherIt is the heart of the community in Rox filled with caring and dedicated teachers.
4/17/2010parentThe teachers. Simple. Great community school. I've been out of it for 6 years now, my youngest is a going to be a senior in high school next year but we will never forget the 1st 7 years here in. Roxborough
4/17/2010parentRoxborough intermediate school has talented teachers and leadership with a strong curriculum and data monitoring. The students get a very well rounded education, the building is an eco-friendly state of the art award winning model, and every classroom has a smart board. The parent teacher organization is superb bringing in a lot of money to the school to support education and to provide extra events and activities to benefit our students!
4/17/2010parentRoxbourough has the most caring staff. They are continually looking for innovative programs for our kids. The kids also care about each other and their school. We also have a very devoted community!
4/17/2010parentRoxborough Intermediate has great instructors who care about their kids!
4/17/2010parentWe love and appreciate the dedication of teachers, staff, parents and community members to the education of our kids in our small town of Roxborough!
4/16/2010parentThis is an amazing community to live and work in. We have some of the best staff, parents and students!
4/16/2010otherIt is a beautiful green built facility with great kids and staff. There is a lot of community involvement and a deep committment to quality education.
4/16/2010parentGorgeous facility, amazing staff! We are blessed to have this school in our community.
4/16/2010parentGreat teachers who care about the kids. Great community, that's why we're here!
4/16/2010parentThis an excellent school it is an integral part of our community.
4/16/2010parentPassion and Dedication is what this school is about! The teachers are all the best! PTIC is amazing with so much involvement! This is family! We are so so Blessed to be able to raise our kids here!!!! Thank You!
4/16/2010parentI love this school because my grandson is receiving an excellent education and he truly enjoys going to school. The kids, staff, parents and community are all involved to make learning a wonderful experience. The PTIC is outstanding!!
4/16/2010parentGreat community to work with. Children come first.
4/16/2010parentGreat teachers and staff, lots of parent involvement, and tons of opportunities like yoga, volunteer work for the kids, father/daughter dance. This is truly a school that works to give the kids the best!
4/16/2010parentRoxborough is a community dedicated to the highest quality and progressive standards available for youth's education. We have fabulous and caring school administrators, teachers, parents and kids in this community that work together to make it one of the best places to live in Colorado.
4/16/2010parentThere is so much love and passion flowing into making this school the best it can be... it's an incredible positive energy that can be seen and felt!
4/16/2010otherA community school that helps our children succeed in learning above their potential
4/15/2010parentThis school has the most dedicated staff!
4/15/2010parentI love that our community is so involved in helping eachother & helping the children be positive role models. The school also teaches giving back & we've done amazing philanthropic work.
4/15/2010parentRoxborough is a wonderful, caring community, and the elementary schools are the hub! Great teachers and caring staff, new and updated buildings, good test scores.... What more could you ask for!
4/15/2010parentbecause of the small town atmosphere that comes from a growing community.The people are frinndly and very observive of everything that is going on in the area around the school.
4/15/2010parentThe staff provides a quality and caring learning environment for our children.
4/15/2010parentRoxborough is a fanstastic school! Parents and staff work hard to make sure our students have the best education!
4/15/2010parentRoxborough has always felt like a community versus a neighborhood. Even if I was not working at this school, I would drive my girls here because of the rigorous curriculum and intense instruction.
4/15/2010parentEveryone at the school treats everyone else like family. It is a safe loving place for our kids to learn.
4/15/2010parentI feel honored to be among the teachers at Roxborough. I am convinced that I work with the most dedicated and talented people in education.
4/15/2010parentsupportive neighborhood, great teachers, excellent parent involvement
4/15/2010teacherI love working with all the kids and parents in Roxborough. I am truly blessed to be a part of such a great school and community!
4/15/2010othergreat neighborhood, wonderful teachers, supportive parents and ARTRox!
4/15/2010parentIt's not the school that I love, it's the staff! They make the entire environment an ideal place to learn, grow, explore and get involved with the community. I think the staff is by far, beyond exceptional!
4/15/2010parentGreat teachers, staff, community, parent's involvement. Excellent!!!!
4/15/2010parentThe PTIC and school attendees do so much for our community!
4/15/2010parentI love the community feel this school posseses
4/15/2010parentWe have the best students and parents!!!
