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Crown Pointe Charter Academy - Westminster, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Crown Pointe Charter Academy2900 West 86th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80031
(303) 428-1882K-8AdamscharterAdams County School District 50

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic57.23682009
Black, non-Hispanic1.644742009
Asian/Pacific Islander5.263162009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.9868422009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/26/2012parentThe new director is phenomenal! We are loving every aspect of this school so far with our oldest daughter. We very much look forward to our youngest starting in just a few years. Fantastic teachers! Fantastic subjects and specials...overall an incredible school!
1/18/2012other2 years after moving from this school to another charter school; I can say the move was the best choice for my family. Although the academics are high at this school, they are just as high at other charter core knowledge schools but administered with more consideration for the whole child. Also, my high performing students are receiving better accommodations than CPA ever offered. When asked for help at CPA to keep my students from being bored I was told that the curriculum was challenging enough and had to argue over every little accommodation I asked for. Some were as small as asking to not make my child read level 2 books when she could read at a 5th grade level. No, I was told...they will run out of things to read...What a joke! It is so nice to be treated with dignity instead of like a pest. My students are thriving elsewhere and being given the extra challenges they need. At the new school my children are treated like human beings and so am I! The leadership is much more professional and teachers are expected to act appropriately and respectful towards the parents. Something not so true at CPA.
7/12/2011parentThe teachers are a B and some are an A, really supportive and concerned with all students. The Principal is very controlling, more supportive of her staff, high achievers vs children with learning disabilities, and has a hard job making everyone happy. Your child will learn more here than other surrounding schools; but if you have a child who struggles with the 3 cores, Math, Reading, Language you should not put the pressure and homework that this school gives and go elsewhere. They want to keep their high scores and the scores are great for teachers resumes. Lots of after school help w/ assingments, programs, child care, and clubs. Middle School organizational skills are taught. Spanish is not extensive, just preperation unless you have highly intelligent child. Overall parent involvement is average, a litte more than most, it is the same parents doing activities and board work.
5/19/2011parentGreat classes, but POOR leadership. Some obvious favoritism. My children are doing well, but don't understand how rules apply to some children but everyone. Very frustrating to witness it. When it's mentioned, you risk having your own child singled out, so many stay quiet about things they see are wrong at the school. I hear that happens everywhere though. It isn't perfect, but it could sure be a lot better. Some volunteers are welcomed especially when the principal likes them, but others are treated as unwelcome pests. I guess I expected more from a small school.
5/16/2011parentThe principal leadership and teacher quality is fantastic. Although, there is high parent involvement, it seems to be the same group of parents, and a majority, but not all parents. All parents need to be more involved to prevent biases occuring with school/parent decisions.
9/21/2010parentI love this school because it strives to go above and beyond expectations. The staff is super friendly. They work very hard to teach the children so they don't fall behind.
4/29/2010parentAll 3 of our children attended CPA. Of course it's not perfect by any means! But it is alot better than most! My children are doing very well in high school- they all feel CPA prepared them well. There are some communications issues between director and parents, and very little parent interest in Board meetings. The Board is made up of parent volunteers - not really fair to trash them. All in all, a great, challenging school that will prepare your child for the next level!!!
4/19/2010parentThe teachers, advisors, and directors are all very involved with each and every student. They listen to parent input and offer ideas for helping with discipline at home. They truly care about the success of the students.
3/25/2010parentCPA has been an excellent choice!! We love the teachers/Staff, and our daughter is doing great. This school would be good for any child/family that is motivated and wants to succeed in life and education!!
11/16/2009parentI have yet to experiance anything bad reguarding CPA. We love the teachers, and our child is doing wonderful. I am amazed at the differances between my child and some of my friends' kids. My child is much futher ahead in her learning!! My Husband and I made a great choice when we choose this school. We would make the same choce again. If a great education is your main focus, this is the school for you!!! What better gift can you give a child then the chance to succeed.
9/30/2009parentI think this school would be good for any child that is motivated and tries to succeed in life and education.
9/22/2009parentMy child, now a third grader has been attending CPA since Kindergarten. She began K with slight recognition of letters in the Alphabet. Within the first 3 months she was reading/spelling very proficiently and exceeding my expectations by far. She is now reading 2.7 grades ahead of her current grade as well as doing excellent in the other subjects. CPA's curriculum a lot higher than surrounding schools and she is doing great, I have had a few negatives but that has been overly surpassed by the positives.
5/31/2009parenti am a very motivated parent, indeed. I was with my child for homework and classroom celebrations. I volunteered often and became very known with the teacher. However, I do not believe in food as a reward system (and yes, this was brought up at a PTA meeting this past year). I have written emails and other notes to the teacher that were never answered; and never recieved assesments. There is definitely a communication issue.Perhaps I just did not mesh well the personality of the teacher, I am waiting to find out. However, to say I was incoherent on procedure is not fair. 'Parental incoherence' does not cover a teachers lack of communication. My family is in education and they can tell you it's just bad policy not to answer parent concerns. It would be different if I experienced this just once, but this was throughout the whole year.
4/1/2009parentAs my child nears the end of kindergarten this school has exceeded my expectations. The academically rich enviornment has been adaquetly challenging and engaging for my child. This school seems a good match for motivated students and family. The teachers have been great!
4/8/2008parentA lot of the kids are really struggling in our kindergaten class. The teachers are struggling and I think the teachers aide does a much better job with the kids. The daily dose of candy isn't fun either. I will be pulling my child out after this year. But I will miss that they have daily spanish classes thats a great bonus.
4/4/2008parentI agree that the homework expectations are a bit high, especially for the Kindergarten class. However, my son went into school and did not have the ability to read or write, and now does both easily. He's also in the midst of a first grade math curriculum, which I would not have expected such a young child to do well in. However having graded papers for other kids in his class it looks like most are doing just as well. If you want your child to excel in school and a very strong emphasis on academics, including as the parent below stated several pages of homework per night, then this is your school.
2/15/2008parentNot what I had in mind for my childs first year of school. The kindergarten class has 3 pages of homework plus reading every night. The kids are bribed with candy on a daily basis and teachers wonder why they are out of control. It seems to be a very stressful environment for most of the kids in my childs class. I know of several parents whos children will be with-drawn, so several openings should be available for 1st graders!
12/11/2003parentSmall school, great academics, great staff

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