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Westminster, Colorado Reviews

Reviews of Westminster, CO are very positive. The city is known for having an abundance of outdoor activities and amenities. From hiking trails to parks and golf courses, there is something to do for everyone. The city also has many retail stores and restaurants that are sure to suit any taste. Additionally, the community is highly rated in terms of safety and overall quality of life. With its low crime rate, excellent schools, and plenty of nearby attractions, Westminster is an excellent place to live or visit.

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Colorado - 3/18/2013
Colorado is Read More

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Summer is AWESOME - 2/21/2010
Boulder is cool. I hate snow but the mild summers her are wonderful and there is lots to do outdoors for free. Bike friendly, Westminster itself ok, the people are kind of strange and not as friendly as in near by Boulder and Read More

Interested in moving to Westminster, CO - 9/30/2009
Hi there- My husband and I are looking to move out of Los Angeles. We love the outdoors and we are big foodies. We are in our early 30's and looking for a place to raise a family. We are in search of a place that has 4 seasons, isn't brutally hot and has great beer! If you would be so kind, please share any info you would find relevant.. pros and cons. We appreciate Read More

City of Sunshine and Beauty - 10/21/2008
I found that the weather in Westminster was great, one can enjoy sunny days most of the year and even when it got cold the sun would warm you up, and usually the snow would melt in a day or so. you could see it snowing in the mountains due west, and have it 30 degrees warmer and sunny in the city. there alot of people that live in the area but it doe not seem real big, it is spread out with alot of open spaces. i enjoyed bike riding in the area, with some of the hills it will give you a work out, that's for sure, only thing is one would have to get used to the dry air and thin air. the first time i climbed stairs it freaked me out a little cause it was harder to get my breath, but you get used to it after a while.shopping in the area is not great, i did not like alot of the stores, oh well no place is perfect, but WESTMINSTER is one of the best places i haved Read More

Sunny Colorado - 5/4/2008
One of the nicest things about Colorado is that it is sunny most of the time. Snow falls on a regular basis but because of the beautiful sunny weather it rarely stays on the ground for more than a couple Read More

Best ever - 3/12/2008
We have lived all over, East and Midwest. Westminster is the best place we have ever lived. It has it all: great weather, great govenrment, great location, great Read More

Denver is amazing - 2/21/2007
in response to the above post regarding the lack of culture, theatre, etc...in denver. you are right! then LEAVE! denver has never advertised itself as a art mecca or a city of true diversity. denver is for the athlete, the outdoorsman, the dog lover, the wrangler with the top down lifestyle! this is why people live here! no one honked at the light you were at, because people here are LAID BACK and HAPPY and CONTENT for the most part. this isn't the east coast, people aren't in a hurry or angry. the sunshine, the altitude, the kayaking, running, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, ice climbing, trekking, cycling, mountain biking....in a world class playground called the rocky mountains is what this place is all about. go to new york or boston if you miss honking traffic, screaming road ragers, a concrete jungle, smog, no sunshine, but the arts. we'll stay here, breathe fresh air, and continue to be the fittest city with the lowest incidences of heart disease, Read More

No matter what, Mile Highness will always stand co - 2/20/2007
I guess no matter what happens in Denver, it will always be the best place to live. Tell that to Denver Broncos Darrent Williams, who was killed by gangbangers in Denver New years Eve. Low crime rate??? Where do you live? Highlands Ranch? I forgot, they found a lady there decapitated after being dragged to death by an illegal immigrant a couple months ago. Speaking of immigration, drive down Federal Blvd. or Colfax,(main arteries) and you'd think you were in Mexico City. The Denverpost just reported how the gang activity is skyrocketing out of control (again), along with graffitti. You call that a nice quality of life? Maybe if your sitting in your SUV every weekend driving to the ski resorts three hours away. Denver has had the worst pollution days this last winter in over ten years. The weatherman reminds everyone to stay indoors, including the healthy folks, due to respiratory issues. Employment, you've got to be kidding me! The jobs still pay is if they were in the haydays of the Read More

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