4/15/2010parentIt is the best school to work at! Our focus is on our students and doing what is best to meet all of their needs. We also care about of staff and their families.We all work as one big team to meet the needs of our students, families and community.
4/15/2010parentEveryone that works here loves and encourages our students. We live in a bedroom community. We are all family.
4/15/2010parentThe staff is wonderful. They really care about all the students.
4/15/2010teacherI could never imagine working with a better group of students. They make my world go round.
4/15/2010parentThe staff is incredible, they take personal interest in the students and know my child by sight and are always friendly and welcoming when I go to the school. They are extremely helpful with any questions I may have regarding any programs available at the school.
4/15/2010parentThe teachers and staff always do what is best for kids!
4/15/2010parentI know my child is safe when at school. He has loved being at school and with his teachers.
4/15/2010parentSimply put: My kids just love this school and they have the best PTIC in the country.
4/15/2010parentTeachers and administrators that truly care and want to make a difference in the lives of our children. It isn't just a job, but rather a life mission for these people.
4/15/2010parentAmazing community support and teachers that focus on our kids!
4/15/2010parentAmazing - I love it We are truly blessed to have been part of this amazing school. The staff care 110% about the students and the students view the staff like family. My daughter calls it her second family and I love it. Roxborough ROCKS!!!
4/15/2010parentThe teachers and the outreach is the best out of any school I have ever been involved with!!!
4/15/2010parentRoxborough Elementary is an awesome school. We are fortunate to have a solid educational curriculum supported by great kids, teachers, staff and PTIC (our incredible parent-teacher organization). Thank you!
4/15/2010parentRoxborough has the most involved teachers, parents, and community of any school I've ever heard about. Parents, grandparents, community members, etc. volunteer over 10,000 hours per year to help ensure that our school continues to be AMAZING! I wish every child had the opportunity to see how many people care about them and their education, and feel so blessed that my kids know that.
4/15/2010parentWonderful caring teachers, staffs and administrators. Had 3 kids went to Roxborough Elementary. Loved the school!
4/15/2010parentSuper great people supporting our school. So happy to have one so recommended being that it is public. It is why we moved here. Great reputation.
4/15/2010parentGreat teachers and staff, awesome community support, and an amazing PTO
4/15/2010parentThe teachers and community do so much to make this school great!
4/15/2010parentRoxborough is a great environment for kids. Parents, staff, and the community are really involved and work hard for our kids.
4/15/2010parentExcellent school!! We feel so lucky to have our neighborhood school be such a wonderful place! Innovative ideas, huge parent involvement & a caring staff make RXI a wonderful place for my kids to attend.
4/15/2010parentGreat Teachers and staff, amazing Parent org. (PTIC) with tons of fun events and classes for kids, all helping improve the kids education!
4/15/2010parentRoxborough is an excellent school. My son is challenged to do his best every day.
4/15/2010parentRoxborough staff gives 110% every day to ensure students succeed!
4/15/2010teacherRoxborough is a loving community that works to take care of everyone and those outside of the area as well.
4/15/2010parentOur teachers and admins are a part of our families. We support our community's children together!
4/15/2010parentCommunity involvement/support, teachers who literally love my kids, quality of staff, how lucky we are to live here.
4/15/2010parentThe Roxborough Community is a delightful community so supportive of our kids. We are always creating ways to bring the community together, through various, full filled educational experiences that are children can take advantage of through out the year to learn, grow and thrive!
4/15/2010parentWe have a wonderful support system through the PTIC, Roxborough teachers and principal. They are always looking for new programs and re-evaluating existing programs to make the educational experience better for our children
4/15/2010parentGreat teachers and Administration. The single-gender classes have been outstanding! My daughter has had a great experience in the all-girls classes for 5-6th grade. She loves that she was part of the very first class. It has been great watching the girls become so much more secure in themselves and willing to work together to achieve goals. A much better environment than my older son endured with his mixed-gender class. I wish he had been offered the same opportunity.
4/15/2010parentThe teachers are wonderful, great school community. Love it!
4/15/2010parentWe have awesome teachers and administration that take time to make sure the students are safe and taken care of.
4/15/2010parentThe teachers and staff at Roxborough are excellant providing our students with not only the highest standards of academics but also the mental nurturing kids need to feel confident. They really care about the students! Roxborough's PTIC is also extremely involved providing exceptional support for the school.
4/15/2010parentRoxborough is one of the best school communities ever! There is an incredibly caring and devoted staff and administration, a wonderful PTA network of parents and community members and the kids work hard and truly care about their school.
4/15/2010parentGreat school and community! I have been very pleased with the amount of parent teacher/involvement to foster a positive learning enviornment for our kids. The staff has far exceeded my expectations!
4/15/2010parentWhat an awesome school in an awesome community. The kids come first and teachers and parents alike work together to make it happen.
4/15/2010parentThere is no other school I know of with so much SPIRIT! Parent involvement and Teacher dedication make this school great.
4/15/2010parentThe dedication of teachers, staff and parents is overwhelming. Thanks to the PTIC there is an incredible variety of extra-curricular activities.
11/3/2009parentWe are a small community with big hearts and Roxborough Intermediate School is a model of the future. Kids are allowed to think and act independently and with the support of the teachers and the PTIC our kids excel and make a HUGE difference in our community and the world! Thanks Roxborough!
11/3/2009otherExcellent teachers and staff
11/3/2009parentThe school is like a big exteneded family. Everyone gets along real well, and that give the place a nice, safe feeling for the kids. It's kin dof like a small town school since all the kids live in the same neighborhood, play on the sma sports teams, and participate in the same activities.
11/3/2009parentI think that they have an excellent staff all the way from the administration to the costodial staff.
11/2/2009parentRoxborough has caring, phenomenal staff. My kids are getting a great education and live in a community that really cares about its kids!
11/2/2009parentRXI has gone from very little community involvement to a dynamic driving force of this community.
11/2/2009parentIt is a very tight knit community very supportive of each other real tight school and friendly.
11/2/2009parentRoxborough is a proud, family oriented community supporting great values for our future generations.
11/2/2009parentMy daughter comes home from school each and every day with a grin from ear to ear. It is because of the love and nuturing of the entire staff and parent support team that my daughter LOVES her school! I could not be more pleased with the education and support that my child recieves at Roxborough. Keep up the great work!
11/2/2009parentWonderful teachers, and a great support staff. We love Roxborough!
11/2/2009parentIt is a great school backed by a very supportive community!
11/2/2009otherI'm voting for Roxborough Intermediate School as my favorite school because my grandson seems to be receiving an excellent education, and he loves going to school.
11/2/2009parentGreat teachers and great community support.
11/2/2009parentWe love everything about Roxborough! The best teachers, students, parents and community.
11/2/2009parentWe absolutely love our school. The staff is amazing, very caring and aware of our childrens needs. The curriculum challenges the students to achieve their best. The art, music, technology, and physical education programs bring an added bonus to our school. The parents are so involved and the teachers welcome them into their classrooms. Wouldn't want my kids going anywhere else!
11/2/2009otherMy granddaughter goes there, and one did last year. They both are excellent students and I thank all the teachers at Roxborough School.
11/2/2009parentOur school is great because everyone pulls together to make it the best it can be. We have an incredible administrative staff, strong leadership that is committed to giving our kids the best education available, wonderful teachers and a parent volunteer community that is next to none! Our kids love to go to school every day!
10/21/2009parentIt is within a great supportive community with great leadership and staff that helps my kids love school!
10/21/2009parentThe staff is wonderful! It also has fantastic community support! The building ( and view) are beautiful, too:)
10/21/2009parentWe're a growing community outside of Denver with a small town feel, which is so fortunate for our school. Currenty enrolling 950-plus students, this close knit community knows when to come together for a great purpose - to enrich the lives and education of our children. The Roxborough PTIC (Parent Teacher Involvement Committee, or People To Inspire Children) has grown from a dwindling 25 to a head-strong 90 Chairs in just 5 years. With several committees there are enough events and activities for every family in the community to enjoy. The many fundraiser committees and events throughout the 2008/09 school year, the Roxborough PTIC raised over $90K. Funds raised have gone towards teacher training, curriculum, technology, etc.. Parental involvement in the lives of Roxborough students has made our school a leader in our District.
7/5/2009parentReally great kids and parents in this school and area! Good school experience until 5th grade. Horrible teacher for many reasons, and the vice principal is a joke.

